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"Keir Shares Keys to Success"

Legacy News
Keir Shares Keys To Success
by Darlene House

Native Detroit er Keir (key-air) believes the best way to survive a lay off is to prepare for the life changing experience before it happens. That is what he did while working as a supervisor and industrial engineer for a "Big Three" automotive company. Keir earned a B.S. in Engineering from Michigan State University but went back to school. He learned how to become a recording engineer and start a business. Consequentially, Keir gained an enhanced appreciation for what it takes to be successful while "working in a business based on what you love to do and are passionate about"
Keir frequently falls back on the experiences gained while working in corporate America. "My industrial engineering side assists me in running my business and keeping costs down with as little waste as possible," he explained. "It helps me to balance my creative side by using everything I learned including time management skills"
Word to the wise, before you step out on your own, try to save some money. Keir recommends that amount equal or exceed what you earn working for others. Then, becoming an entrepreneur won't cramp your style. Keir also recommends that you obtain as much education as possible while still employed by a company. It will be beneficial in the long run even if you have to work overtime.
Keir has learned many important lessons both inside and outside the classroom. At the beginning of this year, he spent approximately $170 dollars on books. Many of them were autobiographies. He recalls inspiring aspects of the life stories of fellow African American men Johnson Publishing Company pioneer the late James Johnson and film director Spike Lee.
"I thought if they could do it, I can do it, too," Keir revealed. Like the legends he read about, Keir became a risk taker. "My own drive to be successful and finding ways to solve problems along with God's help opened doors for me," he acknowledged.
Although Keir appeared at Bakers Keyboard Lounge and many poetry sites, he doesn't just sit back waiting for the next gig. Audiences at events where Keir was featured, including Java & Jazz and Detroit Festival of the Arts, experienced his empowering energy.
Through Lord and Jackson Sound wave Productions, Keir produced his "No Need to Worry" CD. It is a high-quality professionally mastered CD featuring narrative poetry, lyric poetry and music all written by Keir. The music behind the poetry is a "fusion" of jazz and gospel hip hop. His goal is to put listeners' in a "better state of mind" considering all of the negative things happening in the world today. Topics creatively addressed in an uplifting manner include unemployment, facing layoffs, worries, hard times or just having a bad day.
"My music is done the old fashioned way, one instrument at a time without sampling or loops," explained Keir. "Literally 100% of the people had positive feedback and said that they enjoyed the CD. The writer of this article was definitely one of them. In fact, after listening to the CD, one doesn't question Keir's belief that his business is capable of tremendous growth. He looks forward to producing some "smokin' slam in' stuff' for other artists one day. Keir would also like to do more work with businesses creating distinctive music for their jingles and Web sites.
As a successful workshop leader, Keir wants to schedule more interactive sessions focusing on a variety of topics including poetry writing and popular "What to look for in a Mate" presentations.
At press time, Keir was scheduling a tentative August appearance at Soul Day. He was also hard at work refining his next CD scheduled for an early 2007 release. There are on line opportunities to obtain more information about Keir or order his "No Need to Worry" CD at or respectively. Both amateur and professional critics are encouraged to listen to tracks and share their feedback on line. Keir can be reached at - Legacy News

"Detroit Free Press interview"

5 QUESTIONS WITH ...: Laid-off Detroit man produces his own CDs
Don't lose hope is his message
September 24, 2006
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Detroit resident Keir Jackson produced an inspirational, spoken word and poetry CD released in 2005 and is now producing a second. (Photo from Keir Jackson)
"Being only human wrestling with sin / Fighting unseen forces and the world that we live in. / Seeing that there are so many obstacles we try to escape / is it a wonder why we sometimes make mistakes?"
Musician and poet Keir Jackson penned "Mistakes" when, after 15 years as an industrial engineer in the automotive industry, he was laid off.
Through his production company, Lord and Jackson Soundwave Productions, Jackson wrote and produced "No Need to Worry," a spoken word and poetry CD aimed to inspire crestfallen people.
As a student at Mumford High School, Jackson enjoyed experimenting with keyboards, drum machines and sequencers, but chose to major in engineering at Michigan State University.
Jackson is now working on his second CD, which is influenced by jazz and hip-hop. He recently performed at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History as part of Poetic Justice for Christ, an inspirational poetry series. Jackson can also be heard at the Grand City Grill and at the Key Club, both in Detroit.
QUESTION: How did you deal with being laid off?
ANSWER: I went through depression trying to figure out how to pay the bills. So I put all my energies into my business, Lord and Jackson Soundwave Productions. I put my CD together to help people who lost their jobs, to encourage them and let them know they can still make it.
Q: What is the message of the CD?
A: Follow your passions and form businesses around that. (It's for) anyone who wants to follow a dream or anyone who is having a rough day.
Q: What inspires your writing?
A: Things that are going on the world and in society ... I've been writing poetry and lyrics to songs for about seven to 10 years now and composing music since I was in high school.
Q: Why is your work important for the community?
A: My music and poetry is different because it encourages people not to worry, to lose hope or to give up. Looking at the unemployment rate and the foreclosure rate on houses ... it's all over the country. The wild thing about it is it's not getting better, only worse. Keep the faith but don't sit around.
Q: What are your goals for your business?
A: To get the company to grow and eventually produce more artists.
Contact Keir Jackson by e-mail at Contact ELAINE LOK at 313-222-6744 or - Detroit Free Press

"Keir (Spoken word poet)"

Monday, August 7, 2006

Spoken Word/Poetry Spotlight - Keir

Provided By:
Keith Crosby

Spoken Word/Poetry Spotlight - Keir

(photo - Keir at the UGA Detroit Chapter mixer in May of 2006)

Spoken word and poetry in the gospel arena is really growing across metro Detroit and the nation. No matter what genre of gospel music or entertainment that you like, you’ll always find that Detroit has got great artists that can bring it at the highest level.

