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Written By: Kelii Taua

Sayonara by Keli'i Tau'a

1.We met some time ago
at the station where lovers come and go
since then I keep on hearing
Sayonara - Sayonara

2.I saw you once again
with friends on a busy train
our eyes shared casual greetings
Sayonara - Sayonara

ch:My heart begins to beat when I just think of you
I knew then that I needed you
I don't know your name but I hope you feel the same
I pray that my dream will come true

3rd One night I gazed into the sky
and saw your face up in the cloud
Your starry eyes kept twinkling
Sayonara Sayonara

4th At last we met again
this time your voice whispered to me
I miss you, I want you, I love you
Sayonara One last time Sayonara