Kelly Lawrence

Kelly Lawrence


I am currently only writing Lyrics, I have made arrangements to record the 16 songs that I have written with a person that I work with who has a 16 track recording system at his home and he plays several instruments so we plan to become co-writers of the lyrics that I have written.


I have always had an interest in writing music and poetry. I began this in High School. I have written 16 songs. And I feel that they have very good potential. I am from Arkansas. My brother was in a band for around 15 years, and I always attended his shows which were all local. I love music and I have a strong desire to write as many songs as I can hopefully to get them into the right hands for publishing from many Artists who perform Country Music already.


Please Tell Me I'm Dreaming

Written By: Kelly Lawrence

Verse I

As I lay here in this cold dark room
Feeling lost and empty inside
The rain out there keeps falling down
As these tears fall from my eyes

You packed your things and walked away
Like you were never in my life
And I still hear those painful words
Of you telling me goodbye.

Please tell me I'm dreaming
And that I'll wake to find you here
You'll kiss my lips and hold me close
Like you've done through all the years

We'll make sweet love all morning long
And I can wipe away these tears
So please tell me I'm dreaming
And that I'll wake to find you here

(Sing after repeating chorus 2nd time)

Oh! please tell me I'm dreaming
and that I'll wake to find you here

Verse II
Now Mornings come, and your still gone
My heart sinks deep in my chest
I gave you all the love I had
I know I did my very best

But I guess that was not enough
To keep you here with me
Now in our home, I'll live alone
Guess that's the way it has to be
(Repeat Chorus)