KEG is a Seattle-based Glam-Party-Punk Solo Act that uses a technique called "Phrase Sampling" to perform all parts live. No two shows are ever the same!


Hailing from Seattle, Washington, KEG has always has been a fan of the extreme. Whether you're shredding a wave, riding your Harley, or partying 'till the dawn, extreme is definitely the way to go. KEG continues to craft extreme music for extreme lifestyles.

Drawing inspiration from friend Andrew WK, KEG writes and plays all vocal, guitar, bass, keyboard, drum and percussion parts on his recordings. KEG's sound, a mashed-up mix of Motorhead, The Stooges, and The Hives, can be heard on his latest effort, "Creatures Of The Night", a 12-track party-packed soundtrack to your wild nights. Punk Globe Magazine calls it "An expedition you won't forget."

Although he's been known to rock the stage with his ever-changing band, The 'Crawlers, a majority of KEG shows are performed completely solo, with a unique appearance and plenty of wild stage antics.

Using a technique called "phrase sampling", KEG performs ALL parts live on-stage, much like in his recordings. One track at a time, songs are crafted right in front of the audience. No two shows are ever the same.

KEG has brought his wild rolling party across the West Coast numerous times, including The 2004 Vans Warped Tour, and last summer for trek through Europe.

Some acts KEG has shared the stage with include Seattle's The Divorce, and Post Stardom Depression, SoCal's Chuy Poluka (featuring members from Total Chaos, Divisia, and Litmus Green) and Austin's Zeerok (featuring former Red Elvises mastermind Zhenya Rock)

KEG has recieved airplay on WSU's KZUU 90.7FM, and most recently on Seattle's Alternative, KNDD 107.7FM The End, for his single, "Mountain", which was written in tribute to Ed Viesturs, the first American Mountain Climber to scale the 14 highest peaks in the world without the aid of tubed oxygen.

Backed by the best fans in the world, called "Creatures", KEG continues to grow his rock party. A party that fans of punk, glam, and extremers will all enjoy. And with praise from heavyweights and trailblazers such as Rancid and Vaux, KEG's off to a good start.


"Mountain" Single released 4/05, received airplay on KNDD 107.7 The End, Seattle's Alternative.

"This will definitely be an expedition you won't forget."-Punk Globe Magazine

"Creatures Of The Night" released 10/05 The Debut Full Length! Featuring "U District", "Good Times", and "Bring Back The Rock"

"Gotta respect the DIY artist KEG put’s alot of work into this project and deserves some much needed attention."-Spunk Zine, Ontario, Canada

"There's potential in his Ramones-influenced glam rock."-Reviewer Magazine

"It was pretty fuckin' rockin."-Quentin James Smith, Vaux

Set List

Here's what you'll experience in a one-hour KEG set:

U District
Cheap Thrills
Raw Power
Creatures Of The Night
Shake Your Blood
Good Times
Red Lips, Red Eyes, Red Stockings
Bring Back The Rock