Keith Holt

Keith Holt


My comedy is a look at the world how I see it. It may make you uncomfortable at times but in the end you understand where I am coming from.


At the age of 33, Keith Holt has started to make waves on the Atlanta comedy circuit. Born and raised in Michigan, Keith's career began in Atlanta, GA, where he is quickly making a name for himself and performed at some of the city's finest clubs, including Relapse Theater, The Basement Theater, and The Improv Atlanta.

Before getting into stand-up comedy Keith had a strong internet presence as a blogger and co-host of the Ring Time Pro Wrestling show. As a writer he has written for The Wrestling News Source, Yahoo and many other online outlets. He is now taking the humor that has displayed to thousands of fans each week on the podcast to the stage.

Keith distinctive perspective on pop culture, sports and politics combined with a laid-back delivery and sarcastic sensor of humor to create a thought provoking funny act. From growing up in the Midwest, going to college on the east coast and now living in the South, he meshes the different influences into a funny good time.



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