Keith Varon

Keith Varon


Melodic Pop/Rock with shear emotion. 10 of Keith's songs have been featured on five different National TV shows including "Laguna Beach"(MTV), "The Hills" (MTV), "Next"(MTV), "What About Brian" (ABC), and "Paradise City" (E!)


Keith Varon is the classic story of plain hard work and devotion. At age 18 Varon decided that he wanted to have a career in music and dedicated himself to becoming a music major in college. After 2 years of music training Varon moved back to the bay area where he devoted himself to playing the Sweetwater Saloon’s legendary open mic every Monday for one year straight. One of those Monday nights bared fruit with producer Joey Muller who would then be partly responsible for producing what might be the most licensed self-released record to date.

2006 gave birth to Keith’s beloved first full-length effort “Love is a Hero”— the result of an intense two-month studio effort. “Love” represents an extraordinary period of creative growth in which he introduces a sound that is not only fresh and young but also timeless.

In making his new CD, Keith looked back and revised some of the first songs he ever wrote, including "Act That Way" and "Everytime." Songs that have survived the test of time. The project was the most satisfying effort so far in Keith’s young career, producing a recording quality he’s dreamed of for four years.

“Love is a Hero” emerged in an exciting year also notable for reaching new audiences. "Can't Breathe" and "Never Be the Same" were both featured on the second season of MTV's “Laguna Beach.” Shortly following that came the heartbreaking placement of Honestly in the “Laguna Beach” spin-off show “The Hills.” But that was only the beginning of Varon’s never-ending appeal to the mainstream market. 2007 brought about more exciting TV song appearances including; ABC’s “What About Brian,” MTV’s “Next, ” and E! Channel’s “Paradise City.”

Not only has network television taken notice of Keith's music but San Francisco’s legendary radio station KFOG featured his song "Intoxicated" on their annual local artist compilation. The placement of Keith's song in the compilation perpetuated constant spins for several months on KFOG along with a live sponsored performance held in downtown San Francisco. Keith's song was a favored amongst the DJ's.

It’s been almost a year since Varon’s first full-length release and his boundless work ethic and passion have led to non-stop touring. His grassroots approach has touched audiences all across the nation. Varon always in search for something more out of life discovered his love for live looping during a residency in San Francisco and has since been creating a cult following. It’s as if he produces a record right in front of his audiences, playing percussion on his guitar, looping bass lines, harmonies, and piano lines. All of which has evolved from his time spent honing his craft in college in Santa Barbara.

As Keith promotes his latest work, “Love is a Hero,” he recalls that it has been five years since he wrote his first song about a girl that lived thousands of miles away. “From there I knew that all I wanted to do was make a timeless, heartfelt record that represented all that I embody as an artist. This record is my therapy, my girlfriend, my passion, and my soul.”



Written By: Keith Varon

I’ll stand here waiting
I trap myself inside this hole again
Of my misplacing
The words I wasn’t supposed to say was wrong

But even with hope I can’t tell
If she wants this anyway
So give me a sign
And I will try to stop telling myself

Honestly, will we find a way through all this
Honestly, I don’t know if I want to anyway

I cause this fighting
These wars that never seem to have and end
Now I’m unstable
Unable though to fix what I’ve become

You finally found it
Now everything’s not lost
You finally found the key to
Making this be love

But even with hope I can’t tell
If she wants this
So give me a sign
And I will try to stop telling myself


You keep your distance from me yeah
You speak these words and other words
And maybe we’re both too young to know
What’s right for us


The Only Moment

Written By: Keith Varon/Sal Dakota

t stops the world it stops my heart
The second steam, my every breath
And all my future fades away
You stand before me so unveiled
So beautifully vulnerable

Don’t rush this
I want this to be the only moment that matters

I’m taken hostage all of me
All my emotions meant for this
Don’t ever undo all these chains
‘Cause it never felt so good to be
So beautifully powerless


I feel your heartbeat into mine
And all my fears, they now unfold
And I’ll surrender all I know
‘Cause that’s what’s keeping me alive, yeah


It stops the world it stops my heart

Can't Breathe

Written By: Keith Varon

What if time could unwind and not apply to us
What if I hadn’t fallen first, would this have worked out
So many signs not to be involved with you
So many signs to fall in love

So what’s come over me
It’s not supposed to feel this right
What’s come over me
‘Cause suddenly I can’t breathe

Are you afraid of love, are you afraid of us
‘Cause it seems to me that we could a possibility
Am I saying something wrong written in this song
All I ask is for a chance to seek out this romance
I know my timing’s off I’m coming on too strong
But love, it put me up to this
It’s not as if I wanted anymore complicated

I want you to know all you give to me
I want you to know all I’m going through

(Chorus) So what’s come over me
It’s not supposed to feel this right
What’s come over me
I don’t know what’s on your mind
I can’t believe
You and I were meant to be
What’s come over me
‘Cause suddenly I can’t breathe
(Is this what I’ve been waiting...)



"Deeper" - TV placement "Laguna Beach" (MTV)
"Honestly" - TV placement "The Hills" (MTV)
"Intoxicated" - TV placement "Next" (MTV)
"Act That Way" - TV placement "Next" (MTV)
"Deeper" - TV placement "Next" (MTV)
"Can't Breathe" - TV placement "Next" (MTV)
" Can't Breathe" TV placement "Laguna Beach" (MTV)
" Can't Breathe TV placement "What About Brian" (ABC)
"A Fall From The Edge" film placement "Locked"
"Safe Escape" - featured Oasis CD sampler
"Intoxicated" - featured on KFOG's local scene 3 compilation

"Intoxicated" - featured on XM unsigned
"Intoxicated" in rotation at KFOG
"Intoxicated" radio performance on Alice97.3fm
"Intoxicated" in rotation iChannel


"What Matters" - film placement "Check"
"Never Be The Same" - film placement "Check"
"Honestly" film placement "Going Down the P.C.H."
"Can't Breathe" TV placement "Laguna Beach" (Episode 3)
"Honestly" featured on "the Owl Mag's" WHO's WHO of the bay area compilation.
"Never be the Same" TV placement "Laguna Beach" (MTV)
"What Matters" aired on Alice97.3

Set List

After All
Act That Way
Safe Escape
Can't Breathe
Something's in My Way (For Whatever Reason)
A Fall From The Edge
Never be the Same

U2 - With or Without You

Set time: 45-1 hour