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Keese drops his latest single ‘The Plan’ that is all about following a plan and to never giving up.

I’m giving hope to the youth and to those that are chasing dreams. Some compare me to J.Cole, Lupe, and also Kendrick Lamar. All in all its a positive song. My mission is to inspire our people and uplift the ones that feel like they have no purpose in life. Everyone has a calling, you just have to find your own. – Keese -

"Keese - "Hoop Dreams" [Heatseekers]"

Keese's "Hoop Dreams" video is the winner of this week's Heatseekers Video Edition.

Keese is a 24-year-old rapper from Charlottesville, VA, whose music video for "Hoop Dreams" has been selected as the winner of this week's Heatseeker Video Edition. The dope, well-shot clip provides a very apt visualization of the deeply personal lyrics Keese raps. -

"Top 10 videos of the week"

#8. Keese - Hoop Dreams -

"Watch “Move In Silence” by Charlottesville, VA rap artist Keese"

Charlottesville, VA based rap artist Keese has blessed us with the visuals to his track "Move In Silence", which appears on his recently released project "Higher Learning, Vol. 3". Keese has been taking rap seriously for 5 years now, done shows at UVA, in Richmond, DC and other surrounding areas.

It's clear that he's on to something and is progresses towards greatness as an artist and music brand. Don't believe us, watch "Move In Silence" below for yourself and while you're at it, follow him on his social media, and definitely be sure to stream both the song and "Higher Learning, Vol. 3" on Spotify. -

"Keese: ‘False Hope’ EP"

One of Virginia’s up next, Keese comes through with another thoughtful offering, “False Hope.” The 18 minute EP has the realness of Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Section.80‘ mixed with introspective bars and relevant Tupac blurbs. It’s not too often that you can feel somebody’s soul come through on the track. But Keese did that. Check it out above, as it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Standout Tracks: Drive Slow x Smile Youngin’ -

"Keese “Truths”"

After digging through my inbox for what seemed like eons for some new heat to bring, I ran across this one from Charlottesville, Virgina’s Keese. Keeping it 100, the track speaks on the lies that are so prevalent in today’s society and the power of staying focused and sticking to your vision. I feel this, especially the line about wanting to get away from all the bs of today. It just seems like the majority of people are off that f*ck shit nowadays. Especially, with the rise of social media giving everybody a soapbox to spew their negative thoughts and ridiculousness. But, tracks like this give me hope that somebody still has a brain and thinks for themselves. So, give it a listen above, as it’s definitely worth 3 minutes of your time. -

"Keese “Drive Slow” video"

Keese comes through with the YCImaging directed, “Drive Slow.” The track can be found on the Virginia emcee’s last release, ‘False Hope‘ which is equally as thoughtful and observant. Catch the full video above. -

"Local rapper Keese envisions unity through compassion"

When Keese hears a beat, he starts to envision a story—a friend’s struggle or something that’s bugging him, then pages through his lyrics for the verse. “I’m inspired all the time,” he says. “I want to take people into my world, let them know what I’ve seen: poverty, bullying, racism—how the world is. The world is a pretty bad place. It could be better, but people don’t want to come together,” he says. Conscious hip-hop, though, can unite people through compassion, sympathy and mutual understanding. This is Keese’s angle.

“Purpose,” on False Hope, takes on what Keese calls “another black hood story” of a kid who’s picked on at school for not having the “freshest shoes.” “His moms can’t afford, she already got two jobs, older brother too concerned with the block, he ain’t even got a pops.” Then his crush asks him to back off and he’s devastated. “He ain’t even really had nobody by his side, no one to call for help. / Fed up with himself, he went home, older brother had a gun on his shelf,” Keese spits. Then the teen, who believes he has no purpose in life, points the gun to his head, closes his eyes and pulls the trigger, only to find the gun unloaded and himself not entirely alone.

“You got a whole lotta living left to do,” goes the hook.

Keese wrote “Purpose” for victims of bullying, as a reflection on a friend’s suicide. As a stellar lyricist, he knows the power of words and how deep they can burrow in the heart.

He doesn’t condone violence, drugs or hateful behavior. He’s “not into that stuff,” but his most popular song is called “Crack.”

“Crack, crack, I got that crack motherfucker,” he starts. “Listen to my flows, put it in your veins. / I’m gonna take you high…give it one try, you’ll never be the same,” he quips, lyrics tumbling out easily over the beat. “One time for the young Trayvons, Mike Browns, pipe down ’cause you ain’t saying nothing. / All these lame-ass rappers scared to tell the truth. / But quick to hit the booth and sell these lies to the youth. / I don’t get it, they spit it but never live it. / My lyrics speak from the soul, paint a picture with my vision.” Then, he declares belief that “we’re gonna be all right” because he’s been playing with you all along—you’ve been caught up in the sick beat, not paying close attention to the words. “I got ’em mad ’cause they thought a nigga start selling crack. / What they didn’t know is that was the plan to reel ’em in. / Now I got your attention, don’t be so offensive. / I still got the highs for your lows, come and hit this.”

“This” is his music, not rocks of cocaine. With its timely references, vivid images, killer rhymes and playful ruse, the song is clever and establishes Keese as a lyrical mastermind. -


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I’m a rap artist from C-Ville, Va. I’ve been rapping for about 7 years now. I get compared to artists like j.cole, Kendrick, and nas. We have different stories but similar messages. Check out my music on iTunes, YouTube, and SC.

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