Keith Adey Experiance

Keith Adey Experiance

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Very high energy 60s Beatley Melodic


Keith and Don Adey Born in Coventry England Came to USA in 1964 at the hight of Beatlemania
we were just starting to play Guitar at that point and were a big hit with all the locals due to being British and playing and singing we wrote our owne songs from the begining But played and sang Beatle songs by Request and Demand this gave us a uncany sound to theres that has stayed with us but we have our own syle .We have one Album realesed in 1969 Produced by the late John philips of Mamma and Popers Fame Called The Jamme
on Warlock Records. We are still playing and composing today and playing night clubs and privet events.


The Jamme 1969 on Warlock ABC Dunhill.
The single Poor Widow was in The Movie Boy meets girl staring Dean martins Son and Doris Days Daughter . We are working on streaming at this time .

Set List

Rock n Roll Fantisi -Bad Company
Drive my Car-The Beatles.
Surf Meddley.
Sets last from 30 to 45 min we do a lot of covers and throw in our Origanals every chance we get and always get great responce we cover most all populor hits from beatls Stones Who Zeplin and all the classics but we ad our own style into them making it more interesting.