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The best kept secret in music


"Music Morsels"

"Keeling´s new music will grab your soul with intensity. The power his voice had when performing and recording with heavier rock acts in the past is still prominently evident and is now converted to pure emotion, conveying his poignant life experience in lyrics with astonishing effect. You can hear influences from Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, The Beatles and Temple of the Dog, but Kelly´s own talent in songwriting, vocalizing and instrumental abilities is the real star here." - Music Morsels

"Lords of Metal"

"Giving Sight To The Eye" is pure class and without doubt one of the surprises of the year. With this album Kelly Keeling and Mascot records are sitting on gold. -

"Hard Rock Haven"

Reviewed by John Kindred
April, 2005

"One is always left to ponder when hearing an artists who takes out on his own, whether he can get the job done by himself or if the musicians that the artists has been surrounded by, help to carry them. Don’t be surprised when you realize that Kelly is the real deal. He is a songwriter who not only excels as a vocalist but is a great musician in his own right. He has crafted some great songs that dabble in many influences but seem always to be based on a blues-rock foundation.
In all, to date this is one of the best CDs of 2005. Giving Sight to the Eye strongly represents well constructed songs and musical ideas that flow, pushes and pulls the lyrical, vocal and instrumental concepts into a melting pot of well balanced and entertaining song constructs that make up this CD. Two thumbs up!!!" -

"Show review - Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta"

Review by Bud Carr

I saw kelly keeling at the hard rock cafe in Atlanta Ga. The show was booked as Kelly Keeling and sun. But to my surprise when the curtain opened. It was just Kelly piano & keybaords, guitar. Starting with a haunting high piano melody then rocking into A very dramatic Sabbath, Elton John, Lennon, McCartney vibe. He did a song from the new Music Machine album Beware The Vampires that gave me chills. Especially in the chorus. A very haunting scary movie high piano melody, and an opposite to the verse low octave vocal, Beware the vampires chorus. Then Rocking again back into the verses, alone on the piano. Amazing. It was very moving and actually scared me. He then did songs from his new album and a few I had recognized form his catologue.
He later brought on a few guests to do an acoustic set.
Kelly has one of the most amazing voices I have heard able to convey so many emotions. High low, very versitile. Reminding me of Glenn Hughes at times with the power and Gillan with the range. this guy didn't need a band. I don't understand why he isn't a major star. One of the reasons could be because he was behind the scenes in so many popular bands and albums I have in my record collection. Albums I had no idea he was on until this show.
I highly suggest you check out his new album, and see him live. You will not regret it. I feel very privilaged to have experienced a very special night -

"Rock United"

Review by Martien Koolen,
26 February 2005

Finally vocalist and guitar player Kelly Keeling releases his first solo album.
Who the hell is Kelly Keeling, some of you readers might wonder?? Well, here’s some information on this rock/AOR workaholic. K.K., born and raised in Louisiana, was involved in four professional bands in his hometown, namely: Warlock, Tyrant, Trilogy and Castle.
He then became the singer of Baton Rouge , John Sykes’ Blue Murder, The John Norum Band and after doing two albums with Norum he sang on the Carmine Appice’s “Guitar Zeus” CD.
He became the Michael Schenker Group vocalist, and together they made the “Unforgiven” album.
In 2000 KK moved to Stuart Smith's Heaven And Earth and he also did some work with Carmine Appice and Don Dokken.
This guy has seen and done it all… and now he finally releases his debut album as a solo artist, on which he was assisted by Don Dokken, John Norum, Kerry Livgren, Carmine Appice and Roger Daltrey.
On this album KK not only proves how well he can sing (which we already knew), but also what a great guitar player he is. “Giving Sight To The Eyes” has become a real guitar album, mainly due to the fantastic riffs and solos of KK. Right from the opener “Rising Of The Snake” you know that this is a “heavy” album. The song is followed by a rather bluesy rock track where Kelly screams like I have never heard before, and where he plays his guitar like I have never heard before; love it! The third highlight is “Ground Zero”, a Kerry Livgren composition, which clocks over 8 minutes and which could be on any Kansas album or maybe even on the new Proto-Kaw CD. It is a dramatic epic, very diverse, with piano and keys passages and most of all, great melodic guitar solos and superb vocals.
John Norum features in a song called “Nothing”, and his guitar riff makes this one the heaviest song on this album. The speedy solos and the raspy voice on “Nothing” create an extra dimension, making this one my personal favorite. “Hell Is On The Way” is a sleazy, dirty rock and roll kind of song, which is again filled with rather fast guitar solos, and I could go on like this, but I will not….. “Giving Sight To The Eye” is a fantastic album, it is progressive, eccentric, and soulful and it rocks like hell. Keep on rockin’ in the free world. Dude!! -

"The Interview"

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It's a good one



"Solo" Don Dokken
"Tales Of Rock & Roll - 25 years of MSG"
"Giving Sight to the eye" - Kelly Keeling
"Hell to Pay" - Dokken
"Stars Rain Down" - Erik Norlander
"Furious George" - George Lynch
"Forever and More" - Michael Schenker Group

