Kelli Shay Hix

Kelli Shay Hix


“A needle in one arm and a boquet in the other.” -Michael Neault, Croquet Shows “A Flannery O’Connor with a guitar.” -Jeff Spevac, Rochester D & C "I’m left quietly devastated.” -Davey Rothbart, editor, Found Magazine


Kelli Shay Hix is a performer on guitar, autoharp, violin, and singing saw. A singer-songwriter who does not quite fit the traditional definition of the genre, she accompanies her melodic but mysterious and abstracted tunes with haunting vocals and often performs with a rotating cast of other musicians. Her finger-picking guitar lines and unusual autoharp playing style are based in the traditions of American roots music, but are blended with a dark experimentation.

Originally hailing from the Midwest, but now based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Kelli Shay Hix has shared the stage with such performers as Michael Hurley, Simon Joyner, Marissa Nadler, Jana Hunter, The Early Day Minors, Tom Brosseau, and Alela Diane. Among other radio performances, she has performed live on WFMU and was included in the “best of 2006” edition of WFMU’s program Give the Drummer Some.

In 2006, Carbon Records released Kelli Shay’s first ep, “Bucked”, a collection of songs recorded on simple equipment in abandoned urban spaces by the Filmmaker Jem Cohen. In 2007, Carbon released her first full length studio recording, “Buck Again”. In 2008, Hix created a soundtrack for the super-8 documentary, Los Trivinos del Huasco, which was self-released. Hix is currently playing and working on the recording of her second full-length.


"Bucked", 2006 (4 song ep), Carbon Records

"Buck Again", 2007 (full length), Carbon Records

"Soundtrack for Los Trivinos del Huasco", 2008, self-released

...and currently reeeecording.....

Set List

sets usually last 25 minutes to 1/2 hour and are split between the guitaring and the autoharping.