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"Revel- New York, NY"

The Power Trio Rock band known as Revel may be knew to you or me, but their style has an “old soul” feel to it. The entire band, consisting of Kelly Britton-Lead Vocals, Bass, and Piano, James “Boris” Carroll, Drums and Percussion, and David VanDenburgh-Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Percussion, has a love for many different genres (and quite a bit of previous experience under their belt), but the most prominent I can hear in their songs are Classic Rock and Blues. Their style reminds me of the fun times when I was younger and my mom and I used to go to this “family hang out” type bar after I got out of school and hang out with our close friends. The jukebox mostly had Classic Rock in it and we would spend about $20 a night playing the “Greats” like Bob Segar, Janis Joplin, and Led Zeppelin. Because of those experiences, I am the person I am today, and let’s face it; most of my generation doesn’t know anything about the very music that spawned Metal in the first place. Any music that makes someone reminisce about happy memories of their childhood is good music in my book.

Mixing both male and female vocals fairly equally makes their selection of songs versatile, and the instrumental side is calming and makes you want to kick back and maybe drink a few beers. There aren’t any specified tour dates, but they play small shows at bars and clubs in the New York area, so if you live up there I have one thing to say to you, and that’s “Lucky you!!”. Anyone who likes Cream, Hendrix, The Who, The Rolling Stones, or pretty much any good Classic Rock band of the 60’s, 70’s, or even 80’s will most likely love Revel. You can hear 10 of Revel’s songs by going to

The origin of Revel is pretty vague. I’m not sure what year they formed, but I do know that the band was first created when David and Kelly both moved to New York City and decided to join musical forces. Later on the two met James in a bar and asked him if he would like to jam. They have been together ever since. Kelly also has a mostly Acoustic solo project going. You can go to her personal web site, and listen to 11 of her songs and one Revel song with her only playing the piano and singing.

I think very highly of Revel. It is really hard to find a band that plays Classic Rock that isn’t a cover band and that kind of saddens me. It seems to me that music is a lot like people; when music is born it is inexperienced, through It’s “teen” years it starts getting popular, and then it starts to fade and die off. Some genres even have a life span close to an actual human. What I’m getting at is that Revel is a band that I will follow for the rest of It’s “life”. I think a lot of you will, too.

- Northeast In-Tune


Still working on that hot first release.



Kelly Britton started out with promise but crashed and burned early. She was programming computers at age 10, singing in coffee houses at 12, a senior in college by 19 and a divorced single mother living in a shelter for battered women at 23.
Completely broke, she moved her babies to New York’s East Village and was lucky to partake in the Internet boom of the late nineties.
As an artist, Kelly has a lot of stories to tell. She has lived in squats, dined with Kennedys, and has given birth to two children at home without drugs or doctors. She has been rescued from a fire, jumped by skinheads, and had a strange man break into her house to steal her underwear. These stories and many others have driven her to write hundreds of songs and two novels. For several years, Kelly sang in the Gospel choir at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery.
Kelly has played her original material at various East Village and Williamsburg venues including CBCG’s, the C-note and Black Betty.