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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Blues


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"Ones to Watch: Five Canadian musicians poised to break out in 2012"

Our Postmedia News Service music critics from around the country weigh in on which Canadian artists are likely to have a banner 2012.

Kelly Prescott
Music is the family business for 25-year-old Kelly Prescott. The daughter of Tracey Brown and Randall Prescott, two respected figures in the Canadian country-music industry, Prescott had a childhood that was divided among tour buses, onstage appearances, songwriting trips to Nashville, and playing around in the family studio. In 2011, Prescott showed she’s been absorbing the lessons. A fine singer who’s equally comfortable on stage or in the studio, she stepped out on her own with the release of her first album, I Leave You Dreaming, a rootsy feast of soulful country-blues. What’s more, she also tried her hand at producing an EP for another up-and-coming artist, Sydney Grigg. Now Prescott is set to unveil a new trio project, the Claytones, formed with her husband, Adam Puddington, and duo partner, Anders Drerup. They’ve been writing, recording and planning a trip to Nashville, leading up to a CD release in 2012.
Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen - National Post

"Music Review: Kelly Prescott - I Leave You Dreaming"

Music Review: Kelly Prescott - I Leave You Dreaming
Fri, Nov 25, 2011.

I love that you don't have to scratch very far into a musician's past before you strike Maritime. As soon as I bring up that I'm from N.B., most of the time the musician I'm talking to relates a story about how they are originally from, or their dad was, or when they were kids they would spend summers in, that kind of thing. And usually it's a pretty good story.

Kelly Prescott did that to me. Not only was her grandfather from Amherst, N.S., he's music royalty in the country. Brown formed and led The Family Brown, one of the biggest country groups in the 60's and beyond. Junos, CCMA's, all the major awards came their way over and over again, with the biggest hit being Raised On Country Music. Since it was a family group, his daughter Tracey was in the group, as was her husband, Randall Prescott. In the '90's, the group morphed into Prescott Brown, and along the way, Kelly made her appearance as well.

So, country, right? Umm...sometimes. Certainly you'll hear that when she's part of the hit stage show in Ottawa (where she lives), Grievous Angel: The Legend Of Gram Parsons, in which she takes the Emmy Lou Harris role. But on her own, she's a lot more blues, and R'n'B. She made an earlier album with her brother Kaylen under the name Prescott, but now goes solo with her own disc, I Leave You Dreaming. While she is a songwriter, contributing most of the numbers here, this is big, old school crooner stuff, and she has the pipes to pull it off. Heck, to own it. Sometimes you throw on a disc, and think somebody has a good or great voice. Rarely, and this is one of those times, you press play and go OH! I get it, you can REALLY sing. Prescott does it effortlessly, whether it's wailing on one, or just having fun. on the jokey Tin Pan Alley-styled number Busy Line, featuring MonkeyJunk's Steve Marriner on busy signal harmonica.

As we've discovered, family plays a major part in the Prescott legacy, and it continues with this third generation. Kelly's husband is Adam Puddington, who co-writes and co-producers the disc, handles lots of guitar and backing vocals, and I first ran into him when he was working with some Nova Scotia musicians, Dale Murray and Serge Samson. Figures. The two of them are a strong team (they also appear as the group The Claytones at times), and manage to take us from the old fun blues to some thick 70's-sounding soul (Thicker Skin) to smoking blues ballad Dark Cloud. Above it all though, is a voice you'll instantly love. I can think of a festival or two that should take a look and listen.

- Bob Mersereau (CBC New Brunswick)

"Kelly Prescott's I Leave You Dreaming CD Review"

Kelly Prescott must write and perform with some major expectations. Grandparents Joe Brown and Irwin Prescott are Canadian music legends. Parents Tracey Brown and Randall Prescott are well known Canadian country stars. And she has gained plenty of praise playing and performing as Emmylou Harris – yes, you read right, Emmylou Harris – along side Anders Drerup, who plays Gram Parsons in Michael Bates’ Grievous Angel – The Legend Of Gram Parsons (a musical tribute to the late musical genius).

With all that going on, I couldn’t imagine the pressure she might just have faced recording her debut solo record, I Leave You Dreaming. When I got the CD, I was fully prepared for some good time country songwriting. But Prescott has largely eschewed her family’s musical heritage, and jumped straight into some blues/soul numbers which will have you either quietly grooving or stepping out onto the closest dance-floor.

The heart and soul of this record is Prescott’s smoky, rich voice – an instrument in itself, and a treat to hear. I am immediately reminded of Holly Williams (Hank Williams’ granddaughter, which invokes the same musical family heritage influence), though Prescott’s voice is deeper and well suited to the blues sound which permeates the record. These are great songs if you are into female vocal leads on traditional blues sounds (together with some awesome musical support: the Brothers Chaffey, Adam Puddington, Steve Marriner and more).

Though Prescott embraces the blues, the record is not monotone – the styles here are varied and taken on with vigour and passion: ”Pulling On Your Line” is classic Chicago blues, “Jonesin’” invokes the spirit and style of Bo Diddley (with Prescott’s voice being stretched out to great effect), and “Horseshoes” is a heavier blues number with hard solos, a melodic refrain and a deep, funky groove.

But Prescott also expands beyond these traditional styles, and it’s here where the record is most interesting. The lead off track, ”Thicker Skin”, features lovely organ and a light strumming guitar beat – sunny 70s soul supporting a plea for being stronger. ”Busy Line” invokes Carribean rhythms (and I’d love to see Prescott perform this track with Danny Michel!). “Bottle of Wine” is as country as Prescott gets, with nice mellow guitar lines and a subject which is at the heart of many country tunes. “Coming Home to You” is a pretty love song which has Prescott using her voice in a subtle, gorgeous manner (made me want to dance with my sweetheart). Title track “I Leave You Dreaming” is definitely a standout, a classic R and B song which finds its roots in Motown but was clearly born in the Ottawa Valley.

Lyrically, I Leave You Dreaming tours the jagged streets of love in life, and reflects many of the entanglements that we all have experienced. Many of the songs feature co-writing credits from Prescott’s husband, Adam Puddington, and the formula works. Prescott’s debut CD is a fine collection of mostly blues based songs which reflect good songwriting and strong musical support. Fortunately for music fans, Prescott has a wonderful musical tradition to mine and, as a young performer, a long musical life ahead. Great things await.

If you’re interested in checking out Kelly Prescott live, there’s plenty of opportunity here in the Ottawa area:

APR 8 Ottawa Opry

APR 29 Wilno Tavern – Grievous Angel

MAY 7 Elmdale House Tavern – Grievous Angel

JUN 4 