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"Marlon Wayans crowns Chicago winner of Miller Time’s comedy search"

Miller Time comedy search, crowned local comedian, Kellye Howard the winner of the 2013 Stand Up. Chicago’s own, Leon Rogers, who introduced each of the judges for the evening actor/comedian, Marlon Wayans, producer, Bob Sumner, and well-known local comedian, Lil Rel. Four up-and-coming Chicago-area comedians, Calvin Evans, Michael Issac, Marc Henderson, and Kellye Howard, each performed their best sets, and were given insightful feedback from all three judges. Each comedian were strong contestants, but in the end, Kellye Howard proved to the judges that she deserved to compete in the finale for a chance to win $10,000. - Amir Shaw

"Four Chicago Comedians Who Are About to Make It Big"

The Survivor: Kellye Howard, 31

Harvey, Illinois

This mother of two charms crowds by spinning tales of abuse and dysfunction into sidesplitting comedy. Recently Howard starred on the OWN reality series My Life Is a Joke.

Why she’ll crack you up: If comedy comes from tragedy, Howard’s got plenty of it. In her best bit she explores the complex nature of domestic violence in a heartbreakingly funny way.

Slogan: “Laughter takes the pain away.”

See her: July 20 at Jokes and Notes in Bronzeville. $15 to $20.

This article appears in the July 2013 issue of Chicago magazine. - Jason Heidemann


Still working on that hot first release.



When describing Kellye, there are only two words that are applicable...self-­- proclaimed ADHD. High-­-energy, in your face, emotionally unstable funny girl. Yep, that’s what I am.

Oh wait...I started this Bio out in the 3rd person, damn I guess now you know it’s me writing it. Okay well anyways, I started my career in comedy part-­-time in 2006. Also taping my first television performance that same year on TBS as a feature in Pauley Shore’s Hot Girls of Comedy; a segment of Minding the Store. If I had other credits to list...I probably wouldn’t have included this one.
After just six months, I was selected from a comedy competition with Power 92 radio station in Chicago to open for Katt Williams during the taping of American hustler. I thought I was famous after this. we can see...

Some years past and:
I became a full-­-time comedian in June 2010. Since then I’ve been getting some consistent work. She has been on both military and college tours, having performed in Korea for a month for the United States Armed forces. In 2010 Kellye was featured on Comedy Central’s Russell Simmons Presents Stand-­-up at the El Rey. Oh wait, I forgot I’m writing this for myself...ok, just go back and reread the last couple of sentences in the first person. Thanks

Recently my career has gotten pushed into overdrive. Just finished filming the reality TV pilot "My Life is a Joke" produced by Page Hurwitz. This show aired on the OWN network just a few months go back in to the archives of OWN and check it out dammit!

Next month I will be featured on Nickelodeon's NickMOM's "Night Out", a stand-up show catered to the hardest working people in the world...MOMS!

?And I am happy to share that I recently signed with 3arts Entertainment. No, they didn't do a huge write up on, but hey who cares...I'm still excited! ?

One thing that is true when watching my performance is you never know what’s next. Probably because I never know what’s next. My comedy is unexpected and comes mainly from real life experiences. I seek to find the funny in everything, regardless of how painful it may feel at the time. My signature saying is: “Laughter Takes the Pain Away, Do yourself a Favor and LAUGH today!” I live by this should too!

Be on the look out for this bag of gags, for she has big dreams and plans to live each and every one of them to the fullest. Damn...3rd person again, well you get the point!??