Kellis David

Kellis David

 Needles, California, USA

Americana folk music that can be heard in rural and urban environments alike. Imaginative songs inspired by events real or not-so-real. Kellis tries to grasp the thoughts, emotions, and conflicts common in practical events and situations that many, if not all, may actually experience.


I am a singer/songwriter from Needles, Ca. I cannot quit writing music. I have played in coffee shops in San Diego, Ca, and I love the vibe. I would like to tour and travel someday in the acoustic scene. The acoustic guitar is my instrument of choice, and it may always be.


Hard to Get

Written By: Kellis David McDonald

Ill be damned if she'd ever love me.
Its hard to find an old fashioned woman.
Its hard to write an old fashioned love song.
If I could, you know I would, but I'll be damned if I do.

I am not afraid to be the man who's crying,
I am not afraid to be the one who's dying,
everybody has to die sometime,
the sooner the better for me,
the world can be a big black ball of misery,
attached to a thick heavy chain,
there are those who would drag it around forever if they could,
but I hope someday that their mind may change,

cause I'd be damned if it would ever love me,
I'm the one everybody seems to be hating,
and I miss my mama cooking eggs and bacon,
If I could, you know I would, but I'll be damned if I do.

One of these days I'm gonna get tough,
gonna be a man and all of that stuff,
Hollerin' down the street at the top of my lungs!
Writing these songs day and night,
sing'm to myself alone at night,
sing'm to myself alone at the top of my lungs!
I'm not gonna let these feelings get me down,
gonna let these feelings drag me around,
gonna let these feelings drive me mad!
One of these days I gonna stand tall,
gonna face the music and face you all,
gonna face the music and sream at the top of my lungs!


Written By: kellis david mcdonald

Not much success,
but a dozen beers,
I'm not the man of her dreams,
but one of her fears,
amidst my confusion,
and my delusions,
I imagined her love as
a pretty white dove, but
pulled from a top hat,
a bunny by its ears,
I'm only worth loose change,
and the passing of years,
I know you've felt it,
cause every one of us has,
the cops and robbers,
cowboys and indians,

I broke the silence,
cause I talked about that pain,
for that i'm a little lonely only if
you see it in a selfish way.
i can hear my conscience saying
"you should face your shame,"
but if she thinks I'm for the love
of money,
the honey
only knows my name.
sometimes you see
the truth in yourself,
you can see that vanity inside
never seemin to be comin to
an end.
I know you've felt it,
every one of us has.
the cops, robbers,
cowboys, indians.

On my expression,
there is depression,
and an impression
of an unhappy life,
well, I cant survive
unless I bust them seams,
I think that it could
finally be wise,
all I really am inside
are lies,
that aim to please,
and I'm wondering why
i have been so mad
about these things.
well, could you forgive me
for my lack of consideration?
my lack of sense?
my lack of self control?
I cant deny the breath
that has been given.
Yah was the potter
and I was the clay.
all that love given
all the love taken,
hearts are still breakin',
faces are still fakin' it.
and still I could not put that
photograph away,
Yah was the potter,
she was the clay,
and she may be

I've felt the madness,
I've felt that sadness.
I've got my questions,
with out a doubt.
People think I'm crazy,
I used to be a little strange,
but life's a mystic maze,
and some things never change.
Four in the morning,
When I'm tossing and turning,
telling myself the only nightmare
here is me.
Then again,
I hope its not that bad,
i'm only mad,
I've been wondering,
why I've been
so mad about these things.
why I've been so mad about thee.

chasing ashes

Written By: kellis david

1. For a moment into time,
I wouldnt’take to a rythme
cause the rything might happen unto me

to think better of the matter
what is granted has been granted
with a zeal that has taken hold of me

would I let it go untouched
rush to it in a hush
so that the eyes of man could not see

with out a care and in despair
ask to dance a lady fair
and as a humiliating taste of such to be

but I patienly await
less and less cease to debate
that the answers will lead unto thee

I am frightend to be alive
for fear that my heart collides
into a curse of remorseful misery

when I do something wrong
I should sing upon a song
for forgiveness unto eternity

And his ear will always hear
his heart will understand
and his many eyes will not refrain from seeing.

2. A whisper in the window
A window out of place
I would shame myself for seeking whats too sublime in outer space

there is life here on earth and nowwhere else but I am somewhere else in mind
and I’m there as all your conversations pass on through time

I don’t mean to be rude
when it seems like I ignore
Idle talk can be a bore and my interest is no more

with the universes vast expance
I could be at any chance
chasing ashes or the wind or catching shadows as they dance

But if I would have my way
looking to the sky to say
I am the most stupid of men, It is already said and been

Already thought Already bought
Already lifted and already caught
My hands already red and my face alraedy said: (chorus)

Over seas I have never been
Over seen the art of travelin
hand to mouth out of pocket from a can and collecting more

wether rich or rather poor
twenty three or forty four
take a page and ask a question then be patient for whats in store

too many days of anticipation
for the fruits that one can sow
in a maze of the vineyard in the sun the grapes that grow

but anyway you drink it
cultivate it to your taste
an addiction will posess you untill you see your life as waste

for anything more
for anything vain
when vanity is everything in life except for pain

there is value in human suffering
and with noble it can be seen
a cultured man prefers it because he knows among these things



2006 Pure Sugar
2008 Doodles

Set List

I can do a couple cover songs that I like,
however I like to play originals, and a typical set lasts about forty five minutes.