Lose yourself in the deep waters of this GYPSY SOUL. Moody, intoxicating, rythmically infectious, thick with guitar jazz laden compositions, penned by Ms. Evans. Moving, and evocative. Passionate. "subtle yet powerful"-Chicksrock Fest. Jem S.


"Less is more"-
Kelly Evans is a Jupitarian, native Floridian.
Currently out of Cincinnati.
Finger dancing on a servanti signature series classical, studying Afro-Latin-Synchronized modes scales, rythmes, with a driving curiousity and concern for the human condition. An artist with a long standing passion for the ethnic world root connection, and a natural feel for the ethereal jazz realm.
"When I create it is like a meditation, loosing all expectations and directing this emotion into something meaningful and free. Going through the motions"
At the age of nine " I started snooping around my papa's Gibson, playing literally in my parent's closet when they weren't home, I was so scared to get caught."
Georgia Davis, was and is the reason Evans plays and writes. She was a living lounge jazz guitar Diva back in the fourties and fifties as well as Kelly's Auntie.
"She never got the respect she rightfully deserved-"
As of today you can find Kelly Evans on local and regional stages, generating that underground buzzzzz. Sometimes with sometimes without the TRIO.
I guess your just going to have to come see for yourself. - " I like to dig in the dirt and discover what it's all about " -
Just like she does everyday.


New ep Currently available
Spring 2007..

Set List

Original Original Original.
3-4 hours worth on the current playlist.
Sometimes a few old jazz standards are thrown in the mix, some old ska, or something with alot of dust on it
like the Ink Spots