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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Keira Moran is an Alexandrian, born and bred. She attended MacArthur Elementary, George Washington Middle, and graduated from T.C. Williams in 2013 after being voted “Most Likely to be Famous” by her classmates.

“Alexandria is where I got my start, and I am forever grateful to the city for standing with me when I need support,” Keira says. In 2011 she knocked on doors and asked local businesses to hang up fliers for one of her first songs, “When I’m With You.”

The Contest that Started Her Career
She entered it into an international songwriting contest where songs competed for the most votes and the entries with the lowest number of votes were eliminated each day. Keira discovered the contest when it was already halfway over, so she looked to her community for the extra support to climb the ranks with the top vote-getters. In the final hours of the contest, Keira’s song pulled ahead and won the grand prize: a trip to the Kauai Music Festival to perform and meet with industry professionals, including some of the biggest songwriters in the world.

“I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the support of my community that got me that first great opportunity. The Kauai Music Festival is where I met the producers for my first album and made connections with amazing songwriters that I am still friends with today.”

But if you look for Keira’s first album on iTunes or Spotify today, you won’t find it. She recently asked her distributor to pull it down before releasing her newest single “All the Right Things.”

“The songs I released in high school are so sentimental to me,” says Keira, but she realizes that the music industry evolves so quickly that it’s going to take a fresh new sound to stand out.

That’s why, for her new releases, she is working with some of the best and brightest the industry has to offer. Among her collaborators are Christopher Trujillo, who received a Grammy nomination for “Best Pop Album” for Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman,” as well as Mike Bozzi, who just won “Record of the Year” for Childish Gambino’s “This is America.” - Zebra

"‘Dad vs. Daughter’ duo livestream road trip, raise funds for St. Jude"

WASHINGTON — An Alexandria, Virginia, dad and his daughter are preparing to “Facebook Live” six episodes of their road trip to Los Angeles to help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Keira Moran, 22, and her dad Jim have done this before. They posted portions of a 2015 road trip to Los Angeles on YouTube, in which they are heard debating topics like what six songs should have been hits.

Starting Monday, they do it again to raise money for the hospital that helped Keira’s aunt.

“My understanding is she was given a zero percent chance of survival, and now she is 26-years-old and still thriving,” said Moran.

This time, the duo’s Facebook Live videos are sponsored by several Alexandria businesses. Some of them, including Sugar Shack, Port City, Deloitte and Dominos have donated proceeds to the cause.

“Our goal is obviously unlimited money, because St. Jude’s main goal is to work with children who have cancer, and obviously that needs an unlimited amount of money,” said Moran. “So far we have raised a few thousand dollars from local business sponsors and some more money from individual contributions we have made. We’re hoping to at least double that by the time we get to Memphis with viewer donations and corporate sponsorships.”

The aspiring singer/songwriter says she and her dad will stop in Memphis for a tour, and to formally hand over the donations before continuing on to Los Angeles, where she is moving. - WTOP

"Father, daughter live streaming trip through Memphis to raise funds for St. Jude"

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A father and daughter duo is traveling across the country and live streaming their trip on Facebook to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

They’ll be in Memphis on Wednesday for a tour of St. Jude. Although they won’t be able to live stream this part of the journey, they will be back on Facebook at 3 p.m. Memphis time.

On Monday, Jim and Keira Moran started their six-day trip in Alexandria, Virginia. They were in Nashville on Tuesday and will end their trip in Los Angeles.

Each day, they said they will share their journey via Facebook Live and encourage people to donate money to the cancer research hospital that reportedly has a special place in their hearts. Keira’s aunt was a patient at St. Jude.

“My understanding is she was given a zero percent chance of survival, and now she is 26 years old and still thriving,” she told WTOP. - News Channel 3

"Keira Moran: A Singer-Songwriter To Look Out For!"

Keira Moran is a recent graduate of the University of Miami. Originally from Alexandria, VA, she studied music business and entertainment industries with a minor in entrepreneurship. A singer-songwriter who already has songs on iTunes, she plans to move to L.A. this summer to continue following her dreams!

