Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Sounds like: If Grand Funk Railroad and George Clinton had a three way with Deep Purple, KEF would be someone's love child.


KEF formed in Bethlehem PA in early 2000.
Our sound can best be described as funky jamrock.
The members of KEF are influenced by the groups popular in the Sixties and Seventies, blending original music, improvised jams, and classic rock covers into the experience of live music.
Members of KEF like to listen to: Pink Floyd, George Clinton and P-Funk, Led Zepplin, the Beatles, Ween, The Allman Brothers, old Chicago, Jimi Hendrix, Phish, Frank Zappa, Blind Faith, many more.
KEF has played at numerous festivals in the PA/WV area including Musikfest, the Millennium Music Conference, the Highland Jam Festival.
Winners Best Rock/Jam Band 2005 Lehigh Valley Music Awards, Best Male Vocalist (Derek)
Winners Best Instrumental Song, Best Bass Player, and Best Drummer 2005 Pulse Weekly Awards


Cm Blues

Written By: Derek Berger

It takes a lie to make me see
What is happening to me
When I've got things on my mind.

And you know you're just as bad
You've lost everything you had
When you put it on that line.

You know it wasn't long ago
When your eyes still had that glow
And you had something to flaunt.

Now there's nothing left to say
Not that you'd care anyway
'Cause you got exactly what you want.

Oh, but you are the fuel to my fire.
You are the only thing that sparks my desire
You are the fuel to my fire.

I wish I had a bowl
So that I could open up my soul
And shine some inner light.

Now I'm wasted again
Slowly killing off my brain
and it's only Sunday night.

Cardboard Home

Written By: Derek Berger

Livin' in a cardboard home
Crazy enough to be alone
Sleepin' out here on the streets
Dreamin' of some flame broiled meats
Give me money and you'll be my friend
Another dollar gets me high again

(Repeats once)


Written By: James "P-nut" Claiborne

She's driving through Beverly Hills in a broke down jalopy
Stepped outside her car looking kind of sloppy
Standing in the street, hair looking wild
Her vulgar expression done attracted a crowd.

Hey crazy lady want to hang out with the "P"?
Better grab your coat, purse and keys.
Hey crazy lady want to get down and dirty?
She said "Where'd you hear that from?"
I heard from a little birdie.


CD Releases:

"Kef" (studio release)
"Live from Musikfest"
"Kef 2001" (live comp.)

"Lost In Boston" (studio release)
"Live From the Barn"
"Live From 2nd Ave"

"MK & the RBC" (studio release)
"Live From the Funhouse"

"Homegrown" (studio release)
"New Years Eve '04 - Live From Churchill's"
"Funk In The Trunk" (studio release)
"Live From Slaskifest7"

"On The Reel" (studio release)
"Live From Birkel St."
"Guaranteed Live" (live comp.)

"Working Title" (studio release)
"Live From The Bluetone Cafe"

"Six String Girl" (studio release)
"CD Release Weekend", live comp

Live DVD Releases:

"Live From The Tally Ho"
"Live From The 540"

"Live From Club 316"

Set List

Shows typically run 3.5 hrs. 3 hour long sets with 2 15 min. set breaks.
Sets are about a 70/30 percent mix of original songs to classic rock covers.

1. C.O. & A Square-round Pie (original)
2. Lemon Song (Led Zepplin)
3. Six string Girl (original)
4. Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
5. Plum Juice (original)
6. Them Changes (Band of Gypsys)
7. Cardboard Home (original)
8. I Shot the Sherif (Bob Marley)
9. Cm Blues (original)
10. Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)