Kelly Laurence & the A=Train=Express

Kelly Laurence & the A=Train=Express


Classic standards and swing, Vegas style lounge act. KL sings from the heart and below. Night Scope Magizine: "Frank Sinatra met Jim Morrison in the heart and soul of Kelly Laurence". KL~"We step back into the future and play it now baby."


Kelly Laurence comes fro New York. He spent his youth as a rock & roll singer with a number of different groups around the country. He has been a part of 2 rock CDs and 3 cassettes, before coming out with his current Swing/ Standard CD.
Kelly has studied singing on both coasts for 11 years and now has, as he always knew he would one fine day, dedicated himself entirely to what he calls, "The real music", classic standards.
He says- "While my inspirations are many, it is not my intention to copy anyone. There aren't many things I enjoy doing more then singing. I feel a personal closeness to the songs I sing. I can honestly say that I, as is the case with many others, have lived each one of the songs I sing, at one time or another, throughout my life. It is my desire, however, to showcase these fine songs in a slightly different light and to perhaps inspire reflection and provide comfort during the best and worst times of life past and passing. Sometimes feeling good is a difficult place to get to, and quite often fleeting once you get there, but all in all, feelin’ good is what it’s all about and well worth the pursuit. And that's what we give people; a good feeling inside. Whether it's just Jack and me doing our lounge thing or with the whole band, the cats I work with are some of the most professional and talented musicians available anywhere. It's all about scratchin the itch."


Now That's Life

Written By: Kelly Laurence

I got nuthin left but heartache. I got nothin left to give. She done locked the door and threw out the key. Now I just don't want to live.

My life has always been wide open. The danger signs were there for all to see. Now I drink my breakfast early. It's time share on a park bench for me.

I was flyin high when she found me, my dark horse girl ridin through broken black-hearted nights. She promised me her fruits for my surrender. so I got em all when I gave it up. She took em all back and now there's nothing left...

Heartache is all I've left to offer. Through these city streets I walk alone, but I won't be down here forever, the day will come when I bring it all back home.


Heartache is all I got to offer, through these back city streets I walk alone, but I know I won't be in this dump for ever, that day will come when baby I drive you home.

Then I'll have something more to then heartache, I'll have something else to give, I will unlock your heart and keep the key. Now That's Life and baby that's the life I live.


Now That’s Life - 4.05

Set List

Come Fly with Me
All Of Me
All or Nothing at All
My Funny Valentine
You Make me Feel So Young
Fly Me To The Moon
Moonlight in Vermont
One For My Baby
I’m A Fool To Love You
Don’t Worry About Me
Something’s Got to Give
Too Close For Comfort
Now That’s Life
Angel Eyes
Love Street