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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM


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"Flavorpill Previews Upcoming Keith Masters Performance"

"Spank Rock-esque guest MC Keith Masters (fresh off opening for Wu-Tang) delivers his laconic speak-rap over the top." - Flavorpill

"CIMR Reviews "Discotheque""

"He successfully inserts pop culture all the suburban white kids something to rap back to their friends.." - Chicago's Independent Music Review

"Before Bigs Reviews Desoto"

"Desoto featuring BASHtone has this fun unique sound. It’s upbeat enough that I would welcome it into the club plus he references one of the best dunkers in the NBA, Blake Griffin, so I can’t hate on this track." - Before Bigs

"Playmaker Reviews Keith Masters"

"Well if this tune doesn't turn out to be a hit than we dunno anymore... Brilliant new solo single by the one and only Keith Masters, dancing somewhere along the lines of Kid Cudi and Kanye West. " - Playmaker

"Those Who Dig Reviews "Gary Busey (Life Good)""

"Here's a great song title "Gary Busey (Life Good)," by rapper Keith Masters. The song is more than a great title, though. Keith brings a smooth confidence and low-key humor to lay down his rhymes, and a positive message emerges. It's really solid, a cool mixture of hip-hop and electronic/dance." - Those Who Dig

"The Get Downnn Reviews Keith Masters"

"The last time we posted a tune from Masters it went number 1 on the HypeM twitter charts...needless to say, the guys got talent." - The Get Downnn

"The Music Phoenix Reviews "Electromajic""

"The Remixtape is eleven tracks long and out of those we have a handful of favorites. Journey, is the first glimpse we really get of his style...and we get to hear Keith Masters throw down on this track (his flow is so fast and yet so smooth). Overall I would give this Remixtape a 4.5 out of 5; it’s a lot of fun and worthwhile for the repeated listening experience." - The Music Phoenix

"CIMR Reviews "I Love To Floss""

"Keith Masters has mastered, pun intended, (sorry) – pushing the boundaries of the hip hop genre to where it is and should be going." - Chicago's Independent Music Review

"Electronic Rumors Reviews "Electromajic""

"...Keith’s music in general, is a strange beast. It’s genre destroying...there’s a lot of ways you could describe Keith’s style, SynthWave, Nu-Disco, Hip Hop. And it works, it works so well...littered with pop cultural references, hipster commentary and geek Easter eggs alongside the expected raps, all delivered with a laid back flow that suits the music in an unexpectedly perfect way. " - Electronic Rumors

"The Deli Magazine Reviews "Electromajic""

"For years I've felt Keith does not get the attention that he deserves. He has been churning out some of the best electronic and hip hop beats in the city for years. This album is one of his more inventive projects and is a solid listen." - The Deli Magaxine

"Keith Masters"

Well if this tune doesn't turn out to be a hit than we dunno anymore... Brilliant new solo single by the one and only Keith Masters, dancing somewhere along the lines of Kid Cudi and Kanye West.

You might remember Keith Masters from his previous and future collaborations with Futurecop! This time, the hard workin' Masters takes it to a whole new and awesome level.

Check out the rolling new single 'Nobody But Me' that's just been released. The more we play this jam, the more we are into it! If his whole album will sound like this then we are highly exstatic, keep 'm coming Keith! - Playmaker

"Keith Masters, “Nobody But Me”"

Keith Masters Keith Masters, Nobody But Me MP3 [Stream/Download]

Keith Masters does what he does over a very dope instrumental. “Nobody But Me” appears on Discotheque and should leave you in a good mood. Who is Keith Masters? He’s a staff writer for Yep. Our team of bloggers doesn’t just talk about hip-hop; we live it! Make sure to check out Keith’s excellent article about Hip-Hop’s Sober Superstars after you finish enjoying his music.

Download “Nobody But Me” after the jump!

