Keller Glass

Keller Glass


The last few years have seen a new generation of bands utilizing enticingly simple melodies and textures to illustrate beautiful musical ideas. Against this backdrop, Keller has taken his experiences of various American archetypes and molded them into a familiar yet fresh musical style.


From his immersion in the hill music of north Mississippi to his passion for the complex improvisations of New York jazz, Keller has always been attracted to and influenced by classic American art-forms. Groups like The Band, Stephen Stills’ Manassas and more recently Sound Garden and the North Mississippi Allstars have all greatly affected Keller’s understanding of music.

Keller’s music features straight-forward chord structures and lilting melodies delivered with his unique baritone voice and haunting steel-guitar playing. His sets feature songs that, like Keller, are original and unpredictable. His lyrics focus on everyday experiences framed in abstract images that often encourage audiences to decide the meaning of these experiences for themselves.

After making ripples in the Orlando coffeehouse scene, Keller opted for the cooler climes and decidedly more bohemian atmosphere of Northampton, MA where he continues his musical explorations. In addition to writing and playing music for its own sake, he has focused much of his energy on writing music for film. In a recent interview he said, “Film has given me an opportunity to produce more unconventional music that normally would not be accepted on its own and really focus on the basics of mood and emotion.”

With a serious catalogue of music, Southern charm and wry humor Keller is poised to make a big splash on the New England music scene. Expect to hear more from his upcoming release on, Fog on Truro, due later this year.


I Mess w/Texas

Written By: William Glass Jr.

Ten gallon hats and dresses in the desert,
Broken and fat the chew upon the leather,

Come down Alexis,
I mess with Texas,

Gather around the girl on the ground and drown her,
She been around this miserable town for hours,

Grab up a stone and aim for the bone and let fly,
We need to atone we feel so alone she must die,

Things will be different this time,
He will be different this time,
Put up your whiskey and boos,
Put up your custom made rattlesnake boots,

We Are Not Neighbors

Written By: William Glass Jr.

The lights are up for the last time,
And the smiles have been washed away,
This is a place where we came to paint our souls,
Along wooden frames,

The lights are down for the first time,
I have lost my voice,
My eyes were dry but now I’ve let go of my pride,
Is there no other choice,


Run my fingers on the vines,
Look up at the wall,
The bricks are cracked and shingles are falling down,
Don’t you just love it all?

And the winter coming faster,
The place has lost my soul,
And the trees have died and the wind forgot my name,
I am growing old,

We are not neighbors,
We are not saints,
We are not confidants,
We ought not talk today,

Ordinary Ways

Written By: William Glass Jr.

Come and tell me everything,
Everything you wanted to hear,
Say it slow and say low this time,
All the words that would endear,
If I could say them clear,
If I could say them twice,

The streets are running red with hope,
Emptied out and cobblestoned,
The windows glaring shadows of your face,
Love and violence all entoned,
In a single word you'd throw,
Claiming to entice,

I won't stand for another trial,
No matter how it's worded or phrased,
Footprints are stretching on for miles,
I am walking around in sort of a daze,

And everyone looks familiar
when you haven't seen a friendly face for days,
And I'm still stuck in all my ordinary ways,

Better leave it left alone,
Streaming out across the wire,
Fingers dancing nimbly to and froe,
Responding to a world of liars,
And they're dancing on a fire,
Burning through the ice,

My breath is floating on top of the air,
It's colder here than I can recall,
My feet are sore and soon to go bare,
I am walking around for the hell of it all,

Everything looks familiar
when you've walked for miles and found you've lost your way,
And I'm still stuck in all my ordinary ways.


Solo projects:

EP - Philco
2004 vanity release
1) Don't Talk to Me
2) Calling Around
3) Lauren

EP - Wooden Frames
2005 release
1) I Mess w/Texas
2) We Are Not Neighbors
3) Amber Skyline

EP - Music from the film Walkabout
2006 release
1) Out
2) As I Expected from You
3) And Back
4) As I Expected From You Reprieve

EP - In the Dark EP
2006 release with David Stillman
1) Come Around
2) Higher Ground
3) In the Dark
4) Matter of Fact

Single - Running Backwards
2009 release on

As a member of Mobjack:

EP - Argonne
2009 release on
1) In the Dark
2) Arron
3) Argonne

Set List

Keller can do up to three 45 min. sets of mixed originals and covers.


I Mess with Texas
Matter of Fact
If I’m Brave
Ordinary Ways
Off the Mountain
We Are Not Neighbors
Amber Skyline
All that I’m Saying
Don’t Talk to Me
I’ll Remember Your Name
Long Day
Making the Bed
Mayan Ruins
Meet Me in Orlando
Near the End
Paradise is My Gun
She Bore It
The Ocean
We Are
A Song for Bethany
As I Expected from You

Mexico - Cake
Rainy Day Women - Bob Dylan
Helplessly Hoping - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Jesus Gave Love Away for Free - Manassas
Need and the Damage Done - Neil Young
Shared Fate - Matt Butcher
Family Valium - Matt Butcher
Sucker for a Lover - The Heathens
Meat Market - The Heathens
Rack 'em Up - Johnny Lang
All the Dirt - Mike Doughty
Soft Serve - Soul Coughing
Busting Up a Starbucks - Mike Doughty
Sweet Lord in Heaven - Mike Doughty
Rock Me Mamma - Old Crow Medicine Show
I Shall Be Released - The Band
Acrossthe G