Kelly Dees

Kelly Dees


Kelly's original music is a mixture of Blues, Funk and R&B. Vocally, Kelly has been compared to Aretha Franklin and Susan Tedeschi.


Georgia-native Kelly Dees has always loved all kinds of music. She grew up singing and writing, learned to play piano, and played trumpet for several years in school. As she got older, she realized she had a true passion for the blues. After settling in Tampa, Florida in 1999, she started singing in local nightclubs, covering blues, jazz and R&B songs by some of her favorite artists. Her long list of musical influences includes Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Big Mama Thornton, and Susan Tedeschi.

In 2004, working closely with producer Mike Conway of MCR Studio in Tampa, Kelly began writing and recording her first album, which would later be called "Bettin’ Woman". Also the title of one of the first songs she wrote for the CD, Kelly felt that "Bettin’ Woman" was an especially appropriate title for this self-produced album, knowing that she was taking a risk. Now the gamble seems to be paying off.

Released in November 2006, "Bettin’ Woman" has received favorable reviews in "Blues Revue Magazine", Suncoast Blues Society’s "Twelve Bar Rag", and The Phoenix Blues Society’s "Blues Bytes". One song from her album was also chosen to appear on a compilation CD for National Women in Blues (WiB), for which Kelly feels especially honored.

"Bettin’ Woman" is an all-original blues album, but it also appeals to fans of funk, jazz and R&B. There are even a couple of gospel-inspired songs on the full-length CD. Tom Hyslop of "Blues Revue Magazine" writes, “Dees' intelligent songwriting has an appealing modern edge.” Backing Kelly on her album are well-known musicians Richy Kicklighter, T.C. Carr, Kevin Wilder, and Dale Horton.

Kelly is now writing the songs that will appear on her follow-up album. To quote one of her songs, “Blues Sister”, she’s “decided to stick around.” Visit Kelly’s website at


Blues On A Tuesday

Written By: Kelly Dees

Blues on a Tuesday,
Here's mud in your eye
Blues on a Tuesday
My whole life's passed me by
And no one understands
So I'll sing to the moon
Oh, 'bout these Blues on a Tuesday
And Wednesday comes too soon

Down to ice and watered bourbon
The smoke starts to clear
Oh, I'm left all alone now
As morning draws near
And the lights flicker on
Barkeep's ready to close
Oh, where to now?
Only Heaven knows
And I've got these Blues on a Tuesday
Here's mud in your eye, yeah
Blues on a Tuesday
Watchin' life slip on by
And no one understands
So I'll sing to the moon
Oh, 'bout these Blues on a Tuesday
And Wednesday comes too soon

No one really knows just what I'm feelin'
No one really seems to care, no
Oh, and sometimes, I have to wonder
If anyone even knows that I'm there
Yeah, yeah, I've got these Blues on a Tuesday,
Oh, here's mud in your eye
Yeah, late into Tuesday,
Watchin' my whole life slip on by
Why go to sleep?
In the mornin' I'll just wake
Oh, to these Blues on a Wednesday, yeah
And more heartache
And more heartache, yeah, yeah
Blues on a Tuesday, yeah...
Oh...No one really knows just what I'm feelin',
Mmm, No one seems to care...

(Copyright 2005 Kelly Dees)

Bettin' Woman

Written By: Kelly Dees

If I was a bettin' woman,
I'd bet that while I'm gone
You'll find you another sweet little thing
That you can call your own
Someone who doesn't know you
The way you know I do
Someone who'll buy out all the charms
That you sell as the truth
Oh, and then I'll come back to find you
Actin' like it's all the same
And I know you’ll start pretendin'
Absolutely nothin's changed
Oh, if I was a bettin' woman
I'll tell you what I'd do
I'd bet the farm, run to the bank
And deposit all my loot
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, Uh-huh
(Mmmm-Hmmm, Mmmm-Hmmm)

Oh if I was a bettin' lady
I'd bet when I'm back home
You'll swear how much you missed me
Say you were miserable all alone
Yeah, you'll assume that I know nothin'
Take for granted that I'm dense
And when that wrong number calls up again
You'll call it coincidence
Oh, but man I'm here to tell you
Boy I ain't no fool
And I know you're gonna find it hard to believe
But I'll know just what to do
Yeah, if I was a bettin' lady
I'd first take out the trash
Then I'd run to the bank, take out my funds
And start spendin' all my cash
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, uh-huh, oh, yeah
(mmmm-hmmmm, mmmmm-hmmm)

I'm gonna take out all my money
Get an advance on my paycheck
And give it all to the bookie
And tell him to place my bet
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, uh-huh yeah
(mmmm-hmmmm, mmmmm-hmmm)
(mmmm-hmmmm, mmmmm-hmmm)

You're gonna realize and miss me
You're gonna end up all alone
You're gonna say you're oh so sorry
But by then I'm gonna be long gone
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, uh-huh yeah
(mmmm-hmmmm, mmmmm-hmmm)

Oh if I was a bettin' woman
I know you think I'm not that strong
But I am a bettin' lady
And you won't be around for long
No you won' around, oh yeah, yeah...
For long

Copyright ©2006 Kelly Dees


Debut CD, "Bettin' Woman", 2006

Set List


Jet Plane
There'll Be A Day
Bettin' Woman
Blues On A Tuesday
I Wanna Rock
On My Way
I Will Be Happy
Blues Sister
I'm Alright

Dr. Feelgood
Damn Your Eyes
Feel Like Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
My Baby Just Cares for Me
One Night
Crazy He Calls Me
All the Way
Shakey Ground (E)
The Nearness of You
Do I Move You?
Stormy Monday (C)
Mustang Sally (D)
Chain of Fools (E)
I Just Want to Make Love to You
Baby What You Want Me To Do (A)
Knock On Wood (E)
At Last
Baby I Love You
Rock Steady
Pride and Joy (G)
Something to Talk About
The Jealous Kind (A minor)
Sugar Mama (G)
You Can Leave Your Hat On (E)
Good Morning Heartache
Come Rain or Come Shine
Sunday Kind of Love
Turn Me On
I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl
Someone to Watch Over Me
Just a Little Bit
God Bless the Child
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
Ball and Chain
Life Goes On
You Don't Move Me No More