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Keir (key-air) performs "Spoken Word Poetry" that's encouraging, motivating and exciting. The music behind the poetry is a "Fusion" of Neo-soul, Jazz and Hip Hop. Keir's poetry will put many listener's in a "Better State of Mind" considering all of the negative things happening in the world today


Poetry taken to the 7th level and hot like a supernova. Click on the link below for videos of performances. Keir (key-air) has opened for: Dr. Bill Cosby, The Last Poets, The Internationally Jazz Great "Marcus Belgrave", Haki Madhubuti of (Third World Press), R&B artist Dwelle, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Terrance Palmer (Bass player for Israel Houghton and Alexander Zonjic). He has also performed for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.
The Detroit Free Press, The Michigan Chronicle, The Michigan Front Page, The Detroit Native Sun, Detroit and The Legacy News have all done very positive articles on Keir and his CDs.
Some of the places where Keir has performed have been: The Detroit Festival of the Arts, The Max M. Fisher Music Center, Comericas Java and Jazz, The City Fest (formally known as the taste fest), 8 Days in June Music Festival, The Detroit Opera House, The Scarab Club, The Charles H. Wright African American Museum, Bakers Keyboard Lounge, Berts Jazz Marketplace, Campus Martius, The College for Creative Studies, Marygrove College, Wayne County Community College, etc.
This poetry and music is straight out of Detroit! Keir wrote all of the poetry, music, and mixed all tracks of the "No Need To Worry" CD and the "Never Give Up" CD. These CDs have been "professionally mastered" and are very high quality products. "Many people" have said that they have enjoyed the CDs including: poets, DJs, musicians and others. The music behind his poetry is a "Fusion" of neo-soul, hip hop and jazz. Keir's poetry is for anyone dealing with: unemployment, facing layoffs, worries, hard times or just having a bad day. They are also for people following after: a dream, a love, or peace. The poetry and music sounds like a cross between Jill Scott, Kirk Franklin, Gill Scott Heron and Erykah Badu. The poetry and music will put many listeners in a "Better State of Mind" considering all of the negative things happening in the world today. Its Encouraging, Motivating and Exciting!!!
Keir (key-air) was born in Detroit, Michigan, attended Michigan State University and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Engineering. Later working for one of the "big three" automobile companies as a supervisor and an industrial engineer. While working, he went to one of the best recording schools in the Detroit area to become a recording engineer.
Keir also does many workshops and performances. The workshops that Keir offers are: How to Be A Man, Poetry That Heals, What To Look for In A Mate, Health, Physical and Mental Fitness, also Poetry and Hip Hop.
Keir, being a music producer, is also available to compose: music , lyrics, or poetry for artists in the following areas: Gospel Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, R&B, House and Techno. He can be contacted by email at
Visit for: video's and pictures. Click on the link below.


Keir "No Need To Worry" Cd released Dec, 05. The Cd can be listened to and purchased at Keir "Never Give Up" Cd released 2007. The Cd can be listen to and purchased at

Set List

A typical Set contains 5 to 8 pieces of poetry and can last from 20mins to 45mins depending on what the customer wants. Poetry List: The Dream, Soul to Soul, Words, Plastic People, What is poetry, Be. The set will contain poetry and music from the Keir "No Need To Worry" Cd and the "Never Give Up " Cd.