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"Music & Art"

“16 year old Keith Hallett decided he wanted to play the blues in the Fredericton High School “Battle of the Bands”. He had three weeks to recruit a group willing to play that kind of music, write original material, practice and then perform in front of the school. When all was said and done, the band won the competition. As a vocalist, Keith brings something different to lead guitar and vocals. “He’s got a unique voice. I’ve never heard anyone else sing like that. He’s got a raw, soulful, powerful sound.”
- The Daily Gleaner - Nov. 2005

"At 17 Hallett is already king of the blues - Young guitarist respected as one of the top musicians in the city of Fredericton -"

“Dave Cunningham is one of Fredericton’s finest and most respected musicians and when he has something to say about music, most listen. “I think Keith can do whatever he wants. He’s a natural talent, he’s got the drive and just as importantly, he feels and I think understands the music.”

Keith’s speciality is slide guitar. His effortless and decisive playing produces sounds so polished and crisp it’s hard to believe he’s still just a kid.

Keith’s probably among the top three guitarists in the city and he’s only 17 years old. The question isn’t will he be a superstar, it’s does he want to be and when. He’s the real deal.

For now Keith says he’s just trying to stay true to the music. “I like the Blues for the stories each song tells. “You can actually feel what the singer is saying. You feel like you’re getting a piece of their soul. “I’m not afraid to show my soul in my music but, you know, you have to stay humble, it’s nice to hear that you’re a great guitarist, but I know that there’s 10,000 better guitarists out there. “I’ve got a lot to learn still”. - Northside News - July 2006

"Music & Art"

Keith Hallett is trying to raise his profile in the local music scene and is doing so with plain, old fashioned hard work. The Keith Hallett Band will take their blues rock stylings to the stage for a benefit of sorts for the trio, which is trying to raise some money to put together a demo CD to help get more stage time. The trio employs a do-it-yourself aesthetic when it comes to the show by approaching the venue with the idea for the show, making the posters themselves, putting them up around town and handling the selling of the tickets. All this on top of going to school, practicing with the band, playing gigs and learning from some veteran musicians along the way.

“Keith devotes 100 per cent of his time, it seems, to music and it shows when he comes out to play. He’s always got something new or something he wants to try out. While the guitarist can get up on stage and play well beyond his years, the only thing he can legally do in the bar is play music as he’s still in high school. He’s an outstanding player and he shows a lot of drive and dedication.

- Northside News - November 2006

"Waiting to be Discovered."

Hallett’s star is on the rise, even without the exposure he deserves. Keith is the next big thing. He’s got a really mature playing style and once his stage presence matures, he’ll be a force to reckon with on the East Coast. He’s hands down the best young guitar player in the Fredericton area and when he steps up on stage with guys like Ross Neilson and Matt Anderson, those guys are just blown away. That’s the most amazing thing; he’s not out of high school yet and can hold his own.” - Here Magazine - November 2006

"Shediac - Blues & BBQ Festival"

The first-ever festival was kicked off here last night with Keith Hallett , and he hopes he got everybody’s toes tapping. The residents are really excited about the festival. One resident said, “I was pretty impressed when I heard that Keith Hallett was only 18. - Times and Transcript - August 2007

"The 17th Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival swings into action."

The icing on the cake is the fact that local guitar phenom Keith Hallett starts off the triple bill at the Aliant Mojo Tent. The 18 year old Frederictonian has been selected as Harvest’s 2007 Galaxie Rising Star, and has thus copped this prime gig.
- The Daily Gleaner - September 8, 2007

"Music & Art"

Matt Anderson said having lots of talented local musicians playing at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, makes it easy to support New Brunswick’s artists. “And I’m looking forward to watching Keith Hallett. He’s a little monster and it looks like he’ll be the next big thing here in Fredericton, so I’m looking forward to watching him play.”
- The Daily Gleaner - September 15, 2007

"What's all the Talk??"

What’s the talk????

Brent Staeben, Musical Director - Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

- “Keith is extraordinarily talented and is obviously very dedicated for a person of his age. He has studied the history of the blues well and is clearly bringing his own style and intellect to the music he loves so much. Furthermore, he’s learning to put on a great show and the more exposure and the more challenges he gets will surely contribute to his maturation as a marquee act.”

Brian Younker - Tony’s Music Box Ltd.

- “I first met Keith almost three years ago and was immediately impressed by his solid musical knowledge and talent. Keith’s maturity is not only highlighted in his music but also in his attitude. I have worked in the musical instrument retail business for almost a decade and Keith is among the most gifted musicians I have encountered.”

Barry Hughes - Full-Time Musician Around the Maritimes and Quebec (25 years)

- “ Since January 2006, I’ve hosted a weekly jam-session in a local venue and Mr. Hallett has attended this event every week. I’ve seen an unbelievable improvement in Keith’s writing/playing ability, performance and confidence as each week passes and his drive and determination to play more and learn more is motivating. His sound and dynamic playing style is unique and excelled for a person his age and he now fits right in with the house band at my jam session, all of whom are experienced players.

The above all said, the fact he is a very talented musician is enhanced even more as this young man is kind, courteous and ego-free. During a recent chat with him, I found out he is also heavily involved with promoting and marketing himself, dealing with the media etc which is a special talent as well.” - Wyred Television


What I Can Do



At 18 years old this gifted blues guitarist, Keith Hallett of Fredericton, New Brunswick, has been turning heads. He has something to say through his music and the audience as well as his hero feels it instantly.

Keith has been playing guitar since the age of 13, got into the blues around the old age of 15 and has enjoyed studying and playing it ever since.

In less than 5 years he seems to have got it nailed In terms of how long this has been really effective, just in the last 5 months of 2007, Keith garnered a Rising Star award that has led to play many festivals and special events. He has had the opportunity to open for such artists as Paul Rishell & Annie Raines, Watermellon Slim and the Workers, and has shared the stage with them and others such as Matt Anderson, Ross Neilson, Morgan Davis, John Cambelljohn, Thom Swift and The Lee Boys. In September 2007, Keith's hard work and natural ability paid off in the form of the 2007 Galaxie Rising Star Award, presented to him during the anual Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. Keith Hallett's Future is a bright one. Loaded with a ton of talent and audiences falling in love with his infective style on a daily basis, he is sure to be around for a long time to entertain us.