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Pleasant Valley, New York, United States | SELF

Pleasant Valley, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Kelly Greene Article by Matty D"

Suppose you had a job you hated. A job where you're forced to help the careers of others by enhancing their exposure. Suppose also, that you are a musician & not just any musician, but a musician with so much talent that you are approached after 1 album to be the first artist signed to the newly formed SKOPE records. Who do you think you would be? Try Kelly Greene out of New York. Not to be confined by the angry, man-hating mores that have come to define hard rocking women, no Kelly is angry in a different way. "I think I look at different little injustices & stupid things people do & the little things that irritate people on a daily basis."

With comparisons to Shirley Manson from Garbage, Pat Benetar & Ann Wilson, Kelly has opened eyes with her powerful voice & strong lyrics. Her new album, I Wish I Were Alive, was released on I-Tunes June 4th and is set for larger distribution this summer. Don't think for a second, though, that this makes Kelly complacent, "We're just discussing with the label now what we're gonna do about touring and what the next steps are because we're still working on the business end of things."

Her launch party is June 21 @ The Cutting Room in NY & online retailer rVibe, who is planning on releasing a new online concert streaming service called rVibe/s80 on June 21, 2008, will be streaming the show for free for all those who want to check it out. Like her predecessors Kelly's angst filled voice is set to explode onto the music scene and will be around for years to come. - The Demello Theory

"Kelly Greene is one of Sonicbids' Artists 2 Watch Sept 2008"

Kelly Greene is one of Sonicbids' Artists 2 Watch

"...New Yorker Kelly Greene may become the voice of female rock and roll for this century. Her vocal delivery is dynamic, controlled, and honed by years on the road. She is able to belt out rockers like “You’re No Angel” and then moan and sing a soaring line in “I Wish I Was Alive” or just sing from the heart in my favorite, “Is It Too Much.” Like Joan Jett of three decades ago, Greene is equally comfortable singing and playing guitar. But unlike Jett, Greene is killer on keys, which reflects her early precociousness on that instrument. Greene has two albums out. You Leave Me Here was released last year, and just this past June Greene produced I Wish I Was Alive. Catch some of Greene’s work. You will be very glad that you did.

Janie Franz - Skope Magazine (Aug 26, 2008)

"You Leave Me Here” is an unqualified success"

Kelly Greene will break it big in a way that Leah Zicari and the masses of other bland and warmed-over female singer-songwriters cannot even fathom... “You Leave Me Here” is an unqualified success. - JMcQ
- NeuFutur

"Stoli Heads To NYC To Chat With Kelly Greene"

Working here at Skope Magazine is like a dream. Not only do I get to discover new artists that inspire me but I get to interview & interact with them too. This next artist I heard 3 weeks ago and I could not believe what a soulful & inviting voice she has. That artist is the beautiful, talented, and very chill Kelly Greene. Kelly is busy preparing to release her second CD and I just had to see where she was at with that and life in general.

Stoli: There is a lot of anticipation for your new album. Can you tell me a little about what you did different on this album from ‘You Leave Me Here’?

Kelly: I would have to say just about everything. There is certainly nothing wrong with the first album, it’s a very good pop-rock cd and the team we worked with on it was great, but I think first albums can be a little nerve-wracking and sometimes you hold back; I held back and trusted others to do some of the thinking for me. Essentially I was along for the ride [on the first], but on the next album I was definitely in the driver’s seat without a doubt. Working with producer Jason Rubal on the second album was an amazing experience for me; he empowered me to do what I do best and we recorded a kick-ass ROCK album.

Stoli: My favorite song from you is, “These Are the Things.” What was the inspiration for you to write that song?

Kelly: Somehow I knew you would say that [laughs]. Nine out of ten people tell me that “These Are the Things” is their favorite track off of that album. I was sitting in traffic on the way home from the day job for about two or three hours, feeling a little down about things and I was ad-libbing over top of another song in the CD player when the chorus just spilled out and stuck. It wasn’t until six months later that I actually sat down to write the song. It was a combo of my own feelings at the moment and a break-up that a friend was going through. The whole idea of the fairy-tale relationship never quite living up to the dream is what started it: “You and I have never been as beautiful as we should be…”

Stoli: You have a very unique but beautiful voice. When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Kelly: Thank you. It’s kind of funny because we didn’t realize that I was actually able to sing [well] until my mid to late teens, and that was almost by accident. I started out playing piano at three, so the musical talent was always visible, but being a very naïve and innocent I didn’t even think about music as a career until the voice spilled out. I certainly made the announcement that I was going to be a star when I was younger, but I didn’t exactly map out the plan. I guess I always knew that I couldn’t live without pursuing music, I just didn’t think about it being the paycheck.

Stoli: People always like to compare musicians to other musicians. What comparisons do you like and what do you not like so much?

Kelly: That’s difficult; I think it’s important to compare in a positive light so that the general public can get an idea of who or what you sound like. As competitive as I am as an individual, I don’t like negative, competitive comparisons, because I don’t really think it helps anyone. At the end of the day it’s going to happen anyway, so hopefully you’re compared [positively] to someone that helps elevate your own sense of achievement. I am certainly never insulted when someone compares me to one of their favorite artists, even if I personally think I sound nothing like them.