So Keira, when did you first start writing songs? What inspires you to write?

"I think the first actual songs I wrote were when I was in third grade. I had a piano concert and I asked my teacher if I could sing as well as play piano. I wrote a song called 'Chick Burrito,' and 'Halloween Nights'.'Halloween Nights' is kind of a banger actually—I pulled that out recently and was like 'this is not bad for my third grade self!' [As for what inspires me to write], I think just everyday life. Everyday encounters allow for the most genuine things to write about."

How do you feel your songwriting has developed over the years?

"I used to always start with piano chords, or a piano melody that I thought was really cool. Over the years, especially as I’ve come to college and taken lyric writing, I now tend to start with lyrics. I think it’s important to change up how you write songs or else you’ll get stuck in the same pattern and all your songs will sound the same. I try to mix it up."

What is your favorite song that you've written?

"I think it’s difficult for me to choose a favorite, but one song that I really like that I’ve written is called “Fade Away” (on iTunes as a single!). It was about someone that I was very close to that I just had a falling out with. There was never a big fight, we just drifted apart. For me that song was very real and very genuine, and I felt like, with that song, I was able to describe exactly what I was feeling at that moment."

That’s really beautiful. Who is a singer that you look up to as a role model?

"I would say I’ve always looked up to performers like Elton John and Alisha Keys, because their melodies were really piano based, and that was where I was coming from, and also because they're incredible performers. I also have to say Justin Timberlake—performing wise, producing wise, song-writing wise, he just does it all, and I’d like to have a career like that where I can have my fingers in a lot of different areas of music."

Speaking of which, what are your longterm career goals?

"I want to write songs for my favorite artists. Something that I love about songwriting is that most of these hit songs that you hear on the radio, you don't know who wrote them. Sometimes the artist has a part in it or is in the room, but sometimes they don’t and it’s written by outside people. That’s awesome because, when you’re an artist, you get so much more publicity and visibility, and I don’t want to make my goal in life people following me around with cameras, and taking pictures of my kids. I don’t want that for myself. I want to be successful but not famous."

So what are some of the ways that you are trying to break into the business?

"I had entered various contests online to get visibility that way and to get my music out there. When I was in high school, I entered something called 'The Smash Tunes Songwriting Contest'. When I entered, I entered late, so I was actually already at a disadvantage. However, it ended up getting some traction, and I came out on top. I got to go to the Kawaii music festival and play my song there. For me that’s kind of what jump-started it, because at the Kawaii music Festival (KMF), I met a lot of producers—one of which helped me record some of my first album in Nashville. I’m still in contact with the people I met there."

What song was the winner in that competition?

"That song was called 'When I’m With You'. It was one of the first songs I wrote, and it’s not on iTunes. I’d like to think my songwriting skills have improved since then!"

When did you first have a song on iTunes? How did that happen?

"It was my first album called Wondergirl. Since then I’ve had several singles come out. Some of them were fundraisers for different causes. [To put my songs on iTunes], I personally go through CD baby because that’s a company that I find to be easy to work with. For those not in the music business world—it distributes your music to all the platforms I would want it on: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon—and you can also have physical CDs printed through it."

This has been really interesting hearing about your songwriting career so far, Keira. For our final question, what advice would you give to children who want to be singers or songwriters when they grow up?

"You have to be able to take criticism well, but also take it with a grain of salt. When you’re young, almost everyone knows more than you, or has more experience than you. It’s important to learn from that, but sometimes you have to stick with your gut feeling. Know when to take feedback, know when to trust yourself." - Her Campus

"Frost senior Keira Moran debuts single, donates proceeds to Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund"

Keira Moran, a singer-songwriter and a senior in the Frost School of Music, released her new single, “Bishops and Kings,” on Aug. 12. The song features guitar by Frost junior Ben Youngblood and was mixed by Brian Gross, a UM Frost School of Music alum. “Bishops and Kings” is now available on iTunes, and all proceeds go to the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund. The Miami Hurricane sat down to talk to Keira about her single.

The Miami Hurricane: Why did you decide to donate all the proceeds of your single to this charity?

