Contagious Power Pop that is musical nirvana for your ears and eyes. Imagine The Foo Fighters, Garbage, Blondie and Depeche Mode collaborating on a CD. Throw in a 80's John Hughes influence and you got KELLI*SAID.


"...her voice and singing style are quite unique from most
female vocalists i've heard" and KELLI*SAID have the art
of songwriting down....keep your eye on this band"

So how did they begin?

Kelli & Keith formed KELLI*SAID in Winter of 2001. They both shared such a history and love for music that the only obvious outlet was to start creating songs together. They began writing tunes full of feelings and emotions brought on by past memories, current situations and hopes for the future. K*S thanks all the past and present local and national musicians that influenced us. Without the pioneers, they wouldn't be here!

How did we go public?

The excitement & encouragement from our families and friends inspired us to take this passion for song-writing & self record our first CD 'Ear Candy'. There were two reasons for this recording: The first, to see what response we would get from the public. The second, to find and form a band that blended like personalities, talents and goals. 'Ear Candy' also gave other musicians an idea of who we were and what stylistic direction we were headed in. Once we became a foursome, we self recorded a second CD, appropriately titled "This is a Demonstration". We felt the need to give local club owners and fans an idea of what we sounded like live. The word was out and the public began to take notice.

Where have we played?

With the additions of Dazz, Ryan and G, we've had the pleasure and opportunity to play with a lot of great bands in many great venues around the Denver/Front range area. Well known establishments such as The Soiled Dove, Herman's Hideaway, the historical Gothic Theatre, and most recently performing at an outdoor event with DaDa. We continue to expand and look forward to touring and performing at a venue near you.

What are your musicial influences?

We all grew up listening to late 70's, early 80's stuff. Styx, Journey, the Cars, Blondie. The mid 80's really ushered in the new wave influence. Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, New Order, The Cure, U2. The 90's brought us Garbage, No Doubt, Sarah Mclachlan, Incubus. Now the new Millenium with bands like Muse, Keane, Eve6, Blink 182 and Coldplay. You get the jist. Fun, Emotional and gritty.

What lies ahead?

We released our third CD, 'Let's Get This On' in October 2005 . We recorded this awesome CD at nationally known Colorado Sound Studios. This CD will not only shows how far we have come from four dreamers heading down to the basement to be a part of the great world of music, but also relays the knowledge that only can be gained through writing, performance and experience. 'Let's Get This On' not only captures the excitement of what our future holds, it exudes our undying love, passion and musicial belief for our band, KELLI*SAID. to you the listener: Get ready for the musical nirvana for your ears and eyes! You will be hooked!


Then Came You

Written By: Kelli Wolf

Where did you come from? Somewhere out of no where? Just when everything was going
so good. My path was chosen. Sacred and true. Perfectly content, then came you. And now
sheets are twisted, shifted and contorted. Secretly dirtied for my need for you tonight. Now
that you’re here, life’s not the same. Abandoned reasoning for guilt and shame. Disabled
to decide, frightened yet so alive. Can you run your hands one more time? You know that
I promise that I won’t ask again. Disabled to decide. Just another lie.


Written By: Kelli Wolf

You’re a manipulator. You’re an instigator. Just stay far away from me. All you gave me
was intimidation, served upon a plate of humiliation, shoved down my throat and choking
me...yeah. And you’re a back stabber, a cheat and a liar. Just stay far away from me. All
smiles and beauty on the outside. Make them say what a nice guy. But inside, you’re just
bitter and mean. You’re so mean. Someday you’ll slip and the fooled ones will see and
I will be set free. And someday you’ll fall and you will get burned and the first match will
be lit by me. Yeah by me!


"Ear Candy"-Self produced and recorded demo winter 2001

"This is A Demonstation"-Self produced and recorded demo-spring 2003-Played on KTCL 93.3, Denver.

"Lets Get This On!" Released October 25th. Recorded at world famous Colorado Sound Studios. Engineered by Tom Germain.

Set List

60% Originals, 40% covers.

Selected covers include:

Garbage-Happy When It Rains, Why Do You Love Me?
James-Sit Down
Phoebe from 'Friends"-Smelly Cat 2005 punk mix
Depeche Mode
Druan Duran
No Doubt
The Cars
Cheap Trick
The La's
Social Distortion
Rolling Stones
The Beatles
The Who
Sinead O'Connor
The Go Go's
Dressy Bessy
Green Day
The Tubes
The Cult
The Waitresses
Lipps Inc.
Thrill Kill Kult
All American Rejects
Snow Patrol
and more!!