Kelli is an American Singer - kinda like Elvis, blending Rock, Country and Blues music with killer lyrics to make a great live show.


Kelli, daughter of Country singer Johnny Lidell (Primrose Lane), remembers growing up with the likes of Merle Haggard, Dave Dudley, Bobby Bare and Elvis. You can hear those experiences in her voice when she takes on Your Cheating Heart and Crazy.

After signing with Scotti brothers, her career was destroyed by a car accident that took 10 years to recover from. Kelli went on to produce 7 albums, receiving significant air play in America and Europe as well as an invitation to sing with Crystal Gayle at the Ryman Auditorium.

In early 2006 Kelli assembled players for her new band, The ShadowMen consisting of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. Focusing on new material, Kelli developed the jams from the room into original songs such as: Big Black Bus and Can’t as well as putting her signature on classic tracks like: Me & Bobby McGee and Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone.

After signing with Nashville booking agent Liz Gregory, Kelli is currently touring North America on The Big Black Bus. Communication with fans is directed through the regularly updated blog: On The Big Black Bus



Written By: Kelli / A McCluskey

I want to buy a Cuban and smoke anywhere
I want to hear a Leader that doesn't make me swear
I want to hear a newscast that ain’t filled with lies
I want that trans fat on my Fries

CAN'T - What a dirty little word
CAN'T – That’s a word that should never be heard
CAN'T – I don’t like the sound of that word
NO YOU CAN'T - I'll see about that.

Want to take an airplane and not take off my clothes
Want to live in peace and not have any foes
Want to know the truth about those Killer Bees
Gonna buy me a farm where money grows on trees

CAN'T – Money – my trees are growing money now
CAN'T – The sunshine in my trees growing money
CAN'T – Woah yeah, it’s a dirty little word
NO YOU CAN'T - I'll see about that.

Want to buy a new car, drive it really fast
Want to hear a good idea that isn't from the past
I want to go back 10 years, to the price of gas
I also want to take those ten years off my #$%!

CAN'T – Yeah I believe that I can
CAN'T - Should never be heard
CAN'T – I don’t like what you’re saying to me man
NO YOU CAN'T - I'll see about that.

CAN'T – Can, can, can, can
CAN'T – Don’t ever say it anymore now
CAN'T – Don’t bother saying that little, little dirty word
NO YOU CAN'T - We'll see about that.

What a dirty, dirty, dirty little word.

Two Steps to Heaven

Written By: Kelli / A McCluskey

I hopped the red-eye from JFK to LA
Can't stop smiling going to see my baby today
The pilot comes on, he’s mad as a bear
Gonna land that big bird at Chicago O' Hare,
I took two steps to Heaven and one step back to Hell.

All the planes were grounded so I rented me a car
The way my luck was going, I didn't get far
Didn't pay attention to the warning light
Ended up in Oklahoma, around Midnight!
I took two steps to Heaven and one step back to Hell.

All that time without you in the City alone
All that I can think about is "GET ME HOME"
Don't want to have to work any more
Gonna go home, shut that bedroom door

Got me to the station and I boarded the train
Made a stop in Texas, got rolling again
Two days later we're pulling in
Look out L.A., I'm gonna sin!

I took two steps to Heaven
I took two steps to Heaven
I took two steps to Heaven and one step back to Hell!!


Written By: Kelli / A McCluskey

Daddy was a Devil, married a Cherokee
The stars were wrong, the winds of time said it would never be
They say she’s lying in the Desert, with a cactus where her tombstone should be.

Daddy took her from him, that’s what the Lawman said
They found her car on the highway, dashboard covered red
Now the Sheriff says he won’t rest, ‘til he sees my Daddy dead.

Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Daddy be free
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Don’t worry about me Daddy, Momma lives in on me.

The whole town thinks you’re guilty
I can’t believe its true
They found another body
And they’re coming after you
Daddy, Daddy be free,
I couldn’t bear to see you hang now; you’d be hanging for me.

Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Daddy be free
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
I swear I had to do it now; it was either him or me.


EP: Live in Hollywood
- Your Cheating Heart
- Me & Bobby McGee
- Can't
- Crazy
- Two Steps To Heaven
- Ain't No Sunshine

- Ride
- The Preacher's Daughter
- Big Black Bus

Set List

Typical Set list at this point is around 45 minutes to an hour and can be up to twice a night. We have a few covers in the set - generally rocked out / blues versions of 60's 70's classics. Kelli straddles the COuntry / Rock market so - we shape the set list to reflect the audience