Keith Sheppard

Keith Sheppard

 El Cerrito, California, USA

My music is very versatile. I am a singer/songwriter/composer of music suitable for television and film. I write instrumentals in a wide variety of styles, and I write music with vocals that ranges from haunting piano ballads to guitar driven music with complex rhythms.


I am a classically trained pianist with a passion for all things musical. I am skilled at piano, vocals, guitar, bass guitar and drums, and can make pleasurable noises with just about anything that makes sound. This versatility is what makes me good at composing music for television and film. Whatever the project calls for, I can provide. My favorite things to do is compose instrumentals, either fully produced, electronic compositions, or solo piano pieces. I am also a singer/songwriter and can provide music with vocals as well. Give me a call and let's see what we can create.


Old Man--12 song CD available on I-Tunes