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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Comedy Jazz


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The best kept secret in music


"Keith transforms lives and takes audiences to a new level of progress". - Dr. DeAnre Orey Professor, University of Nebraska

"Keith's messages are powerful, real, and eloquent". - Melissa Shivers, Associate Director-Multicultural Affairs Clemson University

"Keith was a blessing to our youth. We will definitely bring him back". -Dr. Jean Brannan, President/CEO-Sickle Cell foundation, GA

"Keith has a fresh perspective and a presentation that leaves Schools thirsting for more. He has the unique ability to inspire youth creatively. Heads and grades go up after a visit by Mr. Brown..." - Roy Davenport, 2001 Middle School Principal of the Year, GA

"Keith's messages are vibrant and relevant. He does an excellent job of bridging the gap between youth and adults". - Doreatha Tyson, Past Pres., Southeastern Assoc. of Ed. Opportunity Program Personnel (SAEOPP)

"Keith, your staff development and student workshops were invigorating. You truly have a gift for motivating the masses". - Valvia Wilson, Director Federal TRIO Program Tougaloo College, MS

"Our staff and students are pumped and primed for excellence. Keith you will be back soon". - Joyce Coakley, Director - Upward Bound College of Charleston, S.C.

"Keith, your ability to present a positive platform for academic growth and character development, while maintaining a linkage to pop culture and language is an extraordinary gift". - Dr. Ronald B. Mcfadden, Director - Educational Advancement Program - University of Tennessee

"Keith you were Awesome! Mind Enhancing! Soul Stirring! You took us to a new level of excellence". - Dr. Shirley C. Kilgore, Principal - Booker T. Washington H.S., Atlanta, GA

Memberships and Awards...
*National Speakers Association
*Who's Who in Professional Speaking 02: The Meeting Guide
*Phi Delta Kappa Professional Fraternity in Education
*Who's Who Among America's Teachers
*Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities
*Outstanding Young Men of America
*Master Motivator, Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia
*Young Alumni of the Year, Savannah State University
*American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
*Portrayed A UNION SOLDIER in the Motion Picture "GLORY"
*Spoken Word Artist on the Legendary "Showtime at the Apollo"
- Multiple Press

Atlanta Moves to Motivate, Empower Katrina Evacuees

By Jenny Jarvie, Times Staff Writer
August 24, 2006

ATLANTA — "Pump it up! Pump it up! Pump it up!" motivational speaker Keith L. Brown bellowed as he danced the electric slide with nearly 100 Katrina evacuees Wednesday at a downtown job center. "Aw, come on, y'all. Wave your hands in the air if you know you care. Let me hear you say: "I'm working! I'm working! I'm working!"

Most of the Katrina evacuees were not working, but they seemed happy enough to step, then spin and clap their hands with Brown.

Nearly a year after Hurricane Katrina forced Gulf Coast residents to flee their homes, Atlanta officials hosted an "Empowerment Party" to motivate those in their city struggling to find jobs, many of whom are suffering from deepening mental health problems.

Part revival meeting, part therapy session, part job fair, the event was organized by the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to help Katrina evacuees assimilate into the city.

It came on the same day that, back in Louisiana, New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin opened a "Welcome Home Center" in an effort to entice more displaced citizens to return.

The evacuees at the party in Atlanta -- who were almost all from New Orleans -- prayed, sang, ate fried chicken and black-eyed peas, and won raffle prizes for Braves baseball games.

"We're saying, 'OK, you're a Georgian now,' " said conference organizer Jennifer Moore. "You've been here for a year now. A terrible thing happened, but let's move forward. Where are you going to be in a year?"

After watching an Atlanta promotional video, which declares "Every Day is an Opening Day" and extols Atlanta tourist attractions, evacuees listened to experts talk about job training, starting new businesses, applying for Habitat for Humanity homes and signing up for free mini spa days.

Wayne Mack, coordinator of reintegration counselors for the Georgia Department of Labor, urged Katrina evacuees to take advantage of computer classes, typing tests and free schooling.

"The Atlanta market is a competitive market," he said to shouts of "Amen" from the audience.

"I'm in it to win it," said Sadie Davis, 48, a part-time clerk who had come to the event in the hope of finding a permanent position and healthcare information. She ended up winning two tickets for "The Life Story of Marvin Gaye" at Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center.

For many, the highlight of the Empowerment Party was keynote speaker Brown, who calls himself "Motivator of the Millennium." - LA

A higher calling
Class of 2012 makes pledge to graduate
By Greg Gelpi| Staff Writer
Friday, November 14, 2008

Lucy C. Laney High School freshmen were given two options Thursday: Graduate or graduate.

"Repeat after me, 'Either I'm going to make it, or I'm going to make it,' " Keith L. Brown, a nationally known speaker, told the ninth-graders during a special assembly.

Mr. Brown, billed as the "Motivator of the Millennium," delivered a high-energy, music-filled challenge to the freshmen, urging them to prove naysayers wrong.

Last year, only 30.9 percent of Laney's students earned a diploma on time.

To improve that rate, the school held a commitment ceremony Thursday for the school's 244 freshmen. Much like graduation, each of their names was called alphabetically and each walked forward to greet Principal Hawthorne Welcher.

The freshmen signed a banner to show their commitment to graduating as members of the Class of 2012 and received miniature diplomas as a reminder of their commitment.

"It's not impossible. It's 'I'm possible,' " Mr. Brown said.

He recalled being labeled a special ed student and at-risk. He was headed in the wrong direction, he said, the same direction some Laney students might find themselves going.

"But then I got my mind right," he said.

