Kelly Greene

Kelly Greene

 Pleasant Valley, New York, USA

This ROCK singer-songwriter-musician serves up a tall glass of modern rock and old school bite with a heavy twist of kick-ass female vocals. Sounds like 3EB, Weezer, Van Halen, with vocals a la Pat Benetar, Annie Lennox, Garbage, Sheryl Crow. It's Rock & Roll.


******NEW FLASH******Kelly Greene awarded Five Honorable mentions in the 2009 SongDoor Songwriting Contest**Kelly Greene's "I Wish I Was Alive" makes Top 5 CD's on WRUR and Top 30 CD's played on WRKC and WRSU , #1 ADD for WRKC, reached #13 on WRKC Charts!!!**********Kelly Greene dubbed "the hottest band in the Hudson Valley" by WVKR's DJ RadmanX*****Kelly Greene signs on with Flanagan Promotions - big things are on the way*****Stay tuned there's more news coming soon!


Kelly Greene®
Artist Bio

With a voice to rival the depth and range of legends like Pat Benetar, Annie Lennox, and Ann Wilson, Kelly Greene is a musical force to be reckoned with. This Rock Singer-Songwriter/Musician serves up a tall drink of modern rock with a heavy twist of old school bite and lyrics deserving attention. Taking musical cues from influences like Weezer, Third Eye Blind and Van Halen, Greene delivers killer Rock that drives from beginning to end with raw emotion and no apologies and is expecting to release her latest single “Wait” in August of 2010.

Striking, and yes, we mean striking, the ivories for the first time at three years old, Kelly Greene displayed obvious talent at a very young age. Years of childhood performances and school choirs led to time on the road out of high school playing and singing for crowds of ten to 5,000+. It wasn’t until after her time on the road that she decided to pick up a guitar and really go for it – to push through the boundaries that had been set for her and be the honest, hard-hitting, voice of Rock n’ Roll today’s music is sorely missing. Many bands claim not to sound like anyone out there, and although you can clearly hear her musical influences, Greene’s voice truly stands out as there really is no particular female voice out there that sounds like hers at the moment.

Having been invited to open for national acts such as The Exies and Smile Empty Soul, within her first three shows, Kelly Greene has already proven that she can play with the big boys and isn’t afraid to be selective when it comes to when and where she plays.

“My fans are very loyal and they will travel quite a distance to get to a show, so I want to be sure that it’s a great venue and an amazing show for them, and worth their effort to get there; after all, playing out is about the fans, isn’t it?” And boy, do those fans respond to Greene! Whether performing before standing-room only crowds, like the album launch for “I Wish I Was Alive” at the Cutting Room in New York City, or having her concert streamed live around the world by rVibe, Greene is never more at home than when she’s out there doing her thing.
Greene’s current successes are many: she’s inked a deal with AMP Energy Drink as a featured artist on their college radio promotion the AMP 4-Pack and has been featured in the AMP Energy Nation Newscast. Simultaneously, Greene’s radio campaign, run by Jon Flanagan of Flanagan Promotions, showed enormous early success; In the first month of the campaign alone “I Wish I Was Alive” has already nabbed the #13 spot on WRKC Wilkes-Barre, PA with four weeks of charting (CMJ), made the Top 5 Best New CD’s on WRUR Rochester, NY, landed on the Top 30 Most Played CD’s for WUSR Scranton, PA, and was in light – medium rotation on over 100 stations. Her most recent honors include five honorable mentions and one special recognition in the Songdoor International Songwriting Contest for five of the songs from “I Wish I Was Alive.” Great music rises to the top and Kelly’s on her way.

So there you have it, fans & virgins (first-time listeners). Kelly Greene delivers great music that is available online at, as well as many other online retailers, such as iTunes and CDBaby. As always the CD will be available at every live show. For more information about Kelly, to sign up for her email list and to get up-to-the-minute show info and other KG News, visit and be a part of something Rock. – J.K.


You Leave Me Here

Written By: Kelly Greene

Verse 1:
You leave me here you make me feel so damn helpless
When everything I’m doing I do for you
I don’t know why I can not come to my senses
But with you I come unglued

Love you bring me up
Then you bring me down
I hit my knees and you leave me at ground
There's nothing I can say
There's nothing you will do
I don't know why I keep playing a fool
'Cause you only leave

Verse 2:
You leave me here you make me feel so damn useless
And every step I take, you pull two steps back
I’m reaching out for signs of life, are you beating
Baby blues -- they fade to black


Why do you choose to walk away
Leaving me here to love in vain
And I try
Not to see you
But I'm here
'Cause I need you
And I die
Every time you turn away


I Wish I Was Alive

Written By: Kelly Greene

I Wish I Was Alive
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2008

Verse 1:
We’re did we leave the promise
Stifle the glow
Hand to my heart – it’s fading
Leaving me cold

Life unfolds

I wish I was alive
I wish I survived us
Nothing could save us
I wish I was alive
With love overdue
I live in the after-you

Verse 2
What kind of demons whisper
Leading us here
I never saw it coming
Choking with fear

I go cold


I wish I was alive
But I'm not inside this empty shell
No, nothing has survived; not even my pride
Thank you for this hell


You Are No Angel

Written By: Kelly Greene

You Are No Angel
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
If I’m unimportant
In the scope of things
Why do you hunt me?
Would you clip my wings?

