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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Who is Keith Moody?"

The Sitting Chair Interview

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Whether it's his guitar shreds or lyrical work, we're captivated by Keith Moody! Now we're sharing his work with the readers of Found Magazine! Check it out in the Coast To Coast column.

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"Editors Choice 25 Artist that made 2012 Rock"


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"Dreaming Out Loud -5 of 5 Stars!!"

Posted 9/12/12 3:05PM EST
Soulful rock mixed with a little blues feeling, up-and-coming artist Keith Moody's album Dreaming Out Loud is worth a listen. Born and raised in Alabama, though now a current resident of the infamous Nashville, Tennessee, his southern raising plays a definite and major role in the development of his music. Influences stemming from various artists including (but not limited to) Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Counting Crows, and The Dave Matthews Band. With some favored ones being Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hootie and The Blowfish, and many more he creates a successful blend with personal flare anyone can relate to.

Keith started out young, having received his first guitar while still in high school and began his adventure into music with a friend. Later on, by his own mean, he created a demo at the age of twenty years old. It didn't take long before word of his talent spread like wildfire. Dreaming Out Loud is the start of something big for this new artist and this reviewer cannot wait until concerts emerge throughout the country, even though the reception may be a little rough at first.
"Long Way Up"
"Lay It Down Easy"
"Do It Over Again"
"New Distraction"
"One Big Ending"
"Next In Line"
"Red Line"
"Already Home"
"I Don't Know (Who The Bad Guys Are Anymore)"
"Plastic Hearts"

Reviewer's favorites: "Lay It Down Easy", "Do It Over Again", "UP!", and "Already Home".

Keith Moody's Dreaming Out Loud gets a 5 out of 5.

For the latest information on Keith Moody look him up at

- Pamela Herbert - Tastes Like Rock

"Dreaming Out Loud Skope Review - 5 Skopes!!!"

Keith Moody, Dreaming Out Loud
April 3, 2012 | by Skope

Keith Moody is a talent above the rest. His latest release, “Dreaming Out Loud” is one of the coolest CD’s I have heard in a long time. Moody takes the best of several genres and mesh them together creating a sound of perfection.

He is an amazing writer, can tear up a guitar and has chops that are smooth and easy on the ears. The entire CD is fun music with deep meaningful underlining messages. The song, “Up” forces you to dance uncontrollably. I challenge you to listen to it and remain seated. I was singing along after one listen. He has hooky lyrics driven by strong addicting melodies.

Each song is executed with such conviction it feels like he is singing only for you. This music is a drug that is absolutely acceptable to overdose on its appeal. As a lyricist myself, I will be studying his work for a long time to come. It seems a little unfair for one person to ooze so much talent. Yes, I’m totally jealous!

I could go on and on about the quality of each song, the level of production and the solid foundation in which the music came from; but the bottom line is, you have to hear it for yourself. Do not take my word for it, check it out and come to your own conclusion, I am confident you will agree. This body of work is hands down a project Keith Moody could proudly call, a rockin’ good time!

Rebecca Hosking –
Rating: 5 out of 5 Skopes

- Skope


For Immediate Release:


February 14th, 2012 - Nashville, TN artist Keith Moody’s new highly anticipated album Dreaming Out Loud is out today! Dreaming Out Loud is now available for exclusive stream at AOL Music through the weekend at this location

Keith Moody is currently ranked #2 in Country on Clear Channel’s New! Discover & Uncover The video for the new single “One Big Ending” can be viewed at this location

Born and raised in Alabama, Keith Moody grew up in a two-parent working family. “My grand-dad gave my first real guitar for Christmas when I was 17." Moody formed his first band, Mostly Harmless, that same year with a buddy from high school. As with many Southern performers his first performances were in church youth group shows. “One of the moments I will always remember was when my first song was on the locals only show of the Montgomery radio station when I was 18.”

He continued to hone his musical chops throughout college by observing other artists as he worked in a local music store and played in local venues with his band. He recorded his first demo album in a local studio with his own money at age 20. By 21, word of his talent was already spreading, and he was receiving write-ups in local papers and gaining a significant reputation among local musicians for his guitar skills and performing antics.

Today, Moody is a triple threat, who not only can sing and tear it up on the guitar but also writes on a level far above most of his peers. His unique music is a place where rock, blues and country cross paths on the way to a remarkably contemporary sound.