Download: Keith Masters, “Nobody But Me” -

"Keith Masters"

Chicago’s electro hip hop MC, Keith Master, released his new single Photo Op featuring Babe Lincoln today. The beat sounds like I’m in the 80's running on the beach in slow motion in a weird one piece swimsuit, possibly in hot pink or mango, that i’d never be seen wearing in today’s time, with my hair heavily teased and bouncing retardily in the wind. Heading towards a end of the summer beach party where their are robots performing this song and everybody is taking pictures and it’s a lot of fun. lol.. Sounds wavey and danceable. I dig it, and so can you. Click on the downward arrow below for a free download below!

I caught up with Keith Masters himself and asked him a few questions so you can get to know him better.
Yay! Sweetz Ent. first interview..

Nik-E Sweetz: Where are you from?

Keith Masters: The Go! Born and raised in Chicago. I went to school and lived in New York for a while, though, so NYC gets love, too. Shout out to Brooklyn and Harlem!

Sweetz – When and how did you first become interested becoming an artist?

KM: My senior year of High School, I took a few trips to visit colleges. I visited Sarah Lawrence in New York and met a cat named Kehinde (pronounced Caan-day). He was an emcee from Philly who called himself Privilege. Cool dude, we became friends and kept in touch. I visited Temple in Philly and hung out with Privilege a lot. We would just chill and freestyle. I did that with my friends at school in the Chi, all the time…but Priv was on another level with it. We both decided to go to Sarah Lawrence and we became roommates. He really pushed me to elevate my game and I just got increasingly more serious about it. I’ve been doing music all my life, starting off singing in choirs in Kindergarten and playing piano in 6th grade – so I took to rhyming pretty easily. Freshman year, I met a guy who used to come and hang out on campus and rhyme with some of the older students. Damien, or KastUno, liked Priv and I so we all became a crew, Rec Circle. We started doing shows in New York City like almost immediately. From there, I knew I wanted to make music my career – and my life.

Sweetz: What does Keith Masters bring to the world musically?

KM: Keith brings versatility and a genuine love for music to the world. Keith brings pure talent. Keith brings entertainment and fun. I think more so nowadays, it’s accepted to take risks with music and blend styles that typically are thought to not go together. I’m a fan, a student and a lover of so many different types of music and it naturally gets blended up into a style of music that I call my own. I love to freestyle and just the pure lyricism of hip hop music. I love to sing and vocally match a dope melody in a song. I love to compose, mix and create music. I love to do it all. That’s what you get with Keith…a jack of all trades.

Sweetz: What are you currently listening to in your ipod? Who are your influences?

KM: I’m listening to M.I.A., The Roots, Ratatat, Cee-Lo, Futurecop!, Vampire Weekend, a bunch of random shit, too. I’m always listening to something…i’m rarely not listening to music. Man, i’ve got such a broad scope of influence – a lot of shit that hardly makes sense. Stevie Wonder is a huge influence, Jay-Z, Common, Beck, Kanye, and Talib is another real big influence as well.

Sweetz: You describe your style of music as “Electromajic”. Explain what “Electromajic” is..

KM: Electromajic is imagination meeting the unexplained. I mean, that’s what you call what David Blaine does, right? Magic…because no one can explain what it is he is doing. Electromajic is just a fun way of grouping together all the different genres and styles I make use of in my music. Whether it’s pop, club, hip hop, electro, disco or dub step – i’m apart of it. One track, you might catch me singing the whole joint. Another track, I may be rhyming on some introspective shit. Next, I may be on some club, flossy shit. That’s just me. I’m a complex person, and my music reflects that, as it should. I’ve never been one to be pigeon-holed or type-cast into doing one particular thing. Life offers so much more, than limiting yourself.

Sweetz: What can we expect to come from Keith Masters’ in the near future?

KM: Expect to keep hearing from me. I have big plans and a persistence to succeed. I’m dropping a new single with Babe Lincoln from L.A. this week called “Photo Op”. It’s a real light, and fun track that I think people will respond well to. In the next coming months, i’m featured on two singles off of Futurecop!’s new album. Hoping to release those in October, and those will definitely be worth watching out for. I’m exciting about my future, and I just want to keep working and getting better. I wanna change the world, but i’ll start with music…for now.

