Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

An exciting performance, an unique flamenco jazz fussion with airs from spain

…beautiful dialogues between musicians and impossible rhythm changes that rises the musical temperature-


The talent and magic of percussion player Xavi Turull and guitarists Diego Cortes and Cristo Fontecilla get together in a tremendous display of energy in KEJALEO, a flamenco- jazz-fusion band that began its journey by the end of 2011. Having these three outstanding musicians together on stage results in an avalanche of passion, colors and textures that based on the richness of flamenco gives free rein to complex telluric rhythms flavoured with massive amounts of melodies, the kind that come right out from the guts. Sensitivity and fury hold hands in an atmosphere reminiscent of legendary bands such as Ojos de Brujo and Amalgama, co-founded by Xavi Turull, or Iberia and Jaleo, formed by Diego Cortes. A tour de force that would be impossible, without the eclecticism and knowledge of Cristo Fontecilla, Roger Blavia s impetus on drums, Jordi Franco s savoir faire on bass and Rosalia Vila s warm and lush voice. 


- Pastosa. Ariola-33T. 1980
- Experiencias. E-M-33T. 1981
- Típicos tópicos, with Paco Herrera. Belter-33T. 1982 - Raíces de una raza. Tritón-33T. 1982
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- Ojos de brujo. Aocaná. 2009
- Ojos de brujo. Corriente Vital. 2010
Also has collaborated with Montserrat Caballé, Las Veneno, Parrita, Los Rebeldes, Ginesa Ortega, Ja t'ho diré, Gato Perez and Paco Herrera among others.
- Gaspar-Bonell- Blàvia. Gemini
- Carles Benavent. Quartet
- Kitflus quartet. Kitfluskuartet
- Pedro Javier González. Callejón del gato
- J. M. Serrat. Sinfónico
- Miguel Poveda. Desglaç
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