Keith Manley

Keith Manley


Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artist Keith Manley has been writing and producing Christian Music for over 30 years since the release of his first album "Most Wanted Man" in 1978 on QCA Records. Keith is passionate about his faith and wants you to feel the songs as you are "Touched By Grace."


Keith Manley recorded his first record when he was 13 years old. While the music has evolved, his message has remained the same. Keith Manley recorded his first solo album on QCA Records at the age of 18, as he begin writing Contemporary Christian Music. His song "Spirit Eyes" topped the charts in 1987, and Keith's songs have been recorded by a number of Christian artists. With the release of his latest album "Freedom", Keith Manley marks his 30th year in Contemporary Christian Music. Today Keith Manley serves as senior pastor of Grace Family Church in Rockford, IL and he has a daily radio program and a weekly television show called "Fresh Oil".


Touched By Grace

Written By: Keith Manley

Like a soldier in a battle
Like a runner in the wind.
There are times that I get weary,
from the struggly that I'm in.
When my heart is feeling empty,
there's nothing I can say.
I call on you, and then I find
that help is on the way.

Your coming to my rescue now,
when there's noone else around.
You're the only one I see,
who's never given up on me.
Take me to the secret place,
let me feel your warm embrace.
I will always sing your praise.
I have been touched by grace.

When I am feeling lonely,
when my faith is way to small.
When the load in life I carry,
it get's so heavy that I fall.
When my brother can not help me,
I can always count on you.
And just when I am going down
You know just what to do

(Chorus Repeat)

Grace to make it through my darkest trial.
Grace so I can go the second mile.

(Chorus Repeat)

When Grace Met Faith

Written By: Keith Manley

Nothing in my life was holy
I was all alone and slowly going down
You know I was going down.
Then somebody told me
that somebody cared for me.
I can still remember
The day I was set free.

That's when Grace met Faith
I had a born again reaction
When Grace met Faith
there came a new attraction
to my life. I know Jesus took my place
It was on the cross when Grace met Faith.

Now I know I've been forgiven
I'm alive and I'm really living
everyday. I've just got to say
There's no fear inside me
cause I know my debts been paid.
God took all my sin and sorrow
That's when Jesus took my place.

Chorus (Repeat)

More Of Your Love

Written By: Keith Manley

When I was only just eight years old
I heard the greatest story told
I can remember just like it was today.
Tears were running all down my face
The preacher talking about God's grace
I cried out to you, when all I could do was pray.

But when I went down on my knees I found your love. You lifted me from high above. One thing I know I just can't get enough of your love. I want more of your love.

How could you love me, how could you see. That person I am supposed to be. You don't turn away, every time I slip and fall. I have come now to realize, that when I'm walking I just keep my eyes. Focused on you and you'll see me through it all.

Oh I stand amazed when I hear you say that you love me.
Though it's hard to believe, you loving me, I do believe.

That when I go down on my knees
I find your love. You lift me up from high above. One thing I know I just can't get enough of your love.
I want more of your love.


Wanted Man - Keith Manley, QCA Records 1977
Spirit Eyes - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 1987
Warriors - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 1988
Restoration - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 1994
Midnight Cry - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 1995
Praise Hymn - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 1996
Bridge Builder - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 2001
Mercy - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 2003
Freedom - Keith Manley, Set-Free Records 2008

Set List

A Typical Set would include a 60-90 minute program with a variety of songs from Keith's albums. Keith sings his hit song Spirit Eyes, his pro-life anthon "Cry of The Little One", and a variety of other songs.