Keith L. Brown

Keith L. Brown

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Keith L. Brown, "Motivator of the Millennium," has been featured in the LA Times, Chicago Sun Times & NY Newsday. This Renaissance man is also a Legislative Liaison, professional speechwriter, consultant, philanthropist, and an energetic, enthusiastic Professional Emcee for a wide array of events.


“Lifting as We Climb.” Keith’s keynotes/workshops will enhance your SUPER-VISION. The programs listed below are our most requested!!!

Sample Keynotes/Workshops:

"Not impossible-I'M POSSIBLE ":.... This keynote/workshop focuses on Leadership, making the right choices, and being a student and ambassador for the College/University. In this keynote/workshop, Mr. Brown uses his book "not impossible-I'M POSSIBLE [a guide on Leadership and Life Skills] to empower students. This keynote/workshop is very interactive and will illustrate "the tassel is worth the hassle."
"Imus vs I MUST or I MISS":.... This interactive workshop takes a keen honest look at negative stereotypes and attitudes which divide rather than unify individuals. Emphasis is placed on not focusing on the “I mus’s” of the world (which includes anyone in any race who glorifies and uses negative terms such as “ho” ) but on the “I MUST” reality of promoting sincere diversity, compassion for the human race and taking responsibility for one’s own greatness! Failure to focus on the “I MUST” proactive stance in life will cause one to live in an “I MISS” state of being, where negative relationships and missed opportunities will be the norm. This is an excellent workshop for Leadership, Diversity, Effective Communication and team building.

Real World vs. Reel World” – This high octane keynote/workshop focuses on avoiding the “Media hype” and programming which salutes a society with no values or moral fiber. In this “real” workshop students will learn the value of dressing like Prospects not suspects, communicating effectively and networking, staying away from negative people (lemon people), and avoiding Violence (Anger is one letter short of DANGER). In short, this presentation will expose the “Media Madness” which seeks to infect rather than positively affect society. This is an excellent workshop for any student, especially campus leaders.


Your Idea... Give us a topic/theme and we will cater a presentation to your needs. If we are unable to, we'll recommend energetic experts who can!!!

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Fees: All fees include travel and lodging. There are no hidden costs.
$3,500 (One School) within a 200 mile radius
$4,500 (Two Schools)
$5,500 (Three Schools)
Southeast is set at $3500.
Elsewhere nationally and Canada, add $1000 per option.
Internationally, please call for rates.

P.E.P. Rally

* audience: Pupils, Educators, Parents, Federal TRiO Programs, Supplemental Education Programs, Youth/Family Advocacy Agencies.
* synopsis: A staunch advocate of Public Education, former "Teacher of the Year", and inductee into "Who's Who among America's Teachers," Keith L. Brown will deliver educational, energetic, and empowering interactive keynote speeches and workshops on academic excellence, character education, citizenship, and "Life Skills." Mr. Brown will also focus on the new R's of Education: Relevance, Relationships, and Rigor, as it pertains to cohesiveness of Faculty and Staff, Student Achievement, and Student Engagement. Mr. Brown's presentations consist of music, skits, poetry, mass student involvement, faculty/staff participation, and content which is relevant to and for today's children and youth. In addition, any aspect of his presentation can be applied in classroom settings immediately after the assemblies and long after he and his team have departed your school of excellence!!! This program is a MUST HAVE for schools seeking to make AYP ( ALL YOUTH PROSPER ), and prepare their students for long term success.

Read what a few administrators and educators across the nation think about the P.E.P. Rally:.

"Mr. Brown you received rave reviews for your presentation at our opening convocation. You created an environment that was interactive,energetic,relevant, and empowering. We are pumped and ready to take our students and school system to the next level of greatness. You are definitely the "Motivator of the Millennium."

Marguerette Smith, Coordinator "Ten Schools Program" Los Angeles Unified School District, California

"Mr. Brown your presentations at our state conference were awesome. Your energy, innovative teaching strategies, and team building exercises were extremely relevant and appreciated by all in attendance. Your work with the students, teachers, and parents of Ramsey Street Middle School translated into higher morale, increased parental participation, greater cohesiveness among Faculty and staff, and a major increase in End Of Grade test scores. Your ability to meet students where they are and elevate them to greatness is a powerful gift.

Valoria Ingram, North Carolina State Dept. of Education

"Mr. Brown it is with great pride and honor that I announce, we've made AYP!!! Having you on board this year truly made a profound difference with our Faculty and Staff, Students, and Parents. Your work in conjunction wi

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