Keira Moran: A representative of the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund heard me perform “Bishops and Kings” and suggested I come play it for the wounded veterans at one of the hospitals in the D.C. area. I thought that was a great idea, but I wanted to take it one step further. So when I was out in L.A. this summer, I got together with some awesome artists who were willing to donate their talents for free. Now, all the proceeds of the song goes directly to the wounded veterans.

TMH: What was the process of creating the song “Bishops and Kings?”

KM: We recorded the song in L.A. in the studio of Graham Edwards, a seven-time Grammy-nominated musician and winner of the ASCAP award for songwriter of the year. While I sang the vocals and played the piano, Ben Youngblood played the guitar and we found a great cellist to come in. After it was recorded, Brian Gross was able to mix it all together.

TMH: What is the meaning behind the song?

KM: When I play it, people have come up to me and have connected with it in so many different ways, which is the beauty of the song. But in a way it is about loss and sacrifice, which is why people who have family members in the military can really relate to it.

TMH: What was it like performing this song at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center?

KM: It was so inspiring, because you would think it would be a sad place since it houses people who are injured and have just came back from being abroad, but I was surprised to find what a positive attitude they all had. I was able to talk to the veterans and they told me about their experiences and how they felt about my music, which was truly inspiring.

TMH: How would you say the Frost School of Music has helped you in your musical endeavors?

KM: I think one of the most valuable things about going to college is the people you meet. I am most inspired by the students all around me at UM. The logo for the Frost school is “the future of music is here,” and it’s so true. The young people here are going to be the ones making the next generation of music.

TMH: What are you working on now?

KM: I am coming out with a new album this winter. It’s mostly going to be new songs that have been a work in progress since I started attending the Frost School, so I am excited for people to see what I have been working on.

TMH: Where do you see yourself in the future?

KM: I think I will always be a songwriter and perform live. I have spent the past couple summers working with Graham Edwards and other musicians, so you will be hearing a lot more music from me.

Keira is performing at The Veranda in the new UM Patricia Louise Frost building on August 30th at 8 p.m. If you can’t make it, check out her website,, for more information on her music. - The Miami Hurricane

"Q&A with Singer/Songwriter Keira Moran of Alexandria"

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- Patch recently caught up with Keira Moran, the singer/songwriter and granddaughter of former longtime Congressman Jim Moran. The T.C. Williams High School graduate is pursuing a career in music.

Patch: Where are you now with your music career?

"Right now my focus is raising as much money as possible for the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund. I am donating all the profits from my new single "Bishops and Kings" so I'm trying to get the word out about that. At the end of the day, I want our soldiers in combat and our veterans to know that while there are some people in the news right now that clearly don't understand the meaning of sacrifice, a lot of Americans do.

Sacrifice is not when a billionaire gets shamed into donating a million dollars he has already promised to give, it is when your only wealth is your family and your country and the person next to you fighting for the same country. Sacrifice is when you are willing to risk letting go of all that wealth so others can hold onto it. I want our troops to know that when they come home, we will support them fully, and that's why I'm working with the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund."

Patch: How did the iTunes event go Friday? Was that a one-day benefit?

"No, all of the profits from "Bishops and Kings" will go to the CSRF for eternity. I was fortunate enough to find some amazing musicians that donated their talents to recording this song, so I have a lot of people to thank. I recorded the song in the studio of seven-time Grammy nominee, Graham Edwards who has become a mentor for me the past couple years. He has worked with artists like Shakira, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Britney, David Bowie, Christina Aguilera, etc. and it is so inspiring to see all those platinum records on the wall when you are recording. I'm really happy with how it came out and I'm glad that I can use my songwriting ability to have a positive influence on our community."

Patch: What was it like singing to the soldiers who are on the mend at the hospital?

"I had a really great time performing at Walter Reed. It was a concert but I got to talk to some soldiers one-on-one afterwards. It was inspiring to see people who have experienced more pain than most of us ever will, just try to come back home and live a normal life. The attitude was very positive. It feels good to go out and do what I like to do, and see that brighten someone else's day."

Patch: What are your goals with your career?

