Keith Dominique

Keith Dominique


Singer/songwriter from Lowell, Massachusetts. A unique brand of piano-based rock and pop.


Ever since his funky new-wave inspired tune, Specify, hit the airwaves of WUML and the ears of music lovers throughout the Merrimack Valley in 2001, native Lowellian, Keith Dominique, knew he was on to something.

With the help of his band mates, Brian Callahan (drums) and Chris McTighe (bass), Dominique is determined to conquer the local scene, with his self-described, infectious blend of rocky, poppy, funky, fun, friendly, fantabulous tuneage, that even Elvis Costello would be jealous of. Oh yea, and there's piano in it too!

Keith started his musical career at the tender age of three, when he used to watch his grandmother play one-fingered versions of Christmas songs on her home organ. This early experience would ultimately lead to his interest in playing the piano. By the time he was five, the sounds of his late uncle's record collection were sparking Keith's imagination. He was also inspired, as a youngster, by his parents' affinity for "music with pep-a driving beat." This planted the seed of rock 'n roll into young Dominique's head, which is the foundation for his brilliantly crafted modern-day performances.

Keith has been honing his skills on the UMass Lowell campus, wowing students with his energetic live shows at the school's popular Fox Common venue, and gaining name recognition as one of the most popular artists on a locally distributed compilation disc, "Side of the Road Snowrunner-Volume II," which has featured some of the best acts out of Lowell for two years running.

Dominique is now looking to expand his fan base and to bring his brand of energetic, up-tempo rock, soaring balladry, and funky R&B to the Greater Boston area and beyond!


Face Of A Troubled Kind

Written By: Keith Dominique

I was born a washed up spirit
On the beaches of a dreamer's untold tale
I'm not blind, but my eyes are narrowed
By the wind and the dust of a winding trail
Guided by anger
Weighed down with the burden of years
Sanity once could live in me
Now I'm a manifestation of a thousand fears, oh yeah

You may think that you don't know me
But you can believe I've always been in your mind
All your love and hate is tied to my fate
I'm the face of a troubled kind
Go ahead and deny my existence
So many have already tried
But look closer, you'll see what I am meant to be
I'm the face of a troubled kind

The heat from an endless blazing fire burns deep into my skin
Try to fight the flame with what's left of reason
But madness always wins
Every time opportunity has been cut down by vice
And for every misdeed that's ever been done
Well, you know I've paid the price, oh yeah


You can turn your back to me
But I am more than what your eyes can see
Put me on a boat, send me to another shore
Come tomorrow morning, I'll be right back at your door, oh


end of last chorus:
But look closer, you'll see what part of you is me
I'm the face of a troubled kind


Written By: Keith Dominique

The weight of circumstance always seems to hold you down
You envy the clouds floating freely in the sky
Oh, you've waited for some kind of force to lift you off the ground
But gravity is never easily defied
I happened to walk in just as your strength started wearing thin
But what made you think I could be the way out of your plight?

Might as well ask me to levitate
Did you want me to perform such magic for you?
Don't you know there's only so much power in these mortal hands
If you thought I could levitate
Well, I hate to be the one to break the news
I'm no less than you a life stuck here on land

We've all been lost at times out in the wilderness someplace
Where the treetops absorb the sound of our desperate calls
In your time of need, you got the notion I might be your saving grace
Hoping I could coax your problem into being solved
But if your expectations veer beyond my sympathetic ear
I'm afraid that you're setting yourself up for quite a fall


If I held the solution, do you think I'd keep it to myself
And leave you out in the woods at night, let it collect dust on my shelf?
Mirrors and smoke are useless to me, I'm a stranger to that game
I might cushion your fall, but I can't rid you of the pain


Stone Heavy

Written By: Keith Dominique

Turn back the clock, let me have the extra time
My head is spinning from the thinning air
Won't be holding so steady when the hill starts to incline
Better free me soon before the burden's too bad to bear
I feel myself heading down fast to a place hard-pressed for mercy

I'm stone heavy, on the brink of breaking my back
I'm stone heavy, swiftly edging towards a heart attack
My weight is holding up as much as it can take
This condition I'm in is getting harder to shake
You gotta give, you gotta give me a break
I'm stone heavy, stone heavy, yeah

My body aches, my hands are bleeding
A yellow haze appears before my eyes
My threshold's close to being exceeded
If this don't all stop soon, I'll be paralyzed
All I ever dream about anymore is the river
Let me drink, you know I'm thirsty


Set List

Appox 45 mins--10 or 11 songs.