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Some Bridges Are Good To Burn

Written By: Kelli Rae Powell

Some Bridges Are Good To Burn
by Kelli Rae Powell ©2006

I've written a letter that proves
That I haven't got over you
So I'll tuck it in bed, so it can't rear it's head
Let it lie 'til it's good and it's dead

*Some Bridges are good to burn
Some stones can be left unturned
Some lessons can't hurt you if you leave them unlearned
Some bridges are good to burn

There's no way you're thinking of me
And there's no one that I'd rather be
Than the girl that you miss in that space at your lips
But to you I'm a total eclipse


Maybe in the end
We’ll grow to be friends
Maybe at my death
But I won't hold my breath

I keep hearing your words in my head
And I can't believe what you said
But, however you put it, or which phrase you're turning
Some bridges are just better burning