Keith John Adams

Keith John Adams


Keith John Adams is an indiepop powerhouse performer. He can make you swoon like Jonathan Richman, make you jerk and spazz like XTC, he will even have you hold a toy piano while he sings a special song just for you. He might be solo or backed by label mates' bands, but he's always in top form.


Keith John Adams has been making music. First in an acoustic guitar/ drum/ violin oufit called the Horse Doctors, then in Zuno Men and now on his own.

Zuno Men released two albums and several singles of angular experimental pop in the UK in the nineties. One of the singles " Stay In with Me", recieved lots of airplay, getting Single of the Week on the BBC's national Radio One afternoon show. It seemed for awhile that something was going to happen - but it didn't. The 1999 album that allowed "I'm Going to Like You even if You Hate Me" won plaudits & criticism, but the band split. So KJA kicked off the millenium as a single musical unit, playing a number of solo gigs. On hiw own he could be quiet , then louder, without earlier agreeing to when that would happen with a band. It led to a new economy in his songwriting too.

The first release was a single on the fantastic Flitwick Records. A double a-side 7" which quite literally sold out. It was released in 2001. The songs were "Memory" & "Worried".

KJA recorded his first solo album, Sunshine Loft in 2002. It came out in the USA on DC Baltimore 2012 Records (now deceased) in 2003. It was recorded in a loft around one stereo microphone - onto minidisc. Inspired by that lovely early rock & roll roomy live sound. Matt Armstrong played bass, Dave Ross played drums, Rhodori Marsden played glockenspiel, saw, guitars & organ, and KJA played guitar and sung.

Also released in 2003 was "A Walk Around My Flat" a mini album recorded for the Kabuki Kore label - seven songs sung while KJA wandered around his flat. It was an extremely limited edition, and is thus no longer available.

The in 2004 a 7" EP called "This is a Six Track EP" came out on the Kabuki Kore Special Editions label. Six tracks of course - still some left from the label.

Also in 2004 KJA toured the US for three weeks to promote Sunshine Loft. He started in Georgia at the Athens POPFEST and snaked up through the midwest and northeast all the way to Vermont. He also did a little tour of the Netherlands with Illinois Cook playing drums. After this tour he began work on his debut solo follow up "Pip".

In 2005 KJA finished Pip and found a new label home on Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. he met the fine folks at HHBTM during playing their Athens POPFEST the previous year. KJA came back to the states to play the POPFEST once again and found new touring mates with Casper & the Cookies and Japanese pop band Elekibass.

2006 saw KJA releasing Pip in Japan on Waikiki Records and touring Japan backed by his label mates and new friends Elekibass. KJA came back to US for another POPFEST and a 3 month tour with Casper & the Cookies and to record his next record titled "Unclever". During this tour he played the Cake Shop during the CMJ festival on the Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records Showcase.

2007 will see KJA releasing his new album "Unclever" which he is backed by Casper & the Cookies on Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. He will also have a split single with the Cookies on the People in a Position to Know label, and another split single on Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records with the Velcro Stars. KJA will be touring the US during the fall of 08.


Keith John Adams (solo)
2001 - Memory / Worried (Flitwick Records) 7"
2003 - Sunshine Loft (DC Baltimore 2012) CD
2004 - A Walk Around My Flat (Kabuki Kore) 7"
2004 - Six Track EP (Kabuki Kore) 7"
2005 - Pip (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) CD
2006 - Pip (Waikiki Records) CD -Japan
2007 - Unclever (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) CD
2007 - split w/ Velcro Stars (HHBTM) 7"
2007 - split w/ Casper & the Cookies (PIAPTK) 7"