Kehinde Spencer

Kehinde Spencer


Soulful and eclectic storytelling in various genres-R&B, folk, pop, blues, and country


Kehinde Spencer is an up and coming songwriter and a poet who receives inspiration from her African heritage, academic pursuits, and spiritual practice. Kehinde was born in London, England to Nigerian parents and lived there and in Nigeria until she was eight years old. Her mother is Yoruba and her father is Hausa with roots in Sierra Leone. Kehinde knows herself as an African and is proud of her Nigerian and Sierra Leonean culture and heritage. From the age of eight until the age of eighteen, Kehinde lived in Ohio. She moved to Michigan to receive a Bachelors of Arts in English from the University of Michigan, and in 2005, she moved to Tallahassee, Florida to obtain a Masters in Applied Social Science from Florida A&M University. Tallahassee was the place where she began to take her creative writing seriously and blossomed into an artist.
Kehinde uses her writing as an outlet for her pain and a way to speak to the world. This artist writes from the understanding that the Black community is in need of healing and in order for healing to come, self-study must take place, a realization she has come to because of her Yogic and African spiritual practices.
In the work Kehinde writes, she shows the necessity for people to see their shortcomings and to understand why they have those flaws because only through understanding can people free themselves of baggages they do not need. Kehinde is able to convey this in her art because she is sharing her experiences with the world when she writes about heartache and pain as well as joy and triumph. She realizes that African people worldwide have inherited and keep passing down a legacy of pain, and it is time that African people do all they can to break that cycle. Kehinde is playing her part in breaking the chains with A Womans Reprieve, which is her debut album. Her beautiful music is her gift to the world, keys to see you to new beginnings: enjoy!


Freely Loving You

Written By: Kehinde Spencer

You came so unassuming
That I could not see
I never thought a man I love
Would be a friend to me

You taught me I could be with you
And not possess your soul
I didn’t have to own your heart
For our love to grow

I am in happy loving you
I am in joy being friends
I am in peace knowing at this moment
Love is free in the end

I never thought a man would be there
If I didn’t make him stay
I never thought without attachment
You wouldn’t go away

What I used to fear the most
Was a man leaving me
Now I know the love I give
Is what makes me free


What we have is beauty
What we have is grown
What exists inside my heart
Is a love unknown
I am freely loving you
You are freely loving me
The pure essence of this life
Now I can see


The Sun Is Leaving

Written By: Kehinde Spencer

The sun is leaving me now
The moon hasn’t arrived
In a place where I don’t see light
I must still be bright
I have to see what I don’t reflect
I must believe in what I don’t expect
Used to darkness in my life
How do I still make things right

Been filled with pain for far too long
To the sun I must return
To my heart to wash me clean
To find the love inside my dreams

Freedom is what I deserve
But chains are all that I see
Holding me in a space of fear
So I won’t get free
Closed my heart cause I’m afraid of pain
But still cried tears that felt like acid rain
No escaping what I’ve done
A frightened child I have become


I will go on a journey to my heart
I will heal what I’ve torn apart
I will open my heart come what may
I will be the sun that comes up today


Now I Know Love

Written By: Kehinde Spencer

My love for you is so strong
It has lasted for so long
No more fighting can push me away
I’ll love you forever and a day

All I want
Is your happiness
And I’ll give you
Only my best
You’re already in my heart
For life

Now I know love
Cause I know you
Now I know God exists
Cause love is true

I remember when you looked at me
No more hiding your soul I could see
You opened up your heart readily
Shared all of your secrets, now you’re free

Now I want you
To know you’re safe
Put your head up
Show me your face
No more running
From the demons of your past


You deserve to be happy
You deserve to see peace
You deserve for all God’s blessings
To fall at your feet
I’ll always be beside you
Even just as your friend
If another woman makes you happy
I’ll still love you in the end



LP-A Woman's Reprieve