Therefore we the staff of Detroit are going to begin spotlighting a different spoken word artist from our area each month.

Our spoken word artist for this month is Keir(pronounced key-air). He has a new CD entitled “No Need To Worry.” It’s inspirational, and will speak to you. Keir deals with a lot of topics that we all deal with daily. “I found it to be refreshing and encouraging.” Check it out for yourself.

Keir Bio:
After working for a fortune 500 company for 15 years, Keir started writing poetry and followed his passion for music. The Cd is a direct result of his own personal experiences and how to overcome major set backs.

This poetry and music is straight out of Detroit! Keir did all of the poetry, music, and mixing on all tracks of the "No Need To Worry" Cd. This Cd has been professionally mastered and is a very high quality product. "Many people" have said that they have enjoyed the Cd, including: poets, DJ's and musicians. Keir is the C.E.O. of "Lord and Jackson Soundwave Productions/Publishing LLC" and composes music & lyrics for clients, businesses, and artists.

Keir (key-air) was born in Detroit, Michigan, attended Michigan State University and graduated with a B.S. degree in Engineering. Later working for one of the "big three" automobile companies as a Supervisor and then as an Industrial Engineer. While working, he went to one of the best recording schools in the Detroit area to become a Recording Engineer.

Click on the link below to purchase or listen to clips from No Need To Worry. - Detroit Gospel

"Keir's Cd reviewed"

Encouraging the soul
Reviewer: Sylvia Hubbard, Author and Founder of Motown Writers Network (click for website)
Soul searching and powerful, Keir makes you think deeply about our own human existence and what we need to do to appreciate living in this wonderful word. No Need To Worry CD pushes us toward what is important and not be too concern or become entangled in the little things that don't change the tea in China. My favorite piece was Mistake (cause you know women make a lot of them, LOL). My 2nd favorite was Virtuous Man. Thank you for the honor of sharing in your poetry journey and I pray for more success to come.
- Motown Writers(sylvia hubbard)

"Poet encourages "Never Give Up""

The Detroit Native Sun
March 2007
Poet encourages "Never Give Up"
By Valerie D. Lockhart

Those once weighed down and burdened with anxiety are encouraged to "Never Give Up". Fusing jazz with poetic expressions, Keir Jackson came up with his own prescription for healing mental and emotional wounds. "This CD encourages people to follow after their dreams," says Jackson. "The whole CD is very encouraging and motivating for anyone going through hard times. There is also love poetry directed to women." "Never Give Up" seeks to offer solutions to everyday problems such as recovering from a broken heart, achieving positive changes in one's life, acquiring the idea mate and ending violence. "I do what I call encouraging and inspirational poetry. And, I do some love poetry. That's what sets me apart from other poets," said Jackson. "The CD is for all age ranges from 10 to 110-years old. Everyone can relate to it." All of the lyrics and music were written and produced by Jackson. "I don't use any loops or samples. I create music the old fashion way, one instrument at a time," he said. While rising unemployment, crime, marital problems and other concerns continue to dampen the spirits of many, Keir Jackson wants all to know that there is relief with "Never Give Up." To order "Never Give Up," visit on line at or call (248) 910-6533. - The Detroit Native Sun

"Spoken word poet encourages people to "Never Give Up""

Spoken word poet encourages people to 'Never Give Up' (May, 07). By Markeysha Davis (special to the Michigan Chronicle)

In transitioning urban centers like Detroit it is easy to lose focus and succumb to negativity. Here, violence is up and employment is down. The auto industry that has been the mainstay of many Detroit workers over the years has an uncertain future.

In the midst of economic and municipal crisis, local spoken word poet and musician Keir Jackson, known as Keir, is encouraging people to follow their dreams and hold fast to their beliefs with his new album, "Never Give Up".

A former auto industry engineer, Keir has been through the storm, being laid off in 2003. That, he says, gave him the opportunity to turn his full attention to his love of music and poetry. After leaving his job, he attended school to become a recording engineer and started producing his own work. His first album, "No Need to Worry". was released in 2005.

With this album, Keir says he is taking poetry to "the seventh level."

"Seven is a perfect number," he says. "I'm not saying that it's perfect poetry, but its very positive, very encouraging and very uplifting. Who wants to keep hearing about the problems of the world anyway?"

