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Somewhere Arizona

Written By: Kelly Green

Bought me a ticket and headed out west
Had to see for myself I guess
If those red rock hills were really blessed like the natives sang.
Down at the Canyon diner eatin an old bootstrap
fate spilled a sweet tea in my lap,
and she found a heart that was'nt on the map and took it home (to)

Somewhere Arizona, somewhere Phoenix, somewhere Sedona,
Dreams take root with your old red boots on sacred ground
I've been told it don't exist
but I found heaven the night we kissed
and I'd never been in a state like this
until I found...Somewhere Arizona

When she told me she loved me in her cards and letters
I packed up the pickup, hellbent for leather
wouldn't be happy 'til we were together I heard her say
Now I'm cuttin a trail across New Mexico
Dusted the devil down in Rio Diablo.
He just shook his head and watched me go
cuz he knows where I'm bound

Aint no Dakotas, no Minnesota, aint no Tennessee
Aint no Jersey, aint no Missouri, aint no place for me ( but)