Stoli: What special events or promotions are you planning to have to help promote the new album?

Kelly: The album launch show is at The Cutting Room in New York City on Saturday, June 21, 2008. That in itself is huge – headlining a great venue in New York. We have a great opening act as well, the Chris Mahoney Project, who we are very good friends with so we’re really excited about the show. We’re in the midst of coordinating our other shows and CD sales events, which we’ll post on once we’ve ironed out the details.

Stoli: The Internet has allowed independent artists to reach a larger audience than years ago. Are you seeking a major label deal or are you happy with the indie route?

Kelly: Well I certainly would love to have a major label deal and have the marketing power of a corporate giant behind me, but I’m not going to sit around and wait for one. I’ve spent a long time learning about the business and preparing to do this 100% indie and if that’s how it continues on, then I’m fine with that. Being indie and having full control gives you no one to blame but yourself and that makes me work even harder, because I will never have a tougher boss than me.

Stoli: You are very active in the live scene. What is your favorite aspect of playing out live for your fans?

Kelly: Being on stage is electric; I love seeing people connect with the music and hearing them sing along is almost indescribable. It’s the most rewarding part of songwriting – sharing something that truly touches someone or puts a smile on their face, even if it’s only for those few minutes. So my answer is the fans. Playing live is totally about the fans.

Stoli: What is your most personal song to date and please explain the meaning behind it?

Kelly: My most personal song to date is on the next album. It’s a track called “Is It Too Much.” This song wrecked me when I wrote it. It took me a while to get it out, because every time I sat down to work on it, I’d get the chorus out and cry for an hour. At first I just thought I was crazy, because I didn’t even think the song was about me until I finally finished it. The very basic meaning behind it is realizing that you’ve lost or are very close to losing someone you love because you didn’t speak up and fight for it; ultimately you have to really put yourself out there because you don’t know if they’re going to give you the chance to make it right. I’ve performed it at a few of the songwriter circles I’ve done and you can definitely see the glistening eyes in the audience.

Stoli: You have a very attractive look to you. How important is that to a female singer/songwriter?

Kelly: Thank you very much. It certainly doesn’t hurt as much as it helps. Sure, there will always be someone who holds your looks against you no matter what you look like, but I don’t think you have to be conventionally beautiful to be an amazing, important songwriter; I believe that your gift will make way for you if you are truly doing what you are great at. That being said, I do think it’s important to look your best, whatever that may be for you. I think if you have a great, interesting look, and present yourself well, you don’t have to be conventionally perfect to be attractive.

Stoli: My boss told me that you will be advertising the new album in Skope Magazine. As a marketing person what drew you to Skope?

Kelly: Yes, and I’m very excited about it. For my first album, I hired a small PR firm to help out with getting the word out and as they let me know which outlets they were pursuing, I would then check up on each outlet and see what the fit was and how the publication handled itself. With SKOPE, I was impressed with not only the look and feel of the magazine, but the interviews and reviews and the whole vibe overall. It’s a magazine I read myself and an outlet that I want to be associated with. Ultimately, it’s a magazine that puts indie and major all under one roof and treats them exactly the same. Not too many other magazines out there are going to do that and that’s what makes SKOPE stand out.

Stoli: What accomplishment are you most proud of to date as a musician?

Kelly: Wow, there are a bunch of things, but I have to say again that this next album we are releasing is what I’m most proud of to date. A year ago, I would’ve said the same thing about the first album. The overwhelming sense of accomplishment that hits you when you hold the physical CD package in your hand and see the finished product of all your hard work sitting there in front of you is just amazing. It’s so rewarding.

Stoli: What are you looking to convey to your fans and where can people pick up the album upon release?

Kelly: The underlying message of this next album is don’t hold back; whether you need to stand up for yourself or put your feelings out there or just get up and go, don’t wait for it to happen – be who you are now. That sounds a little deep, doesn’t it? Really, I just want everybody to rock out and enjoy themselves [laughs], I mean really – it’s rock and roll. The CD and downloads will be available on and through multiple online outlets like CDBaby, iTunes, MySpace, etc. I think we’re currently on 39 sites world wide - to my knowledge. I always list new online outlets on my website as soon as they become available. In retail, most likely some Barnes & Noble stores will carry and the rest is still TBD. Of course the CD is always available at our shows as well.

Stoli: What can we look forward to from Kelly Greene for the rest of 2008 & beyond?

Kelly: For the rest of 2008, live shows in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area at the very least and if all goes well, fans and virgins will hear Kelly Greene in TV/film projects through some of the licensing deals I’ve received. Beyond 2008? What kind of year would 2009 be without another album in the works? As long as there’s a song in me, there will be someone who needs to hear it and I will deliver. So everybody, go to and join the mailing list; we’ll keep you posted on everything that’s going on. Thanks, Stoli!

