Kelby Bruno

Kelby Bruno


The music I write is a reflection and collection of songs that were birthed about happiness, hardship, family, friends, faith, sorrow, and hope...The music comes straight from my heart and my hope is that it touches your heart. That is my greatest desire.


Kelby Bruno began writing music as a teenager in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. She remembers walking on the beach in Mexico just singing her heart out along the miles and miles of empty beaches and thinking that one day she would love to write songs and sing. “ I listened to my dad’s collection of Charlie Byrd and Sergio Mendes (Brazil 66’) albums when I was a little girl and sang along to them.” I also admired Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Ricky Lee Jones, and Stevie Nicks. I remember interfacing with the songs these women wote, and even as a young girl something spoke to me, something in me wanted to sing with them.

Out of high school, Kelby became very interested in the sport of windsurfing and had a deep desire to compete. After moving to Maui, Hawaii in the mid 1980’s, she soon was able to compete and earned herself a spot on the world tour. For the next ten years she traveled around the world and competed among world- class windsurfers. Her expertise became wave riding and wave jumping. After reaching the top of her sport and many trophies later, her songwriting desire started to re-surface again, and she recorded her first album “The Whisper That I Heard” in 1998. “I wrote the song “Whisper To My Spirit” while traveling on a train in Tokyo, Japan. “That first album is very special to me because it was a project that I completed all on my own; paddling my own canoe and going through all the ups and downs of trial and error.”

In the mid 90's Kelby traveled with a band throughout Eastern Europe performing from city to city playing in city centers, café’s and other venues for the summer. “It was a great summer working with a band of highly skilled musicians and singers. I was challenged beyond all that I could imagine.” “it was also a great summer to be performing in front of lots of different groups of people and audiences.”

In December of 2000, Kelby and her family moved to Australia for three years. It was a great opportunity to sing to an Australian audience and get to know other musician’s there. Her second album, “Captivated” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and the album is a collection about family, hopes, dreams and faith. It has a full band sound along with a country influence to it.

Kelby now lives in Redondo Beach, California with her family, and is recording her third album to be released 2008.

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Written By: Kelby Bruno

Heaven By Kelby Bruno

They say the streets are lined with gold there, nothing can compare…
Time has been forgotten, and not a tear, not a tear to spare…
And there will be no suffering; we’ll celebrate the wedding of the

And we’ll dance and sing and praise Our King for all eternity... Joining with the saints around the throne and worshipping…
So lift your head up high, look to the sky in anticipation,
For the time draws near for His return…(echo..for the time..)

I waste my time on useless glories, none of which will stand,
All the pleasures I’ve been chasing, are like shadows compared to
your plan…
And everyone who calls on His name. will be answered….


Fall Down

Written By: Kelby Bruno

Fall Down

How long must I pray for you?
Each night in this starlit room.
The walls that surround your heart,
I’m praying that they would start to fall….

Fall Down, fall down to the One who heals,
Fall down, fall down, to the One who holds your heart…

You’re running in all directions, searching for earthly fame…
To fill that cup on the mantle, but life here remains the same, you.

Fall, fall, fall down, fall down to the One who heals, Fall down, fall down to the
One who holds your heart…

There’s a quiet voice that speaks inside,
And He will never turn away from you; never leave you on your own….

One day we’ll see you there. There’ll be no earthly cares…
We’ll praise our one true King and fall before His throne and sing….

Chorus (x2)

Hide Me

Written By: Kelby Bruno

Sometimes life, shines so bright and the world seems to got the way you like. But I have seen so many storms come through the night, and I'm trying to live by my faith and not by sight.
So hide me Lord, underneath your wings so close...Hold me tight and never let me go too far from you Lord.
There are walls you built so high around your heart, hiding behind their is a lonely child. Is there healing when your running from the truth..Cry out to the One who wants to hold you.
So hide me Lord underneath your wings so close. Hold me tight and never let me go, too far from you Lord.


"The Whsiper That I Heard" 1998
"Captivated" 2001

Set List

Set List for 1 hour perfromance:
"Fall Down"
How Long"
"Carry Me"(piano song)
"HIde Me"
"He's Still Callin"
"High On A Hill"
"Wonderful You"

This set involves some sharing in between swongs about where they have been come from, meanings behind songs, and more sharing....