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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Top Runner-Up, Keith Bailey, Gary Allen's "Greatest Song In The World Contest""

***{ I have lost the article, but this was the notification letter.
Thanks, keith }

Hey Keith,
Congratulations at making top runnerup in my competition! You placed really high this time. It was " If The Grass Looks Greener" that ranked you so high. I didn't hear it all because of a glitch originally but it all downloaded the last time I clicked on it. I told you about the promotion we do before but I didn't want to leave you out this round.

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You were up against a Rolling Stone, Doobie Brother and Pointer Sister as well as players from Edgar Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Wings. I have added you into my address book so you can see your ranking in The Music City Beat newsletter. We are on a roll at the moment with our last winner Val Halla landing the opening spot for Ted Nugent's summer tour.

Pat Adams of Tennessee Concerts (my contest sponsor) and myself, have started a joint promotion for Sonicbids artists that are trying to get noticed in Music City and beyond. This was a response to all the emails we were getting from Sonicbids submitters to give their songs or band a boost in the songwriting capital of the world.

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Your friend always in music,
Gary Allen, BMI - The Music City Beat

"Winner "Top Runner Up" in Gary Allen's "Greatest Song In The World Contest""

paste later - Tennessee Concerts

"Honor Award"


We have completed the preselection process. You have been selected as an honor award in the 100% Music Songwriting Contest.

Being selected is a great achievement to be proud of, as several hundred songwriters from all around the world entered the contest.

The winners in each category and overall winners will be chosen among the finalists by the jury, in which the final results, winners, and overall winners will be announced at the end of October 2008.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter on our website in order to be informed when the winners will be released at the end of October 2008, as well as when we announce the second edition of the 100% Music Songwriting Contest.

We wish you the very best in your songwriting.

Vincent Bernay
100% Music Songwriting Contest - 100% Music Songwriting Contest

"Semi-Finalist King Kat Music"

December--2007 Semi-finalist
You Gotta Believe by Keith Bailey

Congratulations Keith Bailey! Your song titled "You Gotta Believe" has now made it to the first round of the top five songs for the month of December of the 2007 King Cat Music Songwriting Contest! Your family and friends can vote for your song by going to, click on "Vote Here", then click on "December" and follow the instructions. They have until February 14th, 2008 to vote. Hope the best for your song! God bless, Carolyn Bolinger, King Cat Music Songwriter Coordinator
- King Kat Music


I have tried to train myself to be able to write upon demand, as I have seen this as an ability common to many of nashville's best. Leonard Berstein, once told a friend of mine "That most anyone can perform on any given Sunday, but it takes a professional and dedication to be able to perform on demand." He said this to my friend, Mitchell Tolle the watercolor artist, after Mitchell asked him how he was able to make his performance sound so good every night, didn't Mr. Berstein have nights that he didn't feel up to it. With the above said, our work is as nothing, if our heart and soul is not there, but without the perspiration and hard work, inspiration is nothing but a word upon a page.
thanks keith
MY SONG TITLE LIST-----All songs copyright Keith Bailey***songs with copyright dated have been written since September of 2007
Keith�s Song Title portfolio
Recent Songs-Since 2-1-2010
a) The Driftwood Lullaby
b) Living as The Walking Dead
c) More Precious Than Gold
d) I Give You all That I Don't Have
e) Comic Book Or Fairy Tale
f) You Say You Want Me, Just Not Now
g) Faith Is Key
h) At the speed Of fright
i) Yoplait Jingle #1 wife/mother
j) Yoplait Jingle #2 single working female
k) Leave a Legacy, Not a Past
L) Hear the Snowfall?
1) Freely Ask**
2) You�ve Been Wrong All Along**
3) Don�t Walk Away**
4) The Grandparents Song**
5) Anytime...Anywhere**
6) Walk on the Waters**
7) Wishingwell**
8) Raindrops**
9) You�re No Stranger**
10) Sewing Seeds of Kindness**
11) Maybe, Just A Little Reality (is the truth)**
12) Dancing of the Waters**
13) Three-Way Poker (The Iranian Hostage Song)**
14) Twenty-Four Hour Call**
15) Daystar**
16) Ben Johnson**
17) Hiding from the Sunrise**
18) I Call On You**
19) So Help Me Jesus**
20) We Belong Together**
21) Waiting On A Rhyme**
22) The Spirit of Prayer Mountain**
23) A Song for Mom & Dad**
24) The World I Treasured Once**
25) The Unfinished Song**
26) Fairweather Clouds**
27) The Land Of �Inbe `tween**
28) Eye of the Storm**
29) Today is Tomorrows Yesterday**
30) The Old man & the Young man**
31) Brother�s in the Fold**
32) Soldiers of the Lord**
33) A Perfect Tree**
34) He�ll Carry You**
35) You Better Not Laugh**
36) I Bow to your Majesty**
37) Bring the Victory Home**c2007
38) A Penny in my Thoughts**c2007
39) Suffer Me the Little Children**
40) (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation SONG)**
41) The Agent Orange Song**
42) As The Fog Rolls In**
43) Lazurus, Come Forth Now**
44) A Memory of Love**
45) Peanut�s Song (?)**
46) Don�t You Know **c2007
47) My Home Church**
48) Lookin� For Love**
49) I�d Go Through Hell For You On Sunday**c2007
50) So You Say You have a Dream**
51) Praise the Lord (As His Holy Spirit Comes Down)**
52) HomeFree Again**
53) Cant You Hear Him Calling**
54) Lying In A Muddy Hole (Agent Orange Song)**
55) I Never Thank You Quite Enough**c2007
56) Where The Worm and Fire Never Die**c2007
57) From A Kingsize Bed to Separate Bedrooms**c2007
58) Dream Marriage Nightmare**c2007
59) Since You Were Young (Olivia�s Wedding Song)**c2007
60) You Gotta Believe**c2007
61) The Wonder That Is You**c2008
62) Can You Put Me Back Together**c2008
63) Where My Blackbird Plays (Blackbird SR-71 Song)**c2007
64) It�s Not the Gingseng Baby**c2007
65) The Sparrow c2009
66) Hallowed Be Thy Name c2009
67) A Good Buy On Goodbye c2009
68) Angel Of Light (Lucifer's Song) c2009
69) "Just More Manure He's Got To Hide" c2009
70) You say That You Love Me c2009
71) I Know, You Know, I Know c2009
72) SOMETIMES I WONDER (Could This Be Love) c2009

