Keith Minnery

Keith Minnery


Keith is a singer/songwriter influenced by rock and roll and other genres. Keith considers himself to be a diverse writer, writing both secular and inspirational music.


Keith Minnery is a singer/songwriter and has been a musician since the age of 11. Keith currently is pursuing a degree in Music Education and also works as a liturgical music director. Keith is influenced by rock and roll, but also likes to write inspirational songs. In his spare time, Keith also enjoys running, biking and weightlifting.


Slippin' Away

Written By: Keith Minnery, Andrew Luebbering


Back in the day, with everything simple,
All we had to fight was the world apart.
Days so warm, in the sun baking,
Rain was all w could listen to.

Slippin away from the days so simple,
Going back to what we were.
Slippin away from what we’ve forgotten,
Looking back forever more.


Grinding gears, pulling all niters,
Chasing ghosts down the highway road.
Blondes, brunettes were what we were after,
A simple life is what we came for.


Do you remember playin’ your six string?
To the beats of all those songs?
Laughing, drinking all around us,
I can’t believe that those days are gone.


Copyright © 2006, Keith Minnery, Andrew Luebbering

I'll Always Be Right There

Written By: Keith Minnery


Starting now,
I’ll always face the moments
Of a new day before us
You and me, we’ll
Always be together

Here I am
Take me as you would have me
A trusting bond to share, and
You know that I’ll always be right there

When the road can be so lonely
I’ll be your one and only
To take the weight you bear
And though, I’m quite sure that you always knew
I’ll be there right beside you
Hand in hand
This moment we can share.

In a world
Where there is so much hatred
Stay with me now and forever
I’ll always be right there


Sometimes it seems so hard to face another day
Know that we have each other to make it through the pain

Here I am
Now that the dawn is breaking
You’re all I care for and you know that
I’ll always be right there

Copyright © 2006, Keith Minnery

I Still Care

Written By: Keith Minnery

Every night when I hold you
There's something so strong
It's a feeling inside
That pulls us along

Let's look torwards tomorrow
And forget yesterday
But there's something that's wrong
And I just have to say

I'm wondering what's good for me
When I hold you, you just can't see
And when I call you, we get nowhere
But don't you know I still care

When there's so much silence
There's so much pain
If we don't see each other
I don't know who to blame.
As we move closer together, we drift further apart
You mean so much to me,
And have affected my heart

I'm wondering what's good for me
When I hold you, you just can't see
And when I call you, we get nowhere
But don't you know I still care

Down this lonely road, will I walk
Without you beside me
I will stumble and fall
I need you right beside me
To help me through
When you're always right there,
I can count on you

I'm wondering what's good for me
When I hold you, you just can't see
And when I call you, we get nowhere
But don't you know I still care
But don't you know I still care
But don't you know I still care

A Road to Follw

Written By: Keith Minnery/Brett Ryan

A Road to Follow

Been away for so long
I’m trying to come back
To see tomorrow
Puttin’ back the pieces
Of the way it was

I’m tired of dreamin
Tired of thinking of all the memories
Can’t take it any longer
I wanna get back home

I remember trying to find a road to follow
With every step that I take
Seems forever now that I am filled with sorrow
Thinking of a promise that I just can’t break

Frustration overwhelming
Anger inside just seems to haunt me
Chains of pain so binding
I just can’t break free

It’s so hard to come back
To a place I’ve forgotten so long
Despair setting in now
Now I’m on my own


If forever I’ve forgotten
All the trouble that I’m caught in
So many days gone by, God I’m losin my mind
All paths that I’ve been searching
The mistakes that I’ve been learning
Somewhere there’s an answer that I just need to find

Been away now for so long
Trying to come back, to see tomorrow
Can’t take it any longer
I wanna get back home
©2006 Keith Minnery


Written By: Keith Minnery


Lookin’ for another way
Just to make you smile
Should’ve known yesterday and
All the while

I could’ve looked deep inside
And felt your pain
But I think I tried to hard
To keep things just the same

And I’m tryin to love you and I’m
Tryin’ to hold you and I’m
Tryin to keep you
Right by my side, because
I can’t forget you, and I
Won’t ever let you
Find your way, to another heart
Next to mine

Looking at the photographs,
The empty bed
All the signs you were sending me
Must’ve been misread
The shining light within your eyes
Was just a little proof
Of the way that you remind me how much I care for you

Refrain 2x

©2006 Keith Minnery

So Many Times

Written By: Keith Minnery


Every time I wake up
The days go slowly by
I’m sitting here wonderin’
Who was wrong and who was right?

I’ll see you tomorrow
We’ll start all over again
I’m picking up the pieces
From the way things might have been

So many times,
I can feel your heartbeat
So many times
I’ve tried to stay and wait for you
Another day,
Another way to make it happen
So many times,
I could always count on you

Tearing down the wall of burden
Breaking up the fence of strife
I’m laying down the road for you
To walk right back in my life

Before it gets too late baby
Let’s give it one more try
And clean our mistakes of sin
Before we say goodnight


Let’s turn the page
A new chapter will begin
When I hold you in my arms
Our love will never end


©2007 Keith Minnery