For more information, check out Keith Moody’s website:


For more information and interviews, please contact:

Doug Weber
New Ocean Media

- New Ocean Media

"Keith Moody, 'Dreaming Out Loud' Review: A Real 'Mood' Swinger"

16 Feb 2012 10:07 AM EST

-by Jahbarrhi O'Sullivan, on

5 of 5 stars

Keith Moody lives up to his last name. His latest album, Dreaming out Loud, has an alternative sound with rock and country elements, all of which create a trifecta of near perfection. Mostly songs about love, life and obstacles, Moody steps into the spotlight and delivers a soundtrack to growing pains.

“Do It Over Again,” the third track, is a nicely paced uptempo rocker about the crazy things one misses about being in love with that special someone and the willingness to go through it again. The song opens up like the first day on a road trip and wastes no time jumping into the musical action and supports the lovesick lyrics that bind the theme of the song well. It makes those who had that special, but crazy love miss the wild days that made love worth it. The chorus itself is an admission of loneliness. It makes you smile, reminisce, it makes you almost want to pick up the phone and tell that person you miss them.

The sixth track, “One Big Ending,” has lyrical manpower, more ammunition than most turf wars. A song about the choices made in life and the reality of death, Moody tells the story of a cocaine user, high on life, coke and oblivious to the ones who try to help her. The lyrics are strong and sorrowful as Moody explains, “from the moment we cry, we’re destined to die from the beginning, baby girl, it’s just one bad ending.” The song is sad, but real and with the help of equally powerful progression it gets its point across clearly.

The tempo slows down dramatically on the number eight track, “Red Line.” Like a ballad, Moody explains the toxic effects of love and naïveté people tend to attain when they are so deep in love. Moody’s lyrics are again truthful by all means and the dramatic tempo alongside the progression and percussion tag team creates a spellbinding and timeless sound, like the heartbeat of the song. “Red Line” stands out as a favorite and is relative to almost every soul on this planet as it connects effectively one broken heart to another.

The eleventh track, “Plastic Hearts,” is a mellower track about struggle and the desire to be heard. A reflective song, Moody, with the help of his guitar, sings about the need for guidance. Somber yet hopeful, the guitar defends the message of the pursuit of a dream among those who don’t listen or believe. It is another relatable track and sounds like a very personal one for Moody. The song is very sound and makes one think about what they have or will go through when following the heart.

The songs are great. Moody, is even greater. Aside from being an instrumentalist, Moody’s lyrics are what drive the album. They are true, deeper than those of even the best songwriters of our generation or generations past. Music is supposed to be a mild break from reality, words are supposed to be an escape, but with Moody, reality never sounded so beautiful, never felt so good. Today’s dance tracks or ballads can’t compare to the high you feel from the lyrics present on the album, full of life, exuberant in nature.
- by Jahbarrhi O'Sullivan, on

""Dreaming Out Loud" by Nashville musician Keith Moody released today"

"Dreaming Out Loud" by Nashville musician Keith Moody released today
Michelle Humphrey
Denver Rock Music Examiner

4 of 5 stars

Nashville based alt/country rock musician Keith Moody has released his new album Dreaming Out Loud. The album was produced by Jason Elgin (Collective Soul, Terrible Things) and was recorded at Synchromesh Studios in Birmingham, Alabama.

In a recent interview with Moody, he discussed his passion for music and the new album. His grandfather played a very large role in his life beginning at an early age. He talked about his grandfather’s large collection of albums and how much he loved spending time listening to them. “My grandpa was the one person who believed in me. He gave me my first real guitar for Christmas when I was 17,” he said.

While many musicians have influenced him over the years, such as The Who, The Rolling Stone and others, his first and foremost influence is John Lennon. “John (Lennon) was the leader and he was what drove (The Beatles). He was the best harmony singer and had one of the greatest voices ever. He is a bigger than life icon,” he says.

Moody is a spiritual person, and that shines through in his music. He told me that he writes about life experiences, and his song ideas come from a myriad of places and his own observations. “I didn’t get much support from the town where I grew up, and that all comes through in my music. You don’t have to let anything beat you. Make it the best ever,” he said.

Moody is a very talented musician, and when listening to his music, it is obvious that he has a true passion for what he is doing. The album has something for everyone, and it doesn’t disappoint. He will be touring heavily starting this spring and continuing throughout the year. His comment to everyone reading this, “I hope you spend some time listening to my album and that you feel better because of it. It’s very important to me and I would like to thank everyone who has come up and talked to me after the shows. It means so much.”