You mother me like you care somehow
Like you’ve got something you need to prove

You are no angel
Don’t want your sympathy
Only empathy accepted
And you’re not like me
You’re no angel
You are not Heaven-sent
No, you can’t pretend to save me
You are not the end
You’re not the end of me

Verse 2:
You act like you know me
Like I call you friend
Friend is a word that you can’t

And I don’t care what you think right now
It isn’t fair to assume


You’re voice is deceit
You’re trying to take on the lead
Where do they sing now
When will the sing again
Where do they sing now
Where do they sing now



Written By: Kelly Greene

All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
I want to fall
Deep dark and long
Head over heels
Feeling so strong

I want to fall into you
No right no wrong with just one truth
Don’t you know you’re more than gravity?

You are my addiction
It’s such an affliction
Don’t know what I am gonna do
I’ve got no conviction
Beyond this infliction
Just one more hit to get me through
One more time
Won’t you get me through
One more night

Verse 2:
Your love is a drug
And I am a slave
This isn’t how
A lady behaves

But I don’t care when I’m with you
‘Cause he don’t burn me like you do
Oh my God, I’m such a tragedy


Oh I burn, burn, burn
Headed for the flame
And I yearn, yearn, yearn
Until I can’t contain it
So I head out the door
And I’m running for yours
‘Till I’m back on my knees
And I’m begging for more
Oh, it isn’t like me
No, I can not believe
I’m about to concede
To your hold over me


Is It Too Much

Written By: Kelly Greene

Is It Too Much
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
Here we are again, my friend
It’s been too long
So many things we left unsaid
At the time they seemed so wrong

And we misplaced affection
Went different directions
We should have tried

Is it too much to say I love you
Is it too late this time
Lay down my shield and be the only one
To lay it on the line

Verse 2:
Not a single day goes by
I don’t recall
The way I tangled up inside
When we took the fall

Looking back now I see it
I didn’t believe it
Was worth the fight


I’ve never been so afraid of you before
I stand here openly
Hoping I don’t have to walk away without my heart
It’s in your hands
Please believe in you and me
This chance we gotta take
I want to stay
Please don’t turn me away


Beautiful Girl

Written By: Kelly Greene

Beautiful Girl
All words and music by Kelly Greene © 2007

Verse 1:
What am I doing here again
Breaking the only rule I’ve set
Standing outside your door for what I can’t accept

I don’t know why I need to know
I don’t know why I can’t let go
I can’t seem to give it up without the interception

Oh no, here we go – around the bend
You don’t know and it doesn’t matter - I condescend
But there’s a beautiful girl around your neck
Such a beautiful girl - Oh my God, you know I’m such a wreck

There’s a beautiful girl
And I know I can’t compete
She’s a beautiful girl
Why can’t it just be me

Verse 2:
What kind of heart goes this off beat
Leading me down a dead end street
Sending me out to search for what I can not reach

I must be crazy in the head
I should’ve stayed at home in bed
Better off dreaming about anything but you



Why can’t you see
Why isn’t it me

Verse 3:
I don’t know how to carry on
I can’t believe it’s been this long
And now this flame is burning everything that’s left

Chorus 2:
But there’s a beautiful girl
And I know I can’t compete
She’s a beautiful girl
I know I know I see
She’s a beautiful girl
I don’t need your sympathy
Such a beautiful girl
And it isn’t me

Keep On Driving

Written By: Kelly Greene

"Keep On Driving"
(artist can provide version of song without profanity if necessary)

Verse 1:
Same old sh*t on a different day
I keep on coming down this way
And I think I'm ready for a change

A dreamer's dream got a hold on me
And this old place won't let me be what I -
What I really need to be

The blue breaks through in the clouds ahead
Gives me hope and a foot of lead and I
Push the pedal to the floor

What if I keep on driving
Keep on flying by
Going full attack
Never looking back
On this life of mine
Keep on going
Never slowing down
Well, I'm freedom-bound
Keep on making ground on this dream of mine
Keep on driving

Verse 2:
Every day is a gift from God
I won't waste my life in a dead-end job
'Cause I've got more purpose here than this

My head's on straight and the view is clear
My chance at this is drawing near
So I pack my thinks and blow a kiss

Repeat Pre-chorus

Repeat Chorus

Barrelling down the open road
Everything comes clear
Nobody out here - on my own
Nothing left to fear
Searching harder than I've ever sought before
It's so near
I push the pedal to the floor
'Cause I want more

Repeat Chorus


I Wish I Was Alive LP released June 2008
You Leave Me Here LP released Jan 2007

Set List

30-60 minute set (unless specific request made by booking agent) consisting of Kelly's original material. Set list is arranged according to time constraints and the nature of the performance

Songs that are typically included below:
Don't Leave Me Alone
You Leave Me Here
Woe Is Me
These Are the Things
I Guess I Like the Abuse
Empty Handed
Slow Down the Sun
Every Day
If I Should Fall
You Are No Angel
I Wish I Was Alive
Stare at the Sun
Bottle of Crazy
Beautiful Girl
Keep On Driving
More Than Love
Is It Too Much
This Town
I'll Miss You When You Go