"Erik Norlander" - Music Machine
"Ignition" - Ignition
"Long Way" Home - Dokken
"Doin' Business As . . . " - DBA (Derringer, Bogert & Appice)
"Hollywood Trash"- King Kobra
"Windows to the World" - Heaven and Earth
“A Tribute to:
Grand Funk Railroad . . . an American Band” - Various Artists
"The Unforgiven World Tour Live" - Michael Schenker Group
"The Unforgiven" - Michael Schenker Group
"Guitar Zeus" - Carmine Appice
"Guitar Zeus II" - Carmine Appice
"Face It Live '97" - John Norum
"Worlds Away" - John Norum
"Another Destination" - John Norum
"Baton Rouge" - Baton Rouge
"Smoke on the Water, A Tribute" - Various Artists
"Nothin' But Trouble" - Blue Murder
"Jack Ponti"- Various Artists
"Hey Stoopid" - Alice Cooper
"Lights Out on the Playground" - Baton Rouge
"Shake Your Soul" - Baton Rouge


"Rich Girl" -
"DishDogs" - Released 2000 - Trimark Video
"Chasing Destiny" - Released 2000 - MTI Video
"Killer Bud" (Totally Irresponsible)- Released 2001 - Trimark


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kelly Keeling was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and remembers having a distinct fascination with music as far back as pre school. At the age of 14 he got his GED and commenced his career in music which has lead him all over the world several times as a recording artist /singer / songwriter / multi instrumentalist / producer and has recorded and performed with some of the most influential recording artists of our time. Starting with being signed by Ahmet Ertigan of Atlantic records.

April 23, 2005 Mascot Records Worldwide releases "Giving Sight to the Eye", Kelly’s first solo album featuring Kerry Livgren, Roger Daltrey, Don Dokken, Denny Laine, Tony Franklin, Carmine & Vinnie Appice among friends he has met along the way.

Kelly is rehearsing and looking forward to a world tour in support of this album. Future is very promising and reviews are glowing. Finally out from behind the scenes receiving recognition overdue for not only a respected singer / songwriter, but as a multi instrumentalist & producer.

This chronological synopsis of Kelly Keeling’s career highlights and some of his major accomplishments.

Kelly signs with Atlantic Records with the band Baton Rouge. This put him in the public eye with MTV, AOR radio exposure and two U.S. tours.

This was a busy year as Kelly worked on Alice Cooper's “Hey Stoopid” album for which he co-wrote the song “Snakebite” and sang background vocals. He also wrote songs for the movie “Rich Girl".

After the third Baton Rouge album release, the band split due to Kelly leaving and joining John Sykes' band Blue Murder where he met Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin who would be very important musicians in his future. The resulting album “Nothing But Trouble” took two years to complete and was produced by John Sykes & John Kalodner.- Geffen records

Kelly and Yngwie Malmsteen record " Speed King" a Deep Purple Tribute for the Shrapnel Records release “Smoke on the Water”.

Kelly became vocalist for the John Norum Band, produced two albums released on Sony/ Epic/ , Zero Corporation, Shrapnel Records and toured Sweden.

Kelly became singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, keyboardist for Carmine Appice’s “Guitar Zeus” albums, showcasing the very best guitarists in the world. Three albums released on Polygram, Koch, Revel Music, One Music and Sony International.

Co-wrote/contributed two songs for the movie “Dish Dogs”.

Kelly, Denny Laine and Roger Daltry & Carmine Appice appear on the movie soundtrack "Chasing Destiny" which kelly wrote, produced and performed songs and scored. Kelly has a small acting part as a "Band Member".

Kelly scored the soundtrack for the movie "Totally Irresponsible".

He became the Michael Schenker Group vocalist for the album “The Unforgiven”.

Kelly was featured on Michael Schenker’s “The Unforgiven World Tour” live album.

Kelly was recruited for 7 songs by Don Dokken to step in as assistant songwriter, background vocalist and producer for the 2002 Dokken CD “Long Way Home” released by CMC International.

Kelly was featured as vocalist on keyboardist Erik Norlander’s Concept album and European tour in June where they also did songs from Kelly's solo album then in the mixing stages. This 3 piece band featuring Erik Norlander and Vinnie Appice, performed shows as Kelly Keeling during a 3 day festival that featured the reformed Judas Priest, Allman Brothers band, among many other veterans and new artists.

2004 - Kelly again writes and produces with Don Dokken for the album "Hell To Pay". (Sanctuary records). Then records with George Lynch. Tours with Lynch co headlining with Yngwie Malmsteen. The George Lynch album "Furious George" featuring Kelly on vocals is released.

Summer/Fall. 2004 - Kelly tours again as singer, bassist with Erik Norlander / Lana Lane in the USA, Europe, and Russia.

2005 - Kelly participates on the Michael Schenker Groups 25th anniversary cd Titled Tales Of Rock & Roll where all MSG singers appear. Kelly writes 3 songs for this album , 2 for previous MSG vocalists Graham Bonnet and Gary Barden and of Course one for himself Titled "Big Deal" which opens the album.

April 23, 2005 MASCOT RECORDS worldwide Releases "Giving Sight to the Eye", Kelly’s first solo album featuring Kerry Livgren, Roger Daltry, Don Dokken, Denny Laine, Tony Franklin, Carmine & Vinnie Appice among others recieves glowing reviews. Release date in America set for May 23rd 2005.

Kelly is rehearsing and looking forward to a world tour in support of this album. Future very promising.Good reviews, Finally out from behind the scenes receiving recognition for not only a respected singer / songwriter, but for playing almost all the instruments on each song as well as producing the cd. :"Giving Sight to The Eye".