Sweetz: Favorite ice cream flavor?

KM: I’m pretty simple with ice cream, but I love carmel. Fav ice cream would have to be vanilla with carmel swirl.

Sweetz: Any last words..

KM: Whoa, this is a pretty menacing question, haha. Is it off to the electric chair, with me? J/k…last words? Shout out to you, Nicole, and the team Supergood Music – especially Boom D. And stay tuned…I haven’t even started, yet! - Sweetz Entertainment

"Keith Masters & Discoballistic"

The team is back on court, this time Playmaker's ultimate penalty taker discoballistic is back on the scene with a brand new remix for the up and coming Keith Masters, who we love dearly on this blog.

Not only has Keith's new single become a hit on the twitter charts of the Hypemachine, this week he was artist of the week over at the Music Dealers with a daily feature for you to discover. Read all about it.

This remix, well it's starts off leaving you guessing where it's gonna go... and then the bass kicks in and you're all set. Now go slam dunk 3-pointers to this jam! - Playmaker

"Keith Masters - "Photo Op""

Today the world received their latest dosage of Electro Majic when Keith Masters released "Photo Op."

The hip-hop electro hipster crossover has a melodic instrumental beginning before Masters drops his lyrically crafty first verse. Opening with some thematic word play on the song title, the lyrics sync perfectly with the ambient track, including the well positioned "Concert Blast" shout out.

Shortly after the SUPERGOOD shout out (we were in the studio when he was recording vocals), Keith picks up his flow double time and exhibits why he should be on any electronic fusion fan's radar. Embracing the structure and creative depth of electronically driven music, Keith and Brandon Dermer (producer) built a pseudo hip-hop song that evolves both musically and lyrically from ambient and slow to fast and rhythmically driven.

Masters maintains the imagery of photo opportunities with creative visual references to the stereotypical pursuit of a flash worthy lifestyle before entering into the easy to rap/sing "Photo Op" chorus. Following the first batch of "op"s, Keith gets deep and introspective about the dreams of chasing a career as a performer, even calling out those that make the leap of faith to pursue careers in L.A in pursuit of those photo ops.

Dropping references to not only SUPERGOOD, but Hollywood swag and Melrose Ave., and with production from Los Angeles' own Dermer, this just might be my next cruising LA cut.

"Photo Op" was written by Keith Masters, features Babe Lincoln and was produced by Brandon Dermer (Los Angeles).

You can download the song from Keith's soundcloud page here - - Supergood Music

"Masters of the Universe (Review)"

The Keith Masters mixtape Masters, Of the Universe is an excellent collection of twenty tracks that blends classic and experimental samples with smooth flowing lyrics. Anyone who is familiar with The Black Album will be familiar with at least a couple of beats right off the bat. Keith Masters uses that to his advantage. He takes the tracks and makes them his own.

As impressive as that is, it isn't his use of classic hip-hop samples that I like most about the album. It is his use of samples I had never heard used before that really drew me to the album. The appropriately titled “Matlock” features Keith Masters rapping over the theme from Matlock. In my opinion that song alone makes the album worth a listen. Another unique track is “Crazier” which features the Billy Joel's “Movin' Out.” The only thing that holds the album back a little is that the production on some of the tracks sounds raw.

What Do You Like About the Album?:
Most of all I like the uniqueness of the album. I like the way that Keith Masters is willing to take risks with both lyrically and with the samples he uses. The lyrics are both intelligent and catchy. I also like how audio clips from the old “He-Man” cartoon mixed in.

How Would You Describe the Album's Sound:
Masters, of the Universe is a smooth sounding rap album that is unique in many ways.

What Other Musicians Would Fans of the Album Listen to:
Prince Paul, Lupe Fiasco, The Antipop Consortium, and Del the Funky Homosapien are a few that immediately come to mind.

