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New Start

Written By: Keith Guile

I've been wonderin', thoughts a-thunderin'
Loud and clear
The good times are rollin', no need for consolin'
As I buy myself a beer
In the days gone by since she hit the highway
And my world fell apart
I've had time to go back to square one
And get a new start.

Coulda been the boozin', or the money I was losin'
At my weekly game
Or maybe the women that I had over swimmin'
Or that night with my old flame
She said she was beaten by all of my cheatin'
It was time to part
Now the stage was set
To go back and get a new start.

What was I thinkin'
As I was heavily drinkin'
Was it just the haze?
I thought she's just naggin'
As she packed all her bags in
The car, and left for days.
That was weeks ago, no one said "told you so"
Because they knew that it broke my heart
Now it's time that I learned from my errors
And get a new start.