The artist produced and composed the entire album, writing all of the melodies on a keyboard. There are even times on it when his one man music performance sounds like an entire band. This album offers a completely positive, but honest, outlook on life. Keir offers words of wisdom on everything from mentoring youth to stepping up to counter the violence in our neighborhoods.

Though he draws his musical influences from gospel, hip-hop and jazz for this album - Ella Fitzgerald, Maya Angelou, Gil Scott-Heron and Kirk Franklin being amongst his many musical and poetic inspirations - by no means is it like anything else out there. The merger of musical genres accompanied by his insightful lyrics makes this an uplifting album for almost any mood or moment. And Keir says that he has no target audience; he makes his music for everyone, "ages 10 to 110."

There is not one of the 16 tracks on this album that does not please, whether you enjoy the groove of the music or the message being delivered. Some tracks to pay special attention to, however, are "Under a Groove in Paris," "What is Poetry," love poems "She" and "Special," and "Own Your Own."

"What Is Poetry," the album's first cut, is a verbal exploration of how Keir defines his craft. "Poetry is the anti-virus, debugging hearts and minds...," he declares in this song, talking about poetry's power to heal and inspire people.

"Under a Groove in Paris" is one of the most interesting cuts on the album. Jazz is this track's format and it evokes thoughts of escape to foreign lands, away from the troubles and pains of the American urban reality to "a city where the language is so sweet, like someone massaging your back with hot oil and soft hands...words that sooth the soul."

"She" and "Special" are cuts that celebrate a woman's worth. With "She," Keir praises the mother and wife for her love of her "chocolate coverered man and...chocolate covered children" and her ability to be the source of her man's strength without trying to make him into something he is not. "Special," which has a melody reminiscent of a 1980's slow soul record, celebrates the beauty and strength of women, which Keir describes as incomparable: "No mink can compare to your softness. No sculpture can compare to your beauty...Many cannot see just howspeacial you are to me."

Finally, "Own Your Own," one of Keir's personal favorites, urges the listener to own his or her own businesses and assets instead of answering to others all of their lives, to become the "master of your own plantation" and the "captain of your own destination."

We need to start our own businesses," he says. "Enough with discouraging people. We need to be bringing people together."

Violence, poverty and lack of inspiration are all very real problems in Detroit and the messages of today's popular rappers and other performers just fuel the fire, Keir says. He hopes to provide a voice of reason to listeners of all ages.

"I'm trying to offer music that's going to promote change," Keir says. "This is what I hope will be my legacy."

Keir's CD can be purchased online at ; the cost $11.97.

- The Michigan Chronicle


Keir "No Need To Worry" Cd released Dec, 05. The Cd can be listened to and purchased at Keir "Never Give Up" Cd released 2007. The Cd can be listen to and purchased at



Poetry taken to the 7th level and hot like a supernova. Click on the link below for videos of performances. Keir (key-air) has opened for: Dr. Bill Cosby, The Last Poets, The Internationally Jazz Great "Marcus Belgrave", Haki Madhubuti of (Third World Press), R&B artist Dwelle, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Terrance Palmer (Bass player for Israel Houghton and Alexander Zonjic). He has also performed for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.
The Detroit Free Press, The Michigan Chronicle, The Michigan Front Page, The Detroit Native Sun, Detroit and The Legacy News have all done very positive articles on Keir and his CDs.
Some of the places where Keir has performed have been: The Detroit Festival of the Arts, The Max M. Fisher Music Center, Comericas Java and Jazz, The City Fest (formally known as the taste fest), 8 Days in June Music Festival, The Detroit Opera House, The Scarab Club, The Charles H. Wright African American Museum, Bakers Keyboard Lounge, Berts Jazz Marketplace, Campus Martius, The College for Creative Studies, Marygrove College, Wayne County Community College, etc.
This poetry and music is straight out of Detroit! Keir wrote all of the poetry, music, and mixed all tracks of the "No Need To Worry" CD and the "Never Give Up" CD. These CDs have been "professionally mastered" and are very high quality products. "Many people" have said that they have enjoyed the CDs including: poets, DJs, musicians and others. The music behind his poetry is a "Fusion" of neo-soul, hip hop and jazz. Keir's poetry is for anyone dealing with: unemployment, facing layoffs, worries, hard times or just having a bad day. They are also for people following after: a dream, a love, or peace. The poetry and music sounds like a cross between Jill Scott, Kirk Franklin, Gill Scott Heron and Erykah Badu. The poetry and music will put many listeners in a "Better State of Mind" considering all of the negative things happening in the world today. Its Encouraging, Motivating and Exciting!!!
Keir (key-air) was born in Detroit, Michigan, attended Michigan State University and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Engineering. Later working for one of the "big three" automobile companies as a supervisor and an industrial engineer. While working, he went to one of the best recording schools in the Detroit area to become a recording engineer.
Keir also does many workshops and performances. The workshops that Keir offers are: How to Be A Man, Poetry That Heals, What To Look for In A Mate, Health, Physical and Mental Fitness, also Poetry and Hip Hop.
Keir, being a music producer, is also available to compose: music , lyrics, or poetry for artists in the following areas: Gospel Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, R&B, House and Techno. He can be contacted by email at
Visit for: video's and pictures. Click on the link below.