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"Kelly's Words of Encouragement"

Kelly Andrew Kaveny's debut album, "Olympus", has finally launched. He has been with CTG for a little over a year and would like to share his success ...

Q: How difficult is it to release an album?

A: It depends on the person. My answer is that it takes patience and hard work. However, I understand that for most, it is rather difficult to cope with on a weekly basis. But having to pull through, the end result is very rewarding. I must say that this is truly a glorious moment for me. I have been waiting patiently for this moment for two-and-a-half years and now it is finally paying off.

Q: What example do you want to set for other musicians?[/b]

A: I want to motivate others to follow their goals and to pursue after their visions 100%. Today's music business has become tougher than ever to break in and sometimes it may require some additional work on your part. Believe in yourself that there is a much larger community that deserves to hear your music, the world. Keep hope alive and have faith in hard work."

Every musician has faced setbacks, whether it is getting a bad review, getting rejected from a record label, or due to some catastrophic circumstance, losing many years of hard work. Despite of your circumstance, the key is persistence. Many of you are still young and have a full lifetime of development in your hands, for you only live once.

Success is not fully based on talent. Although talent can play a role, your dedication and commitment to your vision is ultimate. Many of you have full-time jobs, but this should not thwart you from your passion of creating music. Though your job pays the bills, on your freetime, make every leap and strive to get there. If in your heart music is where you want to be, then let it augment into your life.

For more information about Kelly and his debut album, you can visit his official home page:

If you would like to listen and purchase to Kelly's Debut Album, you can visit his CDBaby/MySpace site: - CTG Community @


Instrumental Works:
- Album: In Reflection (2010)
- Album: Olympus (2007)

Trance Works:
- EP: Nocturne EP (2010)
- Single: Julietta (2010)
- Single: Atlantis (2009/2010)



Hello, my name is Kelly Andrew. My music can be often described with the following words: genre-bending, visual, beautiful, emotional, contemporary instrumental, new age, orchestral, uplifting, and inspiring.

As a child, I once wanted to become the next Picasso. I vigorously took art classes, drew hundreds of illustrations, and compiled many picture books telling stories based on movies, video games, fantasy, adventure, and life. The way I express in my picture books and illustrations as a child is the way I express in my music today. Like visual art, music is the universal medium way of communicating about emotion, higher concepts, and life.

Growing up, I listened to Mannheim Steamroller, Tangerine Dream, and Mars Lasar. Since then, my love for music evolved and began to write my own music at the tender age of eleven when I was playing around with the composer's module in the video game, Mario Paint. It was not until high school was when I first discovered my ability to play by ear and had active Perfect Pitch as I began to take on piano inspired by my music teacher. This was when my passion for music grew stronger than visual art.

As an Engineering student in College, I continued to take music theory, instrumentation, and orchestration classes even though I was not enrolled as a student at the Music School. Engineering has provided me the ability to problem solve and since then, it has greatly benefited in my ability to discern minute details in creating, mixing and mastering music.

In 2007, I thus began my mission and my love for music: Progressing world peace by uplifting and harmonizing the lives of people and to improve the accuracy of communication using music for expressing all feelings and moods. I released my album, "Olympus" based on Greek Mythology. Each god and goddess had unique personality traits I interpreted and communicated by telling a story using music. Once the album was released, I've sent my music everywhere as an independent promoter and it was not long until I received a phone call from Jim Cartwright, a reputable record producer in Nashville nominated for three Grammys, who wanted to work with me on my next album called, "In Reflection" due in July 2010 which illustrates my life episodes in recent years.

Being the full-time musician as I am and holding a full-time job, it is all about being headstrong, to have faith in your ability to create, and to inspire your audience. Since day one, I have been promoting, managing, and publishing my own music and took many strides into the unknown. In months time, I'm preparing to take my music as far and wide into as many places as possible releasing as often as I can; working hard everyday for my friends, fans, and audience using my music to shed light into darkness, happiness into sadness, hope into depression, and sun into stormy times.