This is a unique musician who has used genres such as rock, blues and country to make his own sound. The first single from the album, “One Big Ending” has received great reviews. Dreaming Out Loud is now available for exclusive stream at AOL Music through the weekend HERE.

Dreaming Out Loud track listing:
1.Long Way Up
2.Lay It Down Easy
3.Do It Over Again
4.New Distraction
6.One Big Ending
7.Next in Line
8.Red Line
9.Already Home
10.I Don’t Know (Who the Bad Guys Are Anymore)
11.Plastic Hearts

For more information, please check out his website HERE.

Continue reading on "Dreaming Out Loud" by Nashville musician Keith Moody released today - Denver rock music | - Michelle Humphrey, Denver Rock Music Examiner




December 16th, 2011 - Nashville TN, alt/country rocker Keith Moody is gearing up for the release of his new album Dreaming Out Loud on February 14th. The first single “One Big Ending” will be released one month prior on January 10th. Dreaming Out Loud was produced by Jason Elgin (Collective Soul, Terrible Things) and was recorded at Synchromesh Studios in Birmingham, AL.

Born and raised in Alabama, Keith grew up in a two-parent working family. “My grand-dad gave my first real guitar for Christmas when I was 17." Keith formed his first band, Mostly Harmless, that same year with a buddy from high school. He recorded his first demo album in a local studio with his own money at age 20. By 21, word of his talent was already spreading, and he was receiving write-ups in local papers and gaining a significant reputation among local musicians for his guitar skills and performing antics.

Moody possesses a maturity and depth that belies his age, and that depth no doubt seeps into every note of his music. This depth combined with a myriad of personal influences is a powerful combination evident throughout his material. These influences range from the straight-up soul of Ray Charles, to the bluesy grooves of John Mayer and the quirky, clever lyrics of southern treasure Tom Petty, it’s all in there. Keith feels he not only creates the song’s lyrics, but also arranges it completely in his head as well before he ever sets foot into a studio. “Like most people my age I listened to a variety of music and owned albums across all genres, such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Bruce Springsteen, which is why I have a hard time fitting music into a particular bin. If it is good, it’s good so why does it matter?”

Dreaming Out Loud contains seven new songs as well as remastered songs from Lines.

Track listing:

1. Long Way Up
2. Lay It Down Easy
3. Do It Over Again
4. New Distraction
5. Up
6. One Big Ending
7. Next in Line
8. Red Line
9. Already Home
10. I Don't Know (Who the Bad Guys Are Anymore)
11. Plastic Hearts

For more information, check out the Keith Moody website:


For more information and interviews, please contact:
Doug Weber
New Ocean Media
- New Ocean Media

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August 23, 2010 | by Skope Staff
I have been covering musicians for many years now and it never gets old thanks to talented & exciting musicians like Keith Moody. I will admit it took alot to get going on this rainy Monday morning. Then I put on Keith’s new single, “Up” and I am awake and ready to face the day. I have heard many hit songs and it is safe to say that “Up!” is a feel-good bonfaide hit! This is only one hit off Keith’s new four song EP, ‘Lines.’ - Skope Magazine

"Maverick Magazine Reviews Lines"

Maverick Magazine – (November 2010 issue)
Keith Moody Music 2010
With a powerful blend of roots rock, blues and country, road warrior Keith Moody has built up a sizeable following across America’s southern states. This four-track EP follows on from his debut album, 2008’s THE ONLY RIDE YOU CAN GET and is a good sample of what this guy is all about. Recorded in Birmingham, Alabama, he opens strongly with the melodic rocker Next in Line, which would fit comfortably in today’s mainstream country format with its hook-laden chorus. There’s a slightly harder edge to Do It Over Again, but again with a catchy hook to the fore. He slows it all down with the lengthy closer Red Line which shows off his interpretive powers. - Maverick Magazine

"Give BOB a Big Hand"

"Moody played to the crowd, and tore it up on his guitar like he was born with it!"

