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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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"Weight 'Loser' Gains Comedic Edge"

December 2, 2004

For weeks, America has known her as Kelly Mac on the NBC reality series "The Biggest Loser," the show in which two teams of overweight people compete to lose the most weight.

But she'll be just Kelly MacFarland Saturday, the headline act at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. MacFarland, 32, was voted off the reality series Tuesday night after two of her team members agreed with the opposing crew that she had to go.

MacFarland lost out on the $250,000 grand prize, but she isn't bitter.

"It was the best experience of my entire life," she said.

"I'm 63 pounds lighter than when I left to do the show, and now I know how to train and work out, and I've found a determination I never even knew had existed," the Maine native said.

When MacFarland began competing, she weighed 223 pounds. Helped by one of the show's personal trainers, she lost 42 pounds during her 10-week stint.

Since her return to the Hub in mid-October, she's lost another 21 pounds on her own.

"Hand to God,"she said, "there's no eating disorder here or weird steroid thing. It's all diet and exercise. I work out like a fiend," she said.

Landing a role on "The Biggest Loser'' began with a phone call last spring from an agent from Boston Casting. MacFarland remembers being told a new reality show was looking for certain people, and that as a "chubby" or "bigger girl," she qualified.

"She was being polite," MacFarland said. "I was extremely overweight."

When she talked to the show's representatives, they asked her if she stayed home on Saturday nights and if her weight inhibited her from doing what she wanted.

"I don't think I'm what you're looking for," MacFarlandtold them.

"I do stand-up comedy and run with the big dogs in Boston comedy, and I have never felt insecure working with these men.

"If you're looking for someone who wants to improve their health and not die of a heart attack at 40, I'm your girl. Otherwise, this is not for me."

Their response: "My God, we love you."

MacFarland admits her natural tendency to blurt out whatever she's thinking, coupled with the quick lip that comes with seven years of stand-up comedy, probably did her in on "The Biggest Loser."

"I could have not been real and just surfed through the whole thing and gone under the radar," she said. "But by surrendering myself to the whole process, I got so much more out of it.

"It was a complete physical and mental makeover," she said. "I call it a soul makeover." - By Dean Johnson

"Boston's Best Women Comics 'Go Wild'"

By Nick A. Zaino III

February 27, 2004

There won't be any nudity Thursday at the Comedy Studio. But there will be a lot of outlandish sketch and standup comedy, and even a musical number or two, part of "Girlz Go Wild," a show spotlighting nine of Boston's brightest female comedians. Kelly MacFarland, who hosts Wednesday nights at the Studio, invited several friends to perform together last November for a one-time show. It sold out and ran smoothly enough that the group decided to do it again.

"It's really kind of a cool thing to see all of these talented women who are so much more than stand-ups," says MacFarland. "People think, oh, you can pull out five funny minutes, but these women are way more talented than that. They sing, they dance, they write sketches, they act. It's amazing."

The comedians on the bill provide a full spectrum of comic personalities: MacFarland, Malissa Hunt, and Mindi Fay are full of energy and attitude, in contrast to Carolyn Plummer's deadpan delivery. Nicole Luparelli and Elaine Shculbaum, sometimes known as the musical comedy act the Steamy Bohemians, are campy throwbacks to Mae West. Dot Dwyer is an improv and sketch pro. Alana Devich can be as sly as she is self-deprecating. Erin Judge is prone to subversive politics. Somehow all of these personalities work together to form a cohesive show.

"When you do something like this with a purpose - we're going to be a troupe, we're going to put ourselves together and work together, not just sort of each do stand-up on a women's showcase - you get a very different product," says Judge. "It's people who have a lot of creative influences from different places coming together as a group, and it's really worked out well. It's more of a choir than a bunch of individuals standing up and saying their own thing."

MacFarland has been taking the show to colleges and hopes to continue "Girlz Go Wild" nights in clubs and on the road as an equal-opportunity offender.

