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Kelly Glow

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Kelly Glow is fun, funky and full of energy. Her performances are full of light and love. Come experience the Light Movement. This is "I-Hop", Inspirational Hip Hop.


Introducing the 2015 Atlanta Gospel Choice Award winner for Best Holy Hip Artist, Dr. Kelly Glow.

If you usually don't listen to rap music that may change once you hear Kelly Glow. Her unique style is a rare fusion of Jazz, Rock, and Hip Hop. It's fun, funky and full of energy. Her lyrics are clear and easy to follow. Her universal style appeals to all ages. Kelly Glow is a wave of new light shining upon the music industry. Welcome to the Light Movement!

Who is Kelly Glow? 

Her music ministry began in 2002 with the release of her first album, Ready for War. Two songs based on the Apostle's Creed, "Right or Wrong" and "Holy Fire", have increased in popularity since her debut at the 2003 ELCA National Youth Gathering. Since then, she's traveled the nation performing and leading workshops.

In 2005, Kelly created a Hip Hop Gathering Model for the ELCA Multicultural Evangelism Committee that encompasses hip hop influenced workshops and worship. Most recently Kelly Glow has shared her gifts at Faith Lutheran Church (Kingston, Jamaica); the Student Christian Movement Leadership Conference, (New York, NY), ELCA National Youth Gathering (Detroit, MI), ADLA Biennial Assembly (Baltimore, MD), J-Dilla Foundation Book Bag Drive (Atlanta, GA) and a host of other venues.

Back To My Future is her latest full album release (2015). Available on all digital stores: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify etc. Notable tracks include the strong verbal word play on "Money & Power"the uplifting inspirational message on "Anything is Possible" , the warning for H.A.T.E.R.S on "Shake em Down".

Dr. Kelly Glow is continually serving her mission to preserve the original principles and elements of Hip Hop Kulture. Her doctoral studies were centered-on culturally relevant teaching, youth identity development and using Hip Hop in the classroom. She is available for concerts, performances,conferences, workshops, and youth gatherings 
So don't delay, contact Kelly Glow today! Together we can enlighten the lives of others. Let's glow!


Money & Power

Written By: Kelly Williams

Want the money, want the power, want the money, want the power
Want the money, want the power, want the money, want the power
Want the money, want the money, want the money and the power

They want the money and the power, money money and the power
Money and the power, money money and the power
Money and the power, money money and the power
Money, money, money and the power

Verse 1
What’ sup with those Pharisees, All that drama over seas
them terrorist don’t terror, me I walk with Christ that GOD
Living all inside of me, where he at is where I be
Call me God like GOD no weapon formed against me
Shall proper people I’m a beast
I’m a Queen like royalty got demons trampled under feet
angels watchin over me
Got visions dreams and prophecies, Thoughts that manifest to things
Got legacy, destiny, God’s promises just for me
Favored no apologies, Standing firm in my belief
I’m walkin in divinity, livin in prosperity
What you ask in Jesus name shall come to you just name it man
What you don’t ask in Jesus name comes back on you so whose to blame
Whose to claim that punishment what you do is what it is
Like it or not, like it or not what you get is what you got
I’m walkin in authority ask my God I shall receive
It’s on the way yes I believe, got hopes in things I cannot see (Faith)


Verse 2
What’s up with them saints today, half my peeps done gone astray
Watch lifestyles of the rich and fame, real housewives ain’t real my man
Spent ya house note on platinum chains, whole life saving on diamond rings
Tryin to keep up with Kardashians can’t tell the truth about the debt you in
Tellin everybody how you ball out, back tooth rotten bout to fall out
Spent ya last dime now you missin it, can’t even go see the dentist
Wonder why you can’t get ahead in life, when’s the last time that you paid ya tithe
When’s the last time you gave ten percent off everything consistent
off every dollar that’s ten cents living off 90 I’m a witness
when you follow Christ you don’t want in life
All ya debts paid cause he paid the price that’s livin life feelin nice
All you wanna do is work work work don’t volunteer don’t’ go to church
Forget about God get ya feelings hurt, Material things belong to earth
Stays here when you die so what’s it worth
What the use stackin cash when you die somebody gonna take the stash
Holdin on tight that useless, put your treasure where your heart is
Living life abundantly that’s the money and the power I wanna see


Apostle's Creed remix

Written By: Kelly Williams

Holy Fire (Remix)

Verse 1
Do you believe in God the father almighty creator of heaven and earth?
Of all that is seen and unseen
Jesus Christ his only son our Lord
Was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
Born of Virgin Mary
Suffered under Pontius Pilot
Was crucified, died, and was buried
Descended into hell on the third day rose again
Ascended into heaven
Is seated at the right hand of the Father
He will come again to judge the living and the dead
That’s what the bible said
The Holy Spirit, Holy Catholic church
Communion of Saints
Forgiveness of Sins
Resurrection of the body
And life everlasting

Say I believe three times
I believe, I believe, I believe
In the words of Apostle’s Creed
God is one God in three
(Let me hear it)
I try, to do the best that I can with my life
Because my faith through grace is justified
By the one who came to sanctify
Call it the Holy Spirit right

Just blaze, Keep it hot, Keep the fire burning (repeat 7 times)

Verse 2
So many spirits that are walking this land
Like the spirit of heaven, evil and spirit of man
But only one is holy the spirit of God
Take some time and think
You’ll see it’s really not hard
To see that God is one God in Three
This I believe
Let me break it down so you can see
1 he’s the Father
2 he’s the son
3 he’s the spirit
3 in 1


Verse 3
Don’t get it twisted when we say the Christian church
We’re really talking bout the way the spirit works
It’s not a church with a cross on a steeple
Everybody’s the church the church is the people
United in love with one mind and one faith
When we gather together it’s a communion of saints
And we remember our forgiveness of sins
By the practice of two holy sacraments


Say Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh (repeat)
It’s getting hot in here
It’s getting hot in here
It’s getting hot in here



Back To My Future, Kelly Glow (2015)

Pray - Mixtape Kelly Glow (2007)

Holy Fire - single Kelly Glow (2003) 

Ready For War, Kelly Glow (2003) 

In & Out of Season, Hilton Felton, (2000) guest appearance

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