Kelly Britton

Kelly Britton


The power rock band lead by NYC East Village Native Kelly Britton is an act not to be missed. Kelly and her band Revel have a lot of stories to tell- from living in squats to dining with the Kennedys- Revel tells the tale of life and rock in New York.


Kelly Britton started out with promise but crashed and burned early. She was programming computers at age 10, singing in coffee houses at 12, a senior in college by 19 and a divorced single mother living in a shelter for battered women at 23.
Completely broke, she moved her babies to New York’s East Village and was lucky to partake in the Internet boom of the late nineties.
As an artist, Kelly has a lot of stories to tell. She has lived in squats, dined with Kennedys, and has given birth to two children at home without drugs or doctors. She has been rescued from a fire, jumped by skinheads, and had a strange man break into her house to steal her underwear. These stories and many others have driven her to write hundreds of songs and two novels. For several years, Kelly sang in the Gospel choir at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery.
Kelly has played her original material at various East Village and Williamsburg venues including CBCG’s, the C-note and Black Betty.

Set List

Approx 35 minutes
Damaged Girl
The Angels Must Love Me
Madness and the Machine
Die Alone
Broken Hearted
Reliable Crack Dealer
One Light
Carpe Diem
Let Me In
Have You Had Enough