Keith L. Nuccio

Keith L. Nuccio


Strong ballads that touch emotions for all to reminisce. Listeners can relate feelings which brings my music to their ears with a familiarness that makes my lyrics seems like a long lost friend whos come home to visit. Styles from R&B, to country the common chord struck here is LOVE.


Exposed to music at a young and tender age of 3 my grandfather played harmonica and fastinated me. To his surprise the first time he gave me the opportunity to try myself I mimicked his tunes note for note on the first try and was branded a natural from the start. I remember going with my family on weekends to a place called "Shakey's Pizza? and watching a man play an old honky tonk piano which fastinated me and I had to get close up to watch. Before long he gave me a chance to play myself and much to his surprise I began playing by ear after hearing him perform. They told me I had a God given talent which my parents helped me nuture soon with lessons. Beginning piano lessons at 6 I was classically trained and wrote my first composure which was copy written at 8. As years passes I had a knack for picking up any instrument and in a few months would teach myself to play as well as a veteran musician. I would spend hours picking out jingles on the radio which I knew impressed all my friends. Cocola commercials and what ever was popular. I started learning Top 40 and current music which impressed the adults. Through high school I joined every band from Stage to Marching playing a different instrument in each. Starting a music major in college I studied classical piano and guitar and have played in multiple top bands across the nation. Building my own home studio I started recording my own music in my 20's and cut a few demo albulms in professional studios. I started playing music on Burbon St. before I was old enough to go into the bars. I remember having to come in the back door and was told to stay behind the stage on breaks. Funny to think of it now! I sat in with many differnet bands, but had my own solo show which kept me busy in the Carnots clubs. I have been described as the Michael Bolton of Burbon and also The Loneliest Man in the French Quarter, I guess mostly because my music is written from experiances of love lost. I guess when your born with the blues in your soul you can't deni it.
I went to the South By SouthWest convention in Ausin TX in my late 20's and I guess the industry made me feel like a tad pole in the big ocean. I believed in my music but it was alwasy easy to take the stage and perform with a band yet always missing being the main focal point. IT may sound silly but I was always scared of becoming famous and having money and fame ruin my life. I guess time has passed and I never pursued a solo career until now. At this point I have an archieve of music the size of Prince recorded and waiting for that break. Maturity has brought me to the forefront ready to make my mark on the music industry with a vengence and belief that will carry me to the top.


Lonely Heart ( A Love So Alone)

Written By: Keith L. Nuccio

A lonely heart
Filled with desire..
A secrete smile
From a thought of you
Beyond the miles
From far away..
A hidden love.. a silent heart
A mind of steel, why won't it heal?..
The memory, still so real..

The hurt inside, I try to hide..
My love so true.. can be only you..
A heart so lonely
I wish you knew..
I wish you only knew

Beyond my grips
The spinning wheel
Around and round, it shall go
This place in time..
Or maybe the next..
Tnis place in my mind
You were so kind..
When I wonder..if that day will come
When you will se me, or if you will come...
If you will care...or not even dare
A simple gesture..
A smile your way
A rose for you..
So my heart you know,
will forever be true..
My feelings for you, are so deep inside
I can not run...
I can not hide.
But.. this is not your care.
For you are Unaware.....
A love so lonely....
I wish you knew.......

Forever Love

Written By: Keith L. Nuccio

As I sit and I wonder
another year passes me by
but still I can't dwell on the sadness
cause the good times...
I just can't deni
One more year goes to experiance
another lesson you've learned quite as well
you told someone you love goodby
but don't cry
cause you'll see them again
One day
One way
He's still in your heart
in your he's a part
and I've written this song
to say....
I love you.........

Love Can Lead You Blind

Written By: Keith L. Nuccio

Why do we go through the heartache
and cry a river of tears
Fallin in love
time after time again
thinking you've learned through the years
Be sure of what you do
and watch the things you say
cause just when you give it chance
Love will lead you stray

Love can lead you blind..
Don't you know that love can lead you blind

When I look
deep into your eyes
I just can't seem
to take myself away
Is this love I feel
so deep in its emotion
If I let it go... tell me
will it pass me by
I've been in love before
or so it seemed to me
But in time it passed me by
and once again I'm free
Love can be so sweet
Love can be so kind
But don't let it fool you
Cause love can lead you blind
sax solo
Love can be so sweet
Love can be so kind
But don't let it fool you
Cause love can lead you blind
ad lib out

Set List

Born and raised in New Orleans birth home of the Blues I am considered one of the undiscovered song writer/artists waiting for that chance in the spot light. An intimate night with Keith Nuccio on stage is what its all about. One and a half hours of music that touches upon emotions and feelings of love lost and relationships in life. Listening to my music is an experiance like you have known me all your life and almost as if I have written songs you have had somewhat trapped inside and now can identify with, feel those emotions again and smile! By the end of the show each person in the audience leaves personally knowing Keith L. Nuccio as an old friend.