"His grand finale pretty much defied description....." - Montgomery Advertiser

"Bands give impressive performances"

"The crowd really got into it and this act was the only one who truely knew how to involve them...." - Aumnibus

"2010 LInes Tour - San Marcos, TX"

By Hap Mansfield
Scene Editor
Alt-Country rocker Keith Moody will stop at the Gray Horse Saloon, 1904 RR12, Thursday as part of his current tour.
“I absolutely love playing in Texas,” Moody said. “The people are very friendly and are very supportive of great music, if only the rest of the world would be the same way.”
A native of Alabama, Moody hails from the same Chattahoochee River Valley that spawned the Black Crowes and Alan Jackson. Moody’s music reflects the region.
“Still to this day I’m very into that sort of glassy, essentially quintessential Southern sound, ” said Moody.
Learning about music from his grandfather’s record collection when he was just a child could explain why such a young musician (he’s 28) claims his influences as Hank Williams, Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.
Said Moody, “I feel that my music is a great example of a place where rock, blues and country cross paths on the way to the listeners ears.”
After getting a guitar at 17 from his music-loving grandfather and spending some time in a band, Taxicab Armada, Moody devoted his time to song writing and found he had more than a little talent for it. His lyrics describe his life and feelings with a sharp eye towards honesty. His unflinching look at heartache and loss make his songs as moving as they are tuneful.
He is proud of his Paul Reed Smith McCarty guitar and he plays it with deft proficiency. His live performances are noted for their vitality.
“When people come to a show, I want to give them an energetic performance that not only entertains them, but makes sure they know the name Keith Moody as they leave, and there after,” Moody said.
Moody has two glowingly reviewed releases under his belt — 2008’s “The Only Ride You Can Get,” and a new EP, “Lines,” released this year. His reviews often note that he has proved to be a good producer, as well as a talented musician.
After he finishes his tour of Texas, Moody is on to the Midwest, stopping in Missouri and Indiana. Moody is delighted by the response he’s gotten on the tour so far.
“Nothing gets me more pumped than knowing I will get to meet new and old fans and play, play, play!” Moody said.
To hear a sample of his work, visit
- San Marcos Local News

"Nashvillenarc Review The Only Ride You Can Get"

Let me introduce you guys to Keith Moody. He's an alternative country singer whose song "Press Gas & Go" has been getting some airplay on country radio as of late.

We always love getting to listen to new artists.
Let me start by telling you guys the type of sound he is. He sort of sounds like a young Gary Allen on some songs. Here is the track listing for the album:

1. Think
2. Press Gas and Go
3. Trail of Tears
4. 1,000 Prisons
5. Coins
6. Love Drunk (featuring Misty Rae)
7. Gravity
8. Angels
9. Only God Knows (featuring Misty Rae and Lucky)
10. Some Things Get Better with Age
11. The Only Ride You Can Get

The album is available on Itunes and also on Keith's!
Songs that stood out were Love Drunk, Press Gas & Go, and the title track The Only Ride You can get. Overall, the stories behind the songs were unique and written in a way that hasn't been heard before.

The were two problems with the cd though. It lacked a moment when Keith really pushed himself vocally and showed the power he has behind his voice. The arrangement of the album, with multiple slower songs being back to back, allowed some songs to get lost in others.

Overall, the album was an easy listen and enjoyable. It will definitely stay on my ipod and the songs I mentioned above as stand outs will definitely be in regular rotation. I would be interested in seeing Keith live to see how that impacts my thoughts on the album.

Now the grading scale. This one is pretty easy. The album is easily a B, and if its your type of music its probably an A.

So head on over to Keith's site, where you can listen to the entire album for free! Then decide if you'd like to purchase it this holiday season.

"Nashville Country Club Review The Only Ride You Can Get"

Keith Moody is an independent machine; proving unsigned acts can compete in today’s Country music market. His currently released project ‘The Only Ride You Can Get’, Keith starts off Country in the first half of his album, and then dives into a rock-styled appeal. The track ‘Coins’ holds interest with its musically clever progression, along with metaphorical lyrics. Keith has the right idea, and hopefully will continue to keep producing more music in the future. You can catch his album at
-Leslie Armstrong

"Country Music News Review The Only Ride You Can Get"

Whenever I see written and produced by the artist, I get somewhat wary.
However, Keith proves to be an able singer and songwriter and not a bad producer. This CD steps in that area between Country-Rock and Americana. In fact, there is something of the Keith Urban about him. This is a CD worth hearing!

