Keith Monacchio

Keith Monacchio

 Robbinsville, New Jersey, USA

I'm a singer/songwriter. I'm a storyteller. I play my songs in the simplest form, guitar and voice. My main goal is to try and move people emotionally. To have them to relate to the songs in any, way, shape, or form. If I achieve this with 1 person or 200 , I've done my job well.


In September 2008, Keith Monacchio, formally of the band's, The Commons & The Semibeings, officially launched his solo career. Upstage Magazine called Keith Monacchio “one of the best songwriters in the state of New Jersey”. His songs have been featured on MTV's "The Real World" MTV's "8th & Ocean", TV lands "High School Reunion" and will be included in Discovery Channel's "The Deadliest Catch" season 6. Please come and listen to this riveting and compelling storyteller in the rawest form, guitar & voice.


Indiana Jones

Written By: Keith Monacchio

Just because I’m a little bit rusty
Don’t be too quick to pass on me
Some spit & glue and real good dusting
Is just the sort of thing I need

The world is falling off my shoulders
There is an ocean pouring into gutters
I push the peddle taking off like a mutha
I’m throwing gauntlets taking liberties brotha

And I’m polishing up my wings
And I’m thinking about all these ridiculous things
I can’t tell you what tomorrow will bring
But, I know that I’ll be ready

Yes, I’m here to testify
So slam that gavel down and look me in the eye
Jury seated, ready and listening
Some come on bailiff now swear me in

Should I start with all my sins?
Or the curious path that led me here
The people I pissed off, they moved on, and stayed gone
Not gonna lose no sleep over things that are foregone

I’ve got a full head of steam
I’m kicking down walls and cooking up schemes
Digging deep for the punch line inside of me
Through all the drama in the arc of this comedy

Misdemeanors of the heart & soul
Gonna put em on a flag, gonna run em up the pole
Dismiss my guards take them off their patrol
Gonna rescue the girl, like Indiana Jones

Use all my night to push back the stone
Maybe find a good woman who likes rock-n-roll
Dodging bullets in the combat zone
(Pop, pop, pop)

So just because I’m a little bit husky
Don’t be afraid to try me on
I’m all intact, but just a little untrusting
An old coat with the elbows worn

And I’m busting at the seems
Steering clear of any troubled seas
And I’m feeling strangely at ease
Shakin off that depression disease

Still filled up with questions
Like does God or the Devil exist?
Still hoping for that fireworks kiss
And one more thing, I’m gonna leave you with this

I’ve still got something to give

The Set Up

Written By: Keith Monacchio

So guess who just fell back into the gig
Lookin sturdy with his fixed up wing
It’s been to damn long my friend
So glad to see you on the mend

Cause I heard some things that I just didn’t like
It’s good to see you up & getting back on the bike

So let me show you all about the place
You’re look good, with some color in your face
Check her out yeah she’s just divorced
She’s good to go from a reliable source

Oh no, no this time not that one
Oh no, it’s been to long my game ain’t strong

So look who startin at the beginning
The boy just flushed a diamond ring
Careful now cause the glue’s not dry
All you crazies well, you need not apply
He needs work, he’s a little unsure
Not a lot, not a miracle cure
He’s not rich, but he’s employed
He’s personality plus, yeah he’s my boy

Louise, yeah she’s my wife
We been together for years, we got a great life
Couple of kids and a German car
A time share in Boca, and a big yard

But, yeah that Louise she can break some balls
She keeps mine on a jar at the end of the hall

So meet our neighbor from across the street
Separated from her husband Steve
Thanks so much for bringing up that cheat
Don’t get me started on that SOB

Oh no, this is just what I need, just what I want
Oh no, an angry woman with a broken heart

So guess who’s startin over again
Surrounded by all his married friends
He’s coming along, getting back his glow
So you better lose that funeral “hello”
“A fixer upper” on the market as is
A sure-shot, he’s a can’t miss kid
He ain’t got no five year plan
Just one of the best people I know, he’s a good man

And since we’re telling the truth, I’m a little jealous of him
He comes and goes whenever he pleases, has no wife & kids

So guess who just fell back into the gig
My good friend for some 20 odd years
That ex. of yours oh she did you wrong
Louise chimes in and says “I’m glad she’s gone”
As if, on queue the divorcee trips
Goes face first crashin right into the dip
The angry neighbor from across the street
Downs her 5th martini says (whispered) “that lush shouldn’t drink”
I think it’s time for me to grab my coat
It’s been really nice meeting all you folks
Hey where you goin takin off so soon
Louise made up the spare bedroom
You had a couple, three, glasses of wine
There are cops all over, you okay to drive
Don’t worry bout me
I can walk a straight line
I’m all fine
Tell your wife I said “goodnight”
See you next time