73) THE WONDER THAT IS YOU (Debby's Song) c2009

74) SHE WANTED A ROMANTIC (Not My Roamin'Antics) c2009
75) THE PROVING GROUND (High energy- Rock-Christian Song) c2009
78) Faith Is Key c2009
80) An Empty Life



(;{) ****{{ KEITH BAILEY ---BIO 8/29/2009 **** (:{,> }}}
Keith Alan Bailey was born in Paducah, Kentucky on Sunday September 20, 1953 to Jewell and Loretta Bailey. The number one hit single on that day was Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) by the great Les Paul & Mary Ford.
He was the firstborn of three sons. Although neither of his parents were musically inclined, Keith took an interest in songwriting at an early age. As a young teenager, when most people were still in bed, he was coming up with song lyrics while delivering newspapers on his bicycle at 4AM.
When Keith was about 14, he was invited to an outing at Echo Valley with the Good News Club. Then began a life-long friendship with Mr. Ben Johnson, who he considered to be his closest adult friend and mentor. Through encouragement from Mr. Johnson, Keith helped maintain Camp Echo Valley and subsequently joined the Good News Choral, a singing group and local affiliate of Youth for Christ and Campus Crusade for Christ. They sang many concerts throughout the southeastern United States. He was also very active in the Youth for Christ and the Campus Crusade for Christ organizations themselves, attending many of the summer conferences held in Takoa Falls and Jekyl Island, Georgia. Even after the unfortunate disbanding of the Good News Club due to the untimely death of its leader and Keiths personal friend and mentor, Mr. Ben Johnson, Keith stayed active in Youth for Christ, attending conferences with a Memphis, Tennessee church. Mr. Johnson was so influential in Keiths early Christian walk that he dedicated a song to him named Old Ben Johnson or Roses Always Bloom in the Spring Time.
After graduating from high school, he attended Murray State University with his best friend, Barry Ralph, and subsequently joined the armed forces with Barrys brother Alan, fully expecting to go to Vietnam. However, it wasnt in Gods plans for him to go to Vietnam as the war ended 6 days after he joined. While in the army, Keith was offered a position as a presidential aide, but because he wanted to get back to college and would have to extend another year, he turned it down. At this point, the army sent him to Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama to train for a year to repair radars. After his training, his orders sent him to Key West, Florida to the Naval Air Station there, where at age 21, he picked up his first guitar.
(MY TRUE RACOON ENCOUNTER in the Florida Keys THAT MADE ME START PLAYING GUITAR) One fateful night, about a month after his 21st birthday, he and his friends gathered on an old wooden bridge on old, old A1A on Sugarloaf Key. A full moon was shinning as they sat on the bridge playing their guitars softly into the wee hours of the morning. As Keith sat listening to them play, all of the sudden he noticed a dark figure coming out of the underbrush about 25 feet away. As it got closer, the full moon revealed a raccoon which came up and settled down just a few feet from Keith, apparently to listen as well. Keith thought, wow, this cool night breeze feels great. It must feel good to him too, and I bet the soft music is pleasant to him as well. Harsh music, Im sure, would startle him. I guess music really is a universal language, an epiphany. It so inspired Keith, he decided he must learn to play guitar too. He has been playing, singing, and writing ever since. With a catalog of nearly 100 songs, he primarily writes and plays acoustic Americana and country songs, many of which are Christian or have Christian overtones. He has played in many coffee houses and several churches over the years.
Some of his other experiences include jobs as a radio disc jockey for WKMS FM when he was a radio TV production major at MSU, working as an air traffic controller in Miami, being a movie projectionist at a drive-in theatre as well as serving as a carnival ride operator. These, amon

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