Freshmen Taiquinnius Litfield and De'Niro Wilson, both 16, said Mr. Brown left them with plenty to think about.

"He put a lot of information in your head," De'Niro said.

They said the talk made an impression, adding that many of their classmates just want to get in trouble.

When asked whether he is going to graduate in four years, Taiquinnius replied, "Oh, yeah," without hesitation.

Freshman year is critical for high school students, educators say. It's the year when the most students drop out.

Thursday's commitment ceremony is the first phase of a four-year program, sponsored by National Recognition Products, a company that sells graduation items. The company's Legacy Program will continue to work with the students until their graduation in 2012. The program, for instance, will show students during their junior year how to apply for college and financial aid.

"We plan to see you through to completion and graduation in 2012," the company's local representative, Audra Roper, told the students.

National Recognition Products brought Mr. Brown, who has appeared as a motivational speaker on several TV programs, including Showtime at the Apollo. - Augusta Chronicle

"Mr. Brown your presentations at our state conference were awesome. Your energy, innovative teaching strategies, and team building exercises were extremely relevant and appreciated by all in attendance. Your work with the students, teachers, and parents of Ramsey Street Middle School translated into higher morale, increased parental participation, greater cohesiveness among Faculty and staff, and a major increase in End Of Grade test scores. Your ability to meet students where they are and elevate them to greatness is a powerful gift.

Valoria Ingram, North Carolina State Dept. of Education - North Carolina State Dept. of Education


Still working on that hot first release.



“Lifting as We Climb.” Keith’s keynotes/workshops will enhance your SUPER-VISION. The programs listed below are our most requested!!!

Sample Keynotes/Workshops:

"Not impossible-I'M POSSIBLE ":.... This keynote/workshop focuses on Leadership, making the right choices, and being a student and ambassador for the College/University. In this keynote/workshop, Mr. Brown uses his book "not impossible-I'M POSSIBLE [a guide on Leadership and Life Skills] to empower students. This keynote/workshop is very interactive and will illustrate "the tassel is worth the hassle."
"Imus vs I MUST or I MISS":.... This interactive workshop takes a keen honest look at negative stereotypes and attitudes which divide rather than unify individuals. Emphasis is placed on not focusing on the “I mus’s” of the world (which includes anyone in any race who glorifies and uses negative terms such as “ho” ) but on the “I MUST” reality of promoting sincere diversity, compassion for the human race and taking responsibility for one’s own greatness! Failure to focus on the “I MUST” proactive stance in life will cause one to live in an “I MISS” state of being, where negative relationships and missed opportunities will be the norm. This is an excellent workshop for Leadership, Diversity, Effective Communication and team building.

Real World vs. Reel World” – This high octane keynote/workshop focuses on avoiding the “Media hype” and programming which salutes a society with no values or moral fiber. In this “real” workshop students will learn the value of dressing like Prospects not suspects, communicating effectively and networking, staying away from negative people (lemon people), and avoiding Violence (Anger is one letter short of DANGER). In short, this presentation will expose the “Media Madness” which seeks to infect rather than positively affect society. This is an excellent workshop for any student, especially campus leaders.


Your Idea... Give us a topic/theme and we will cater a presentation to your needs. If we are unable to, we'll recommend energetic experts who can!!!

Much Much More…………………………..

Fees: All fees include travel and lodging. There are no hidden costs.
$3,500 (One School) within a 200 mile radius
$4,500 (Two Schools)
$5,500 (Three Schools)
Southeast is set at $3500.
Elsewhere nationally and Canada, add $1000 per option.
Internationally, please call for rates.

P.E.P. Rally

* audience: Pupils, Educators, Parents, Federal TRiO Programs, Supplemental Education Programs, Youth/Family Advocacy Agencies.
* synopsis: A staunch advocate of Public Education, former "Teacher of the Year", and inductee into "Who's Who among America's Teachers," Keith L. Brown will deliver educational, energetic, and empowering interactive keynote speeches and workshops on academic excellence, character education, citizenship, and "Life Skills." Mr. Brown will also focus on the new R's of Education: Relevance, Relationships, and Rigor, as it pertains to cohesiveness of Faculty and Staff, Student Achievement, and Student Engagement. Mr. Brown's presentations consist of music, skits, poetry, mass student involvement, faculty/staff participation, and content which is relevant to and for today's children and youth. In addition, any aspect of his presentation can be applied in classroom settings immediately after the assemblies and long after he and his team have departed your school of excellence!!! This program is a MUST HAVE for schools seeking to make AYP ( ALL YOUTH PROSPER ), and prepare their students for long term success.

Read what a few administrators and educators across the nation think about the P.E.P. Rally:.

"Mr. Brown you received rave reviews for your presentation at our opening convocation. You created an environment that was interactive,energetic,relevant, and empowering. We are pumped and ready to take our students and school system to the next level of greatness. You are definitely the "Motivator of the Millennium."

Marguerette Smith, Coordinator "Ten Schools Program" Los Angeles Unified School District, California

"Mr. Brown your presentations at our state conference were awesome. Your energy, innovative teaching strategies, and team building exercises were extremely relevant and appreciated by all in attendance. Your work with the students, teachers, and parents of Ramsey Street Middle School translated into higher morale, increased parental participation, greater cohesiveness among Faculty and staff, and a major increase in End Of Grade test scores. Your ability to meet students where they are and elevate them to greatness is a powerful gift.

Valoria Ingram, North Carolina State Dept. of Education

"Mr. Brown it is with great pride and honor that I announce, we've made AYP!!! Having you on board this year truly made a profound difference with our Faculty and Staff, Students, and Parents. Your work in conjunction wi