"Keith Moody Plays Red Shed"

"the image of a dynamic singer-songwriter who is able to entertain and put on a good show." - Crimson White

"Moody Rocks Fat Daddy's"

Moody rocks Fat Daddy’s
Jonathan Mosman
For The Corner News
Published: May 26, 2009 2:15:08 pm

Keith Moody rocked the house at Fat Daddy’s Friday night to an initially small audience. As the night progressed, as tends to be the story at after hours bars, the guys drew in a crowd that built slowly over the course of just a few hours.

Those present were in for a treat. The band hails from Nashville and plays a unique style of rock ‘n’ roll, but their uniqueness lies in their professionalism and song quality.

Listening to the band play, you wouldn’t immediately think of them as an indie band - they sound like they’re at least ready for major exposure, even if it’s not with the aid of a big label. The band performed a mix of originals and covers interspersed with creative, interesting jams like they’ve been touring for 15 years together - and looking at their tour schedule, that may not be far from the truth. They understand pacing, and their set didn’t leave you bored for a second.
The band’s sound can be compared to Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, and Jason Isbell (of the Drive-by Truckers), however, Moody has no problem taking a step back and letting his band mates take the floor. His prowess on guitar doesn’t hide how in tune he is with his backing band.

My only lament was a lack of vocal harmonies, which would have put the finishing touch on a great summer show. Still, check these guys out if you get the chance.

For tour dates and music samples, visit their Myspace page at

Audience Reaction:

“Great choice of music.” - Sarah Medley

“They don't play usual Auburn music --nobody here plays Bob Marley.” - Kody Whitson

“A new sound!” - Jewlz Mize
- The Corner News

"Maverick Magazine Reviews The Only Ride You Can Get"

Maverick Magazine
The Only Ride You Can Get
Keith Moody Music 2008
A big brash country- pop debut, self- produced on an independent label
You have to take your hat off to Keith Moody. On his own independent label with a little help from Jason Elgin, he’s produced a big scorching country-pop sound. Described by his local newspaper as: ‘Waylon meets Coldplay, jamming with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,’ well I’m not sure I can verify that unequivocally, but it is certainly a big melodic guitar-based sound.
The front cover comes with a moody (forgive the unintended pun) shot of the man himself and inside we see what looks like a rusty old Dodge. We know then that we are in Country-ville USA. The man from the Chattahoochee river valley immediately shows us his credentials on Press Gas and Go a full-on drum driven, uptempo rocker. The album showcases his talents nicely and the wistful Trail of Tears takes the tempo down so that we can hear the softer side of Moody’s vocal. Angel’s remains in the low tempo mode and turns out to be a real grower. However, it’s not until we get to Only God Knows, that we see the full extent of his talents as an artist and producer. This track features Misty Rae, who is simply exquisite in her backing and Lucky (aka Roland Jackson) who provides the finest twenty five seconds of backing vocal I’ve heard for many a long time. It has always been a puzzle to me why artists/producers of CDs follow the most divine gem of a ballad with a stadium rocker. Some Things Get Better with Age sounds like it has leapt of the soundtrack of SCHOOL OF ROCK and personally leaves me cold. Well, I guess it’s a learning curve, and at 27 years of age, this guy clearly has a great deal to offer. Despite all of that, when all is said and done, there is no question that it’s a grower and well worth a listen AJT.
- Maverick Magazine

"Awaken Music Reviews The Only Ride You Can Get"

From the first listen, Keith Moody reminded me of a nice blend of Americana roots-rock and country. There are moments of Tom Petty, Gin Blossoms, and Keith Urban. Moody has a pop appealing ear that truly shows in his writing and production.

His album, The Only Ride You Can Get, was produced by Moody and Jason Elgin. Album opener, Think, does a great job of implementing a mandolin into the forefront. The two-step drum groove keeps the pace up and Moody's vocals are stellar.

Press Gas and Go have all of the components of a pop-rock/county tune. There's catchy guitar riffs mixed with vocal hooks that will have you humming along by the second chorus. On Love Drunk, Moody again utilizes the mandolin as lead rhythm instrument. This song falls more into the vein of roots rock a la a more southern Bob Dylan.

Finally on his title track, Moody writes a country ballad. The verses are almost spoken, and draw in the listener. The choruses are full of great harmonies and backing vocals that make this a great cap on the album!

RATING: 4 of 5 stars
Posted by Ross Christopher at 7:48 PM
Labels: bob dylan, keith moody, roots rock, tom petty
- Awaken Music - Ross Christopher


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