Williamsburg, New York, USA

All you need is an open heart.


Kel Do Nascimento is a Brazilian singer-songwriter born and raised in São Paulo who moved to Boston in 2011 to propel her music career. KeL started her band at Berklee College of Music, where she graduated on May 2014. Since then she has been performing around Boston and New York and is working on her debut album, incorporating elements ranging from neo soul, jazz, and pop to Brazilian music. KeL also has performed her original songs at the Latin America VIVE Music Festival, The BIRN, The Red Room - Café 939, and the Outside the Box Festival as well being featured on Berklee’s YouTube channel with her song “Busca” which reaches more than 20,000 views. 


Words You Never Said

Written By: Kel do Nascimento

Missing the days under the cherry tree
Talking and smiling so tenderly
A moment of silence, while you look at me
I hear your voice in my head
Words you never said

This is not like I would never guess
I fool myself saying you gave your best
But love’s either full of pain or bless
My bitter mouth is dead
With the words

I misread love in your smile
Justifying all your empty phrases
I read love in your eyes
Pretending it would last

I always felt there was someone else
You saved the words under sacred belts
To find other heart while mine melts
Will you say to her instead?
The words you never said

Sweet Sun

Written By: KeL do Nascimento

When I was a little girl
I used to spend a long, long time
Playing with my mind and soul
Through the clouds and in the sky
Laying on the grass I dreamed
If I would always be the same
If I could feel alive like this
Or could I do it all again

Sweet sun Goes down
I could spend my life here
Sweet sun revives
It makes me feel alive

Now its been about ten years
Since that girl went on her way
When I look up it warms my heart
And when I don’t I feel afraid
I trace my steps back home again
To the grass and to the sun
To find that I am still the same
And live what I was dreaming of

Sweet sun Goes down
I could spend my life here
Sweet sun Revives
It makes me feel alive


Singles: Sweet Sun, Words You Never Said