Kelli Hanson

Kelli Hanson


"Our Buildings is a sharp collection of songs that stand as steady and unshakable as buildings on a city block. With Hanson’s myriad influences and the sleekness of the entire production, this record could be one of the more impressive indie rock releases out of the Bay Area this year." -Kim Rueh


Kelli Hanson recently returned home to the Bay Area from Seattle, WA to release her eagerly anticipated sophomore album, OUR BUILDINGS, on her label Bigger Than The Barn Records. OUR BUILDINGS captures the raw, indie sound and spacey landscapes of its predecessor, Lullaby for an Astronaut, but it is Hanson’s continued maturity as a gutsy, emotive songwriter that launches us forward into an even fuller, more lush and captivating sound. She brings together a collection of talented musicians who helped cultivate each song to its fullest potential. With this album, Hanson embraces the moods and sounds of many of the musical influences in her life, including such genres as R&B and 80’s POP. OUR BUILDINGS confirms Hanson’s stylistically eclectic sound by giving us simple, melodic, yet edgy songs and incorporates everything from slow, groove ballads to upbeat dance tunes and bluesy rock.

Kelli Hanson first discovered her voice through the power of rock and roll at the age of 13. Being influenced by the indie punk bands of her hometown, San Jose, CA and the powerful vocal style of Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Guy Picciotto, she developed a stand out vocal style and sound of her own. At 21,
Hanson relocated to Seattle, WA.

For the past five years, her musical endeavors have ranged from leading a hard rock/punk band called Tregenza ( to playing guitar in the Yeek Yak Air Force ( to developing and honing her first solo project, Lullaby for an Astronaut. Lullaby for an Astronaut was released in May of 2005 with much acclaim and was supported with many local shows and a West Coast tour. Hanson has played such venues as Hotel Cafe (LA), Viper Room (LA), Red Devil Lounge (SF), 12 Galaxies (SF), Hotel Utah (SF), Chop Suey (Seattle), Tractor Tavern (Seattle) and the EMP (Seattle).

Hanson’s first album was voted one of the Best Releases of 2005 by Three Imaginary Girls in Seattle. Kelli Hanson was a chosen performer for Rockrgrl Magazine 2005 Music Conference. Hanson has also been heard on such radio stations as SOMA FM (SF), KDVS (Davis, CA), Pandora, Babes in Boyland (France), KEXP (Seattle), FRSC (Santa Cruz), KUBO (Radio Bilingue) and was a featured artist on Amplified Podcast.





Release Date: August 24th, 2007
Bigger Than The Barn Records

Produced by Kelli Hanson and Andy Zenczak
Mixed and Engineered by: Andy Zenczak
Recorded at: Gadgetbox Studios, Santa Cruz, CA
Mastered by: Paul Stubblebine at Paul Stubblebine Mastering, San Francisco

All String Arrangements by: Chad Kaltinger, Andy Zenczak and Kelli Hanson
All Songs Written by: Kelli Hanson

Streaming Tracks at, itunes

Release Date: May 15th, 2005
Bigger Than The Barn Records

Produced by Kelli Hanson and Andy Zenczak
Co-Produced by Mark Quinn

Mixed and Engineered by: Andy Zenczak
Recorded at: Gadgetbox Studios, Santa Cruz, CA

Mastered by: Barry Corliss at Master Works, Seattle, WA

Streaming Tracks on, itunes

Set List

(9 Song/ 35-40 min Set)

1. Doesn't Even Matter
2. Chariot
3. Things Settled
4. River
5. Our Buildings
6. Stay
7. Any Other Minute
8. Lips
9. The Day Gold And Silver Lights Shine

(14 song set/Full set/1 hour to 75 mins)

1. Circles
2. Any Other Minute
3. Things Settled
4. Papillon De nuit
5. Lips
6. 9:27
7. Nightswimming
8. Our Buildings
9. River
10. Mama Song
11. Stay
12. Chasing
13. Chariot
14. Doesn't Even Matter
15. The Day Gold and Silver Lights Shine