"I am actually coming out with my second album this winter! It's been awhile since I released "Wondergirl" and I have come out with a few singles since then, but I'm really excited for people to see what I've been working on. I'm more involved with the production this time around. Right now I am trying to narrow it down from about 55 songs which is hard, but there will be songs that make you cry and songs that make you dance and everything in between."

Patch: Will you be performing in Alexandria soon?

"By the time this articles comes out I will be in Miami, but I will be back in Alexandria for New Years Eve to play at First Night! I have had the honor of playing a main stage for the past few years, but this time around is especially exciting. There will be a meeting about it in a couple weeks, but what I can tell you is that we will be filming a music video so everyone in the audience can be involved."

Patch: Do you like writing and singing equally?

"I have been performing for as long as I can remember, and there is nothing like the energy you get from the crowd when playing on stage. But I will also always be writing. I have written songs for other artists and I love that because you can get new inspiration from someone else's life. I also love when other bands cover my songs because it is their interpretation of what came out of my music. For instance, last year I attended a concert where a few heavy metal bands covered my original songs. It's fun to see."

Patch: What is the hardest part about starting a music career?

"I would say the hardest part is always maintaining a belief in yourself. Because if you don't love what you do, nobody else will. That's why performing live is important because you get instant feedback on your art. When you create something that is honest and true, it will resonate with other people. And that is the power of music."

PHOTO: Keira Moran performed last week at Walter Reed and is donating profits from "Bishops and Kings" to the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund. - Patch

"Local singer, father drive toward reality show"

WASHINGTON — Keira Moran is willing to do what it takes to further her singer-songwriter career.

The 20-year-old from Alexandria, Virginia is traveling to Los Angeles, to work for Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Graham Edwards, who has written for stars ranging from Katy Perry to David Bowie to Britney Spears.

Getting there won’t be easy.

“I will have to make the 43-hour coast-to-coast drive with my father,” says Moran, who graduated from T.C. Williams High School.

Moran’s father, Jim Moran, 46, is the son of former Virginia Rep. Jim Moran.

To pass the time, Keira and her father are recording and rolling out episodes on YouTube of what they hope will become a popular reality web series.

With a GoPro camera on their dashboard and mounted in locations along the route, they are documenting their travels.

Their new YouTube channel is called “Dad versus Daughter.”

“We’re going to be fighting the whole time, so that’s why we decided to film it,” says Keira, who will entering her junior year at University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.

After winning songwriting contests, Moran released an independent CD, “Wondergirl,” in 2011.

Now, as she aims to learn about the recording industry from an insider, Keira and her dad hope to promote their brand with the YouTube show, which features them arguing about Top 5 lists, on topics suggested by viewers.

“No topic is too trivial or too profound,” says Keira.

In the first three episodes posted online, subjects include “What makes a hit song?” and “Top 5 hottest Kardashians.”

Her father is a manager for Domino’s.

He says he was the only family member whose job was flexible enough to allow him to drive his daughter to L.A. Moran’s wife, Angie, is a special needs teacher.

“When we got this call from this record producer, obviously we had to get in the car and drive to L.A. immediately,” says Moran.

Good-natured sparring of their web series aside, Moran acknowledges leaving his daughter on the West Coast won’t be easy.

“I’m absolutely terrified,” says Moran. “It’s 3,000 miles away and she’s going to be by herself.”

Moran says the father-daughter arguments don’t change their relationship.

“Even though we fight, and that’s what people see on TV, it’s a scary prospect for me.

Keira has been documenting her live performances and music videos on a separate YouTube channel, but formed a separate channel for the web series.

“I was afraid it was going to be too controversial, but then again, that’s what people watch,” laughs Keira, in a telephone interview.

Moran’s father, James Moran served as a U.S. Representative from Virginia from 1991 to 2015. Moran’s uncle, Brian is a former member of the Virginia House of Delegates and was an unsuccessful primary candidate for governor in 2009.

“I’ve always tried to stay away, so my views would not hurt them politically, but my dad’s retired now, and I feel like I have a chance to voice my opinions,” says Moran, who pours himself a small glass of bourbon to wash down some pills in a preview video for the series.