She Stumbles Gracefully

Written By: Keith Monacchio

Three times that’s what she said
Three times burned
Three times left for dead
Are you the one with the miracle cure?
Or just another one foot out the door

So tell me
Are you superman?
A white night, one man band
You gonna save the world for me
Do I seem helpless?
Like a bitty baby bird
Think you can have me with some well placed words
My tower guards are sharp shooters

To retreat or to pursue
Do I try to break down her barriers?
Do I push right through?
You mentioned something about the shortcut side
Just so you know the easiest way is fine

She said no
I need to see your colors
Flip the switch and shine
Light up the room for me
It’s dark
The blinds have been closed for sometime
So kick em open wide
Speak in honest keys
I can try
But I best step with caution
You scare me like the ocean
I’m not a strong swimmer
You should know
I’m not some kind of fixer
A hero or a healer
I’m just bad mistake repeater

But if you tell your army to stand down
I might stick around
Lay your head down
I won’t make a sound

Altogether Happy

Written By: Keith Monacchio

All Together Happy

Never thought it could be like this
I only wished it
Walking around with my head down
I nearly missed it
My last chances were in short supply
Thought if I walked alone that I’d be all fine

Until, I saw her eyes & the shape of her face
The easy going, laugh along, & the way she said my name
The times that I catch her gaze, in the moments in between
You & me, we could be
All together happy

With my newly filled divide
The fog is lifting
Everything she says is bona fide
And signed sincerely
See, I’ve never been the easiest guy
There is a price to pay for given me a try

But, she steers around it all and we fall into place
And I accept her history and that she’s a hard case
All those bad decisions made are just blips on the screen

The slate is clean
I bet that we
Could be all together happy

Such a big surprise
And oh so unexpected
The towel already thrown
Faith long past disconnected
A series of real good tries
And hearts left unprotected
Got old like brittle bones
Hope up and just defected
Then you walked in my direction
Slipped in undetected
And upon further reflection

Never thought it could be like this
But, I’m beginning to
Got me spinning off the ground
In the promise of you
I think I might just see the finish line
Now I can rest these tired eyes

As we fall into each others arms in an overdue embrace
We can finally replace the floorboards and the roof in this run down place
Neither one of us could have possibly foreseen

Maybe, just in our dreams
That we
Could be all together happy

The New Normal

Written By: Keith Monacchio

The New Normal

So, pop the champagne, I’m celebrating
My independence and everything
It’s been sometime since I’ve been on my own
And it feels alright in the broken home

Just my chair and my TV
My cigarettes, my stereo, and my DVD’s
So lend me your ear I feel like grandstanding
Because everyone I know is growing up
Me, I’m growing old

All me friends are getting married
They’re buying homes, painting walls, and starting families
But not me man, I’m off that track
Don’t really know if I’ll ever make it back

Because I’ve got some living to do
Ain’t nothing holding me down, nothing I’m tied to
I don’t mean to sound condescending
But, everyone I know is growing up
Me, I’m growing old

This bit of darkness don’t scare me
I see the light coming through the trees
I’ll get through this rough patch, by hook or by crook
Things will look much better when I take a second look

So, drop the big ball, I’m celebrating
My new outlook on everything
It’s been sometime since I’ve been on my own
And it’s as it should be, I feel it in my bones

So, I’m gonna take the phone off the hook
Maybe, I’ll run away somewhere
Maybe, I’ll write a book
Just gonna sit tight right here observing
Everyone I know growing up
While me, I’m growing old


The Commons (1999 - 2008)

2008 American Ghost
2005 Dirt Waffle
2003 Come On Get Gone
2001 Eat Off the Vines
1999 Anchor

The Semibeings (1991 -1998)

1999 Tales from The Microvoid - Un-Released
1998 The Semibeigs are Bums - Un-Released
1997 Three Pawns Standing- C/Z Records
1995 Sickness and Health- Shimmy Disc Records
1994 The Semibeings 7"- Inkling Records-
1992 An Emotional Buffet- Self-Released
1992 The Semibeings- Self-Released

Set List

I do all original songs. I can play for 45 minutes or 3 hours. I have a lot of material.