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Kelly McDonald

Patterson, California, United States | INDIE

Patterson, California, United States | INDIE
Band Country Rock


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"Kelly McDonald Letter of Reference"

To whom it may concern:

This letter is written on behalf of Kelly McDonald and his band in regards to my experience working with them this year at the Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley, CA.
As the Entertainment Director for the last 18 years, my responsibility involves hiring a variety of entertainment for the two stages located within the fairgrounds. Over a period of five days, Nevada County Fair draws close to 150,000 fairgoers ranging from ages 1 to 100. As one can imagine, I receive hundreds of applications or requests from bands that are interested in playing. This was my first year hiring Kelly McDonald and his band and I have to say I was extremely pleased.

Kelly McDonald and his band were professional, diverse and very well received by the fair audience. Mr. McDonald returned all paper work in a timely manner, arrived on time with his fellow band members, delighted all ages with their variety of music.
Everyone was up and dancing. I would strongly recommend Kelly McDonald and his band for any agency or company who are looking for quality entertainment at a reasonable fee with talented performers. This band is by far one of my favorites and I look forward to hiring them again for future fair seasons.

If you need any additional information or would like to talk to me in more detail regarding my work relationship with Kelly McDonald and his band, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely Yours,

Lani Lott
Entertainment Director
(530) 273-6217 - Nevada County Fair

"Kelly McDonald Recommendation"

To whom it may concern,
I am writing you upon the request of Kelly McDonald singer/songwriter
By way of introduction I am Mitchell Keller I am the host of the syndicated "The
Back Porch Show". I am very excited to say that Mr. McDonald has everything it
takes to be a part of the music industry. His sound is so precious and unique. That
was the main factor in pursing with the airplay of his music. From the older sounds
of Chris LeDoux to the contemporary tune of The Mother Truckers it fits in the
format! I highly recommend that you consider his music in your playlist, as I did.
It is no mystery why or how Kelly got the music fever. This music is genuine
cowboy rock & roll. A gorgeously colored, carefully crafted male country album that
engages the listener to a point where, without thinking about it, one can catch
himself sighing and breathing more deeply. Slightly reminiscent of Chris LeDoux,
Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and John Conlee, his perfect match of rugged edge
with nuance, ache with spunk, makes this an album every country radio fan needs
to experience.
Mitchell Keller, ceo
RE: Kelly McDonald Recommendation Jan. 16, 2007 - Mitchell Keller (Backporch Show)


Album: Different Kind of Angel (6 Tracks) 2001
Album: Better Half Of Me (13 Tracks) 2006
Album: The Night (11 tracks) 2009
Singles Released to air: "Better Half Of Me", "I Keep Calling", "Barrel Racin' Lady", "Got to Ride", "The Night" and "Engagement Ring".



Kelly McDonald was born September 4th, 1978 to father Mac McDonald and mother Sandy. Kelly’s family had very little in the way of money but they had more than enough love to go around.

His musical career started in the 3rd grade where he took up playing the Alto sax. Kelly’s father had played the Alto sax for years in the Tournament of Roses Parade and gave Kelly his old Saxophone to learn on. Kelly excelled at the saxophone with help from his father at night and his teacher at school during the day.

Soon, Kelly decided it was time for a change. He attended a Chris LeDoux concert while taking part in rodeos and saw Mark Sissel (LeDoux’s lead guitarist) going to town. He was awestruck and decided he would learn to play the guitar. Kelly’s first guitar was given to him by his older brother Casey. Casey had gotten the guitar for Christmas and never tried to play it.
Within a few months Kelly had taught himself how to play and sing a number of Buck Owens and Chris LeDoux songs. Within a year he had taught himself about 80 different cover songs from Buck Owens to The Steve Miller Band.

Kelly wrote his first song after seeing the grizzly scene of domestic violence at his friend’s house one night. His first song was called “The Rusty Windchime Cries”. As soon as he had 6 songs written, Kelly went into the recording studio for the first time and cut his first demo cd entitled “No Angel in Heaven”. The cd spread like wildfire through his highschool and soon it was blasting all through the parking lot.

His first show was played when he was 16 years old at an old tavern which will remain nameless. He was allowed in to sit in with the band and was not allowed to loiter inside the bar. He was only allowed to go from the door to the stage and back out. He learned there how to work his crowd, and get fans and friends fired up. By the time he was eighteen, he was playing four nights a week as a house band there.

Since then, Kelly has had the opportunity to play all over the US. He’s played everything from the TN. State Fairs to the Clements Stampede and everything in between. He has been featured in several newspaper articles in the Sacramento area. He has played with some of the greatest musicians in the US. and is a master at his craft which has gotten him several breaks including: Airplay on 34 FM radio stations, 8 AM stations all over the world as well as countless internet stations, and several great endorsement deals with such companies as: Wolverine Boots, Panhandle Slim Shirt Co., Madison Amps, Godin Guitar Company, Traditional Medicinals, and Knucklehead Guitar Strings. “Kelly McDonald is the next Chris LeDoux”- River Valley Times 2004

Kelly would like to thank you for taking the time to read through this short biography.


Kelly McDonald