“If I get in trouble, there’s not going to be a lot of bad fallout,” says Moran. “And it’s certainly not a reflection on any of the Morans who run for office, that should be stated.”

Asked whether politics or the music industry has a worse reputation, Moran says: “The music business is losing money, but I would say politics has the worst reputation, and I promise by the end of this show I am going to be shredding that business.”

As an employee in Edwards’ recently-formed production studio, Keira says, “we’re going to be working on a lot of different projects” with different artists.

When questioned whether she will she get a chance to record with the award-winning Edwards, Keira finesses the answer with the deftness of a politician.

“I don’t want to jinx anything. Anything could happen while I’m out there. I’m really excited to work on everything with him. He’s amazing.” - WTOP

"Happy New Year in Alexandria"

Despite frigid temperatures, thousands of revelers descended on Alexandria to ring in the New Year as a midnight fireworks show ushered in 2018 and concluded the 23rd annual First Night Alexandria celebration.

#“We had a few less attendees this year but those who did come out had a great time,” said First Night Alexandria executive director Ann Dorman, who estimated a crowd of about 8,000 compared to 10,000-12,000 last year. “Hotels reported a few cancellations but said that those who attended are already booking for next year.”

#More than 150 performances took place at 24 venues in Old Town and Del Ray, with live music, dancing, children’s face painting and games. A Fun Hunt took place during the day and a Battle of the Local Stars at the Durant Arts Center featured a special appearance by local favorite Keira Moran, who used the evening to record a live performance with the T.C. Williams Orchestra.

#A graduate of T.C. Williams High School, Moran’s six-song performance with the 22-piece orchestra was recorded for a special set that will be available on iTunes early next year. One hundred percent of proceeds from sales on iTunes will go to APCS.

#“Unfortunately this is probably Keira’s last performance with us,” Dorman said. “She’s living in L.A. now but we were lucky to have her back.”

#After 17 years at the helm of First Night Alexandria, Dorman is stepping down. She was recognized for her efforts by former U.S. Rep. Jim Moran at the Durant Arts Center.

#“I’m really proud of how First Night has grown,” Dorman said. “There was no First Night in 2000. Then in 2001, in spite of 9/11, we pulled off a great event that has become a signature event for the city.”

#The First Night concept was launched in Boston in 1975. While hundreds of First Night events across the country have disappeared since that time, First Night Alexandria has continued to grow and thrive, becoming one of the largest and most successful events in the region while adhering to the original concept of charging one price for an array of family-friendly entertainment.

#“I’m sorry we did not go out with a banner year,” Dorman said. “Next year will be a transition period for the First Night organization so I’ll still be around. But I also plan to go out and see some of these great entertainers I’ve been hiring all these years.”

#For more information, visit - Alexandria Gazette Packet

"T.C. Williams Alum and Singer Songwriter Records with T.C. Orchestra"

T.C. Williams High School alum singer-songwriter Keira Moran recorded a live performance with the T.C. Williams Orchestra at Alexandria’s First Night celebration and is donating the proceeds from sales to ACPS.

Moran’s six-song performance with the 22-piece orchestra from T.C. Williams was recorded for a special set that will be available on iTunes early next year. One hundred percent of proceeds from sales on iTunes will go to APCS.

Moran graduated from the T.C. Williams in 2013 and is a songwriter living in Los Angeles, California. She has worked with eight-time Grammy nominee Graham Edwards and currently works for twelve-time Grammy nominee Red-One.

She released her first single, “Wondergirl,” in her senior year and donated 10 percent of the opening week’s sales to the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria. The single became the most requested song on radio stations as far apart as Detroit, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. Moran is the winner of many national and international songwriting awards.

My heart will always be in Alexandria. The city has always supported me and I would never have had this career if it weren’t for my hometown. I will take any opportunity I have to support the school system that supported me so much. This New Year’s Eve will be something special,” said Moran.

