Kelli Trottier

Kelli Trottier


Kelli Trottier is a master of Scottish/Celtic fiddle tunes & French Canadian stepdancing. She is a featured performer with Bowfire, has 6 CDs to her credit & has been nominated 3 times for fiddle player of the year by Canadian Country Music Association. She performs Celtic, folk & country music.


Born and raised in the hotbed of musical tradition and innovation that is Ontario’s Ottawa Valley, Kelli Trottier discovered her passion for entertaining, learned her craft, and developed her distinctive style while still right at home.

Today, Kelli’s talent carries her to stages across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Far North, where she makes fans and friends at every venue along the way.

Kelli’s musical odyssey of dance, fiddle and song began early in life as she studied and mastered the unique and fluid style of step dance that evolved with the loggers and woodsmen of the historic Ottawa River watershed.

The fiddle was a natural extension of the dance; you just can't have one without the other. And who better to learn from than the senior masters of Celtic and Scottish traditional music. Kelli learned well and then embraced the exuberant rhythmic fiddle and step dance styles of the French Canadian pioneers.

Every musical family needs a singer-songwriter and Kelli’s family is fortunate that she has an amazing ear, a beautifully clear, natural voice, and the desire to use that voice at every opportunity. Learning songs she loved from artists she admired, Kelli gave them wings with her effortlessly-developing style, and soon started writing and performing her own.

Developing her art from these deep and lasting roots, while allowing the influences of contemporary music to help shape her performing and recording career, has earned Kelli a dedicated and growing following along with glowing accolades from promoters, organizers and fans.

No stranger to the stage, Kelli was featured as the lead female in the Toronto musical production SwingStep. She is featured annually in the Starbright Christmas Show ( and tours North America with the very successful Bowfire ( entourage, rejoining them in March 2009 in Ontario, Canada. Kelli’s soaring vocal pieces are, for many fans, a highlight of the Bowfire productions, which are often described as, “the finest lineup of fiddle and violin virtuosi ever assembled on one stage." Kelli’s is the beautiful voice on the Bowfire songs, “The Line” and “Mist Covered Mountains.”

Kelli has performed for Canadian soldiers in the Middle East and for the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic. She has brought 20,000 NHL Ottawa Senators Fans to their feet many times as the featured mid-game entertainer.

In addition to her extensive performing experience, Kelli continues to be a highly sought-after instructor and judge of fiddle and step dance events across Canada and parts of the U.S. She has been nominated three times for Fiddle Player of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association and is featured instrumentally and vocally on many studio recordings for other artists.

All of this experience results from Kelli’s true passion: performing and touring her music with her band. Time and again these performances earn glowing reviews, requests to return and always more fans!

Promoting her six independent recordings; singing, dancing and playing her way to the top of her musical genre, Kelli Trottier is an unforgettable and enchanting artist, consistently delivering performances that raise her stature in the hearts and memories of audiences everywhere.

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Written By: Kelli Trottier

Don't Tell me you can sit there and listen and not be moved to get up on your feet, when the feeling swells and the rhythm compels you to get up and dance.

Over you Soon

Written By: Kelli Trottier

I'll be over you soon
When the Cow jumps over the moon
I'll be all right when the dish runs away with the spoon.

I'll feel better some day
When the ocean washes away
My step will be lighter
and things will look brighter they say.

I'm trying, i'm doing my best to forget, but I'm not over you yet.

Soon my tears will be dry
when the stars fall out of the sky
I'll be laughing again
when it snows in July

I'm trying, I'm doing my best to forget, but I'm not over you yet.

there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
I know I'll be happy again.
I'm moving on and though it's going slow, Oh I know.....

CHorus... I'll be over you soon....

I can smell the Rain

Written By: Kelli Trottier

I can smell the rain
All over again
it makes me wonder how
I did it when I look back now
I can smell the rain
and I remember the pain
so I"m running for shelter
cause I'm not gettng caught out there again.

It's funny how the memory works
choosing only good times to recall
Forgetting all the tears
never thinking of bad times at all
oh it messes with your mind
makes you quesiton why you
left it all behind.


I guess i'm making progress
I'm getting stronger every day
And when I'm feeling weak
I know I'm better off this way
Still I convince myself that I
could Have made it work
Maybe I just didn't try

Bridge: If I stayed a little longer
loved a little more
tried a little harder
harder than before
But now the sky is getting darker
and I'm reaching for the door
There's a storm on the horizon
and I know what's in store....



Kelli Trottier - 1996
Bridges - 2000
Daddy's Little Girl - 2002
Now - 2006
Still Point (with Gordon Stobbe & Greg Sim) - 2008

Set List

This is one example of a typical set. We normally do two 45 minute sets for a theatre show or one longer set for a festival.

Fiddle Medley (celtic)
Wild Mountain Thyme (Celtic)
Steel Rails (Alison Krauss)
Over You soon (Original - KTrottier)
Fiddle Medley (french Canadian)
Sonny's Dream (Celtic)
Song of the Mira (Celtic)
Stepdance feature
Daddy's Little Girl (country Ballad)
San Antonio Rose (Western Swing)
The Storm (Folk)
Fiddle medley (French Canadian)
Fiddle/stepdance feature