What is Distinctive About this Release?:
Some of the samples are distinct. The use of parts of the old He-Man cartoon are definitely unique.

What Tracks Do You Recommend?:
Track 8 Ready! Aim! Fire!
Track 10 Sundown Features a sample of Jefferson Airplane's “White Rabbit”
Track 18 Matlock
Track 19 Crazier

What's A Good Thing to Do While Listening to this Album?:
Ride the bus, cut the lawn. Nothing that requires too much thought, because the smart lyrics require some attention.

Have You Ever Heard This Band Play Live?:
No, I have not.

How Do You Obtain This Album:
Believe it or not, it's available for free download at:
I highly recommend that everyone reading this go and check it out.

Overall Score: 9/10 - WestSideWill Media Company

"Masters of the Universe"

This release is one that heads may have not checked for. It's available only via download at as far as I can tell which due to exclusivity makes it an easy miss, but here's the thing...DON'T

For those heads who remember He-Man and the cartoon, it's a moment of nostalgia to hear quotes from He-man and Skeletor spread out amongst the album. Musically, I didn't start getting into the album until track four, Get It, Get It. The track features something resembling a middle eastern beat but more relies on a relentless uptempo drum pattern and a ferocious Masters' flow.

Hell Down Here, keeps it going from that point with a lot of funk in which Masters' spits on what's going on in the streets. He doesn't make it explicitly political but subtley he makes his point.

"I ride airplanes and wonder if this mutherfucker get's highjacked would I try to fight back...cuz it's a helldown here..."

I take it as why would you fight to save something you don't feel is worth saving? Valid point I think.

The banger however on this album is Ready!Aim!Fire!. Superior production and well placed vocal samples will having you nodding your heads in knee-jerk fashion. Master's again comes at you with rapid fire vocal delivery dispatching heads bar by bar.

NY Cops is a mellow track that truly focuses on the message on how the black community is being persecuted by those that are supposed to be there to serve and protect. The message is you may not be in chains, but you are not free. The song is in direct reference to the murder of Sean Bell who was shot nearly fifty times at his bachelor party as he stood unarmed. Definitely one of the most thought provoking tracks of 07.

Also be sure to check out the thumping bass line on Throw It Up. It throbs in your auditory frame as lyrics like these flip:

"...gorilla tactics that's drastic, politically simian, leave my words in the room like those bibles placed by Gideons, spit volcanic glass, lyrics be Absyinnian, walk with a chip on my shoulder like a pentium..."

In short, this is a diverse album (billed as a mixtape)with some extremely innovative production. I mean, how many people can loop the theme song to an otherwise lame TV show, Matlock, and make it come off so fresh. On the track, Crazier, they flip a Billy Joel sample to perfection. This mixtape, or album, what ever you want to call it, is a breath of fresh air that sets itself apart by spreading a message through a creative process while always adhering to the virtues of hip hop. Look for more of Keith Masters in the future. He is a man with a mic and a vendetta.

My favorite four: Ready! Aim! Fire, Wheight, Crazier, Shoulders Of A Giant

By Darius -

"Keith Masters-Bioluminescence"

Keith Masters - Bioluminescence

Keith Masters got some shine as a member of the underground group The Reavers, but he shines by himself on Bioluminescence. Keith's buttery flow starts things off on the first track, "The Best in the Game." The Chicagoan keeps it moving on "Simple Things," talking about "when life was less complicated." Vordul Mega chips in on the Graduate-produced track "Amongst the Havenots." I'm not sure if Keith should get props for using DJ Tanner as a punchline, but the song is still dope. Bioluminescence sounds like it could be one of those projects that could be pushed and marketed like an album, but it will probably go down as being one of those dope albums that never got out enough.