Kelly’s Album Launch! With special guest opener the Chris Mahoney Project on at 8PM. Come early, you’ll love our guest!
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
The Cutting Room
9:00 PM
New York, NY
- Skope Magazine - April 2008

" Reviews Kelly Greene's "I Wish I Was Alive""

Kelly Greene - I Wish I Was Alive
May 30, 2008
It is finally here, Kelly Greene’s new CD, ‘I Wish I Was Alive.’ At first look the packaging looks great. Nice clear pictures and a very professional look.

This is Kelly’s second album and the growth is very evident at first listen. To those that have never heard Kelly sing she has a unique voice. She also has a great look to her which never hurts in this business. This CD was recorded with “no pop” producer Jason Rubal (Dresden Dolls, Heirosonic).

The first track on the CD, “You Are No Angel” comes out swinging. It shows that Kelly can rock out with the best of them. She has got the ability to sound clear and strong over the drums and guitar riff.

As you may know from prior reviews I rank CD’s on three things. The first is sound quality. This CD sounds clear and digital the whole way through. A great track that exhibits this is, “Stare At The Sun.” The second criteria is depth of songwriting. You know from listening to Kelly sing her lyrics she is coming from a sacred place. I was very touched by the final track, “I’ll Miss You When You Go.” The third and final ranking is radio friendly songs. This was a tough call but if I were to pick two hits they would be, “I Wish I Was Alive” and the upbeat “Bottle of Crazy.”

Overall this is a great CD for those that respect the independent musician who is doing things her own way. Kelly pulls no punches and the music is powerful enough to keep the CD playing the whole way through. Very nice job Kelly!

Review By: Mikey Frieds

I Wish I Was Alive - Kelly Greene - Album Download

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM at Digistation:

- Mikey Frieds


I Wish I Was Alive LP released June 2008
You Leave Me Here LP released Jan 2007



******NEW FLASH******Kelly Greene awarded Five Honorable mentions in the 2009 SongDoor Songwriting Contest**Kelly Greene's "I Wish I Was Alive" makes Top 5 CD's on WRUR and Top 30 CD's played on WRKC and WRSU , #1 ADD for WRKC, reached #13 on WRKC Charts!!!**********Kelly Greene dubbed "the hottest band in the Hudson Valley" by WVKR's DJ RadmanX*****Kelly Greene signs on with Flanagan Promotions - big things are on the way*****Stay tuned there's more news coming soon!


Kelly Greene®
Artist Bio

With a voice to rival the depth and range of legends like Pat Benetar, Annie Lennox, and Ann Wilson, Kelly Greene is a musical force to be reckoned with. This Rock Singer-Songwriter/Musician serves up a tall drink of modern rock with a heavy twist of old school bite and lyrics deserving attention. Taking musical cues from influences like Weezer, Third Eye Blind and Van Halen, Greene delivers killer Rock that drives from beginning to end with raw emotion and no apologies and is expecting to release her latest single “Wait” in August of 2010.

Striking, and yes, we mean striking, the ivories for the first time at three years old, Kelly Greene displayed obvious talent at a very young age. Years of childhood performances and school choirs led to time on the road out of high school playing and singing for crowds of ten to 5,000+. It wasn’t until after her time on the road that she decided to pick up a guitar and really go for it – to push through the boundaries that had been set for her and be the honest, hard-hitting, voice of Rock n’ Roll today’s music is sorely missing. Many bands claim not to sound like anyone out there, and although you can clearly hear her musical influences, Greene’s voice truly stands out as there really is no particular female voice out there that sounds like hers at the moment.

Having been invited to open for national acts such as The Exies and Smile Empty Soul, within her first three shows, Kelly Greene has already proven that she can play with the big boys and isn’t afraid to be selective when it comes to when and where she plays.

“My fans are very loyal and they will travel quite a distance to get to a show, so I want to be sure that it’s a great venue and an amazing show for them, and worth their effort to get there; after all, playing out is about the fans, isn’t it?” And boy, do those fans respond to Greene! Whether performing before standing-room only crowds, like the album launch for “I Wish I Was Alive” at the Cutting Room in New York City, or having her concert streamed live around the world by rVibe, Greene is never more at home than when she’s out there doing her thing.
Greene’s current successes are many: she’s inked a deal with AMP Energy Drink as a featured artist on their college radio promotion the AMP 4-Pack and has been featured in the AMP Energy Nation Newscast. Simultaneously, Greene’s radio campaign, run by Jon Flanagan of Flanagan Promotions, showed enormous early success; In the first month of the campaign alone “I Wish I Was Alive” has already nabbed the #13 spot on WRKC Wilkes-Barre, PA with four weeks of charting (CMJ), made the Top 5 Best New CD’s on WRUR Rochester, NY, landed on the Top 30 Most Played CD’s for WUSR Scranton, PA, and was in light – medium rotation on over 100 stations. Her most recent honors include five honorable mentions and one special recognition in the Songdoor International Songwriting Contest for five of the songs from “I Wish I Was Alive.” Great music rises to the top and Kelly’s on her way.

So there you have it, fans & virgins (first-time listeners). Kelly Greene delivers great music that is available online at, as well as many other online retailers, such as iTunes and CDBaby. As always the CD will be available at every live show. For more information about Kelly, to sign up for her email list and to get up-to-the-minute show info and other KG News, visit and be a part of something Rock. – J.K.