"It's poking fun at women, but also poking fun at relationships and at men," she says. "It's fun. Everybody's a target." - Boston Globe

"Loser Comic's Hair Affair"

by Angel Cohn

Some people just can't take a joke. Stand-up comic Kelly MacFarland learned that when she rubbed her housemates the wrong way on NBC's The Biggest Loser (Tuesdays, 8 pm/ET) and got axed. After her Red Team rivals won a spa day, she cracked on Lisa, insinuating that her new hairdo was an outdated "Rachel." That dis spelled dismissal for Kelly Mac when the Blue Team's tie vote allowed the Reds to select her for elimination. Here, the spunky 31-year-old funnylady defends her cutting comments and updates us on her life post-Loser.

TV Guide Online: You looked great in your "after" photo. How much weight have you lost?
Kelly MacFarland: I've lost 63 pounds total. I'm following the "eat more" diet. I eat a ton of protein and vegetables and an occasional something other than that. I go by [trainer] Bob's philosophy: "If you want to play, you've got to pay." So if I eat something [naughty], I just work it off the next day.

TVGO: Since you're a comedian, did you mean to be funny with that "Rachel" remark?
Kelly Mac: I'm extremely sarcastic and I have been since I was little. But when I said that Lisa's hair looked like Rachel [from Friends], I honestly meant that it looked like Rachel's haircut. It looked beautiful and I there was no backhanded comment there.

TVGO: So you weren't trying to be cruel.
Kelly Mac: No. My god, it is an occupational hazard for me because I'm a comedian. I have no verbal filter. I'm extremely honest and I just say whatever is in my head. Sometimes people just take it the wrong way. I feel badly that they thought I was being malicious. I would never want to say anything to upset them or make them feel badly about themselves.

TVGO: Well, you also had a little tiff with your teammate Gary.
Kelly Mac: Gary and I recover quickly. Tensions run high and we have very strong personalities, but I really love Gary. He's one of the nicest guys I've met.

TVGO: You aren't mad that he schemed with the Reds to vote you off?
Kelly Mac: I'm not mad at all. Gary played the game very well and I commend him for that. It is a game.

TVGO: So, honestly, is Mo cheating somehow?
Kelly Mac: Maurice is not cheating. I would find that hard to believe. He is an honest, good Southern boy. He's a great man and he was classy until the end.

TVGO: But you did try to cut him because he was holding the Blues back.
Kelly Mac: The only reason why I voted for Maurice is because he had an ankle injury. That was a technical decision. It had nothing to do with personalities or holding people back.

TVGO: How hard was it to sit out that beach competition? Did you want to jump in?
Kelly Mac: Yes. The challenges are where you can really put all your hard work to the test. I've never been athletic in my entire life.

TVGO: You did make it up all those stairs earlier.
Kelly Mac: I did. Let's not forget about those stairs. I'm holding on to that for dear life.

TVGO: You seemed to get emotional a lot. Are you always like that or was it just stress?
Kelly Mac: I think it was the stress of the situation. I'm not an emotional person. I'm sensitive, for sure. But not like that. Even I was watching the show every week going, "Oh, my god, pull yourself together." I think it was just years of tears that were coming to a head.

- TV Guide Online



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As an experienced stand up comedian, Kelly has an extensive and well rounded resume including comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and several television appearances. She has been the opening act for the international craze, Puppetry of the Penis. She has opened for Melissa Etheridge and LeAnn Rimes at both the Cape Cod Melody Tent and South Shore Music Circus. Kelly was one of three featured comedians ringing in 2006 for Boston’s First Night celebration. Kelly has appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. You may recognize her from season one of NBC's hit reality series, The Biggest Loser. Most recently, Kelly worked along side Fred Willard as part of the rambunctious news team of “TV Network” on Turner Entertainment’s broadband site, Kelly is animated, clever and full of sass. Sharing her life experiences in the unique way that only she can, Kelly leaves audiences pleasantly surprised by her candor. She captivates the crowd with her charm, and her refreshing yet playful point of view makes her irresistible. Her alluring smile and intense energy keep the audience wanting more.