Tracks to check for:

The Best in the Game
Simple Things
The Plan

"The Reavers Review @"

The Reavers
Terror Firma
Nature Sounds/Backwoodz Studioz; 2005

The term “hip-hop supergroup” has been thrown around a lot lately. I am a little wary when I hear about any new “supergroup” because often what looks so good on paper does not live up to the hype once I hear it coming through the speakers. But with the release of their debut album, Terror Firma, the collective known as The Reavers buck the trend. This group of eleven emcees has put together a well-crafted, politically charged album that is surprisingly cohesive.

Don’t let their name confuse you: The Reavers are not a rock band. Though there are no really big names in the group, most of the artists have been making noise in the underground for a few years; like Cannibal Ox’s Vordul Mega, Wu-affiliate Dom Pacino, Immortal Technique associate and touring partner Akir and Monsta Island Czars members Kong and Spiga. Still, one of the things I like best about Terror Firma is that it introduced me to a number of gifted emcees I had never really heard of before. Relative-newcomers Hasan Salaam, Keith Masters and Karniege deliver what are probably the most impressive performances on the album.

However, the key to The Reavers’ success is not their individual performances but how well they have combined their different styles to make complete songs. Terror Firma does not just showcase eleven emcees passing a mic around and spitting verses. The Reavers have taken the time to craft songs with interesting themes and creative lyrics. The rhymes are solid but they also show that they can do something that “underground” acts often overlook: write an original song with a catchy hook.

Terror Firma offers an explicitly political critique of empire and the so-called War on Terror but is not preachy. They effortlessly move from the historical to the contemporary, connecting issues at home and abroad, cultural and political. Most importantly, The Reavers do not allow the political content of the album to take the place of good music.

The album kicks off with the Bond-produced “America” which features Spiga, Hasan Salaam and Akir setting the stage for the rest of the rebellious, defiant songs. The group does not let up at all through the first half a dozen tacks. Karniege proves he can hold it down solo on “Dusted” while they take the posse-cut approach on the soulful “Slums.”

Due to the unusually large size of the group, each emcee makes only a handful of appearances, but you can tell that it made them bring their “A” games when they got the chance to shine. There are a few solo tracks and Masters, Salaam and Karniege take these occasions to really prove themselves worthy of the opportunity.

There are a few tracks on Terror Firma where the beats get a little too cerebral and not every single verse on the album is knocked out of the park, but the missteps are few and far between. For the most part, the team of producers led by Bond and Goldenchild deliver the goods and the emcees respond accordingly. This album should definitely add to the buzz-factor of these individual artists and lend anticipation to their future projects. But Terror Firmaalso shows that the Reavers have the chemistry to truly garner the label of “hip-hop supergroup.” I look forward to hearing more from these emcees, not just as individual artists, but in the form of a group follow-up to Terror Firma.

– Patrick Morales-Doyle - Patrick Morales-Doyle of

"New "Bioluminescence" review @ Platform 8470"

Keith Masters
Backwoodz Studioz | 2006

One of the emcees who surprised us in a very positive sense on The Reavers album last year, was Chicago native, Keith Masters, formerly known as Stretch Nyce. With his raw, unpolished voice, straight-up attitude and rigorous flow, he contributed to the strong lyrical density of the most anticipated crew album since the emerge of the Wu-Tang Clan.

While waiting for the arrival of his debut album 'Ghost City', Keith Masters brings us the 'Bioluminescence' mixtape. 'Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism as the result of a chemical reaction during which chemical energy is converted to light energy', the dictionary told us, which should immediately give us a hint that Keith Masters is in the first place a solo player, whos making things happen on his own. In order to ameloriate his personal shine, Masters invited producers The Graduate, King Horrorcore and 007 to create the soundtrack, consisting of an amalgam of mesmerizing boombap ('12:31'), apocalyptic ('Level Up' couldve come out of MF Dooms MPC), heroic ('Write This Way') and mellow ('Surreal Life') beats. Guest starring are Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox and Kast Uno. But thé shining star of the album is Keith Masters with a rigid flow and entertaining raps that sometimes feel like hes just freestyling, talking about ambition ('whatever it takes Imma land a spot with the greats'), politics and having fun, in a serious but also humurous way and -even- by actin anti-vegetarian ('be real or be tofu', he raps in '12:31' as where he quotes in 'Write This Way'; 'Loving this shit like a nigguh with a Big Mac').

