The Keith John Adams

The Keith John Adams


"If the words "Beatles," "Costello" and "XTC" mean anything to you, you need to buy Pip the very SECOND you finish reading this review." Mundane Sounds. "One of the better "pop" albums the future side of Pet Sounds has ever heard." SCTAS Magazine.


KJA makes odd pop music that makes people happy. He gets right in your lap and does his elvis as therapist abuser shtick then leaves in a puff of smoke and you say 'oh' with his sweet garagey pop genius melodies buzzing in you like a generous virus. His new album, Unclever, came out on Happy Happy Birthday to Me records in the USA in January 2008. His last album, Pip, was out on HHBTM in 2006 and released on Waikiki Records in Japan where KJA toured. He's toured the USA four times. He's influenced by everyone from The Beatles & Captain Beefheart to Thelonius Monk & Django Reindhart.


Unclever - 2007/8 album on HHBTM records - USA.
Pip - 2005/6 album released by Happy Happy Birthday to Me.
This is a Six Track EP - 2004 7" released by UK indie, Kabuki Kore Special Editions.
Sunshine Loft - 2003 live one microphone album released by US indie, DCBaltimore2012.
Memory/Worry - 2002 7" released by UK indie Flitwick Records.

Set List

Typical set? Frequently do between 20 mins and 50 mins of stuff. Toy piano abuse. There is no typical set!