Moran headlined Alexandria’s First Night, as she has done for the past four years. - ACPS Express

"2012 Miss NOVA Music Award"

At this year’s scholarship pageant, Keira received the Miss Northern Virginia 2012 Music Award presented to a performer/musician who embodies the spirit of music and community service. -

"Keira Moran Reality Show Filming at Telegraph Station"

Keira...will film the show, aptly titled “Giving Back,” from this week until June, as part of an ambitious project to raise money for the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria. - Rose Hill Patch

"Hitting The Right Key"

The subject matter, and the song itself (When I'm With You), hit the right note with the public — strangers and friends alike. “
- Alexandria Times

"The Year in Review - July(pg.11)"

"Keira Moran, 16, jetted off to Hawaii after winning an online songwriting contest at Smashtune. com for her piano-laced pop song “When I’m With You.” She beat out competitors from around the world and earned a spot on stage at the Kaua’i Music Festival Festival. Moran has since released her debut album, “Wondergirl.”"
- Alexandria Times

"Keira Moran Keeps the Melody Going"

"Keira first started to gain notoriety by playing her songs at charity events and galas. She performed at venues and events all over Northern Virginia, including the Del Ray Music Festival, the National Children's Museum Benefit, the Chamber Orchestra Quintet Showcase at the Lyceum and the 20-Year Anniversary Congressional Gala."
- Alexandria Gazette Packet

"Alexandria teen competes to be top Smashtune songwriter"

"When Keira Moran sits down at the piano with a spiral notebook, the composer in her comes out as she starts to play a melody. "
- WTOP, 103.5 FM

"Alexandria’s Own Keira Moran Competes for Songwriting Title!"

"You kind of sound like Taylor Swift a little bit. Has anybody ever told you that?... We're gonna vote for you. The Tommy Show at 94.7 Fresh FM dot com. Let's help Keira Moran of Alexandria get to Hawaii!"
- 94.7 Fresh FM

"Keira Moran to Perform At Opening of ACPS Performing Arts Center"

Moran, who spent Wednesday morning doing radio press for her recently released “Wondergirl” album, will give a speech on the importance of arts education. Then she will perform her album’s title track with classmates Chris Porter and Chris Kidd accompanying her on guitar and drums, respectively. - Del Ray Patch

"Keira Moran Needs Your Vote"

Keira’s song “When I’m With You” is one of two finalists in an online competition on The 16-year-old T.C. Williams (Alexandria) High School student is neck-and-neck against her fellow finalist, 22-year-old Californian Lucia Sosa. Voting closes today at 2:00 p.m. - Arlington Now

"What's at Stake"

"“Knowing something about (Keira Moran) and watching her work and achieve is one of those things, that frankly, just renews your faith in what is possible.” "
- WPFW Washington, D.C.


The Indie Music Channel’s Radio Café - "How Do I Know?" - featured in June, July, & August, 2012. "Wondergirl" - featured January through April, 2012

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Triple H Radio 100.1 FM - "Mrs. Jones" featured in June, 2012. "This Moment" featured in May, 2012. "How Do I Know?" featured in April, 2012. "Wondergirl" featured in March, 2012.

Tween Pop Radio Top 40 - "Wondergirl" featured in March, 2012

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"Wondergirl" CD Release - available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby- November 24, 2011

94.7 Fresh FM - Music video and song "When I'm With You" featured on June 28th, 2011

WTOP 103.5 FM - Music video and song "When I'm With You" featured in June, 2011

WTOP 103.5 FM - "It's Only Getting Better" and "Don't Change a Thing" stream on - June 24, 2011



In just under a year, singer/songwriter Keira Moran went from playing her first gig to winning an international songwriting contest, playing the Kauai Music Festival, getting radio play in Los Angeles, Detroit, D.C., and Sydney, and embarking on a multi-state summer tour. Originally from Alexandria, VA, she relocated to Los Angeles to make music with the best and the brightest in the industry. In 2019, Keira revamped her sound by straying from her Indie Rock roots and releasing her Electropop single "All the Right Things." Collaborators on this track include Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Christopher "Tito JustMusic" Trujillo (of Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman") and Grammy-winning mastering engineer Mike Bozzi (of Childish Gambino's "This is America"). Keira's next single "Give it a Try" will be out on August 17th. 

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