'Bioluminescence' is the album that confirms the suspicion we already had; Keith Masters is a talented MC with a promising future. Although this album sounds unfinished and there's a song with a low-quality sound, in the lyrics and beats is where the marriage is, as Common would say. The perfect warm-up for Keiths upcoming 'Ghost City' LP, so keep an eye on this.

posted by: cpf | 05-16-2006 | rated: nice
- Platform 8470


• 2012 - Desoto, single with BASHtone released on Kiez Beats Record and featured on Beatport on iTunes along with Usher, Ne-Yo, Deadmau5 and Boys Noize.

• 2012 - Game Day: Part II, unreleased single licensed by ESPN for broadcast use.

• 2012 - Electromajic, full length LP released on Kiez Beats Records and featured on Beatport

• 2010 - "Nobody But Me" featured on Coast 2 Coast Vol. 139 mixtape with Major recording artists Bun B, Cam'ron, Fat Joe, Redman & Joell Ortiz

• 2010 - "Photo Op" reaches number 8 on Hype Machine Twitter Charts

• 2010 - Recorded "On Fire", second theme song for WNBA player Cappie Pondexter

• 2010 - “Nobody But Me” reaches number 1 on Hype Machine Twitter Charts

• 2010 - Appeared in July 18th episode of HBO’s “Entourage”

• 2009 - Discotheque, second EP released featuring Vince P. and production from Vyle

• 2009 - “I Love To Floss” spun on BBC Radio One and Chicago’s 88.7 FM radio

• 2008 - Recorded track for Black Youth Vote!

• 2007 - Masters of the Universe, mixtape featuring production by AKIR, Circa 94, Bond, and Belief

• 2007 - Recorded two tracks for Cappie Pondexter of the WNBA, and the Phoenix Mercury WNBA basketball team

• 2005 - Bioluminescence, first solo EP, featuring production by Bond and The Graduate with performances by Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox

• 2005 - Released a full-length CD, Terror Firma, as a member of The Reavers through Backwoodz Studioz/Nature Sounds



In the 70’s there was Disco. In the 80’s there was New Wave. In the 90’s there was Hip-Hop. In 2012, there is Electromajic and Keith Masters is its pioneer. Blasting out of the Chicago scene with his self created genre melting style that blends elements of hip-hop, electro, pop, glitch, dub and disco music, Keith Masters is how you get your party started. With music currently used on ESPN, the NFL Network and played at the NFL Pro Bowl, tracks with some of Europe’s hottest producers including Digikid84 and Futurecop!, three top - 5 singles on Hype Machine, BBC Radio 1 approval and supporting performances with the Wu-Tang Clan, Foster The People and more, Keith has proven that he is ready to embrace the spotlight.

Notable Performances:

• Performed with Foster The People

• Performed at festival along with Grammy nominated singer Miguel, as well as K-Flay

• Performed with Chairlift and Holy Ghost!

• Performed with Pacific Division

• Opened for Wu-Tang Clan

• Opened for The Gza of Wu-Tang Clan and Killah Priest

• Performed with Lady Sovereign

• Toured with Futurecop! of IHeartComix Records

• Performed with Moullinex and Xinobi

• Toured with Immortal Technique and AKIR of Babygrande Records

• Opened for Aesop Rock, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Tame-One

• Performed with Mac Lethal

Notable Venues:

• House of Blues (Chicago)

• The Echoplex (Los Angeles)

• The Viper Room (Los Angeles)

• El Cid (Los Angeles)

• Elbo Room (San Francisco)

• The Abbey Pub (Chicago)

• Empty Bottle (Chicago)


• Knitting Factory (NYC)

• S.O.B’s (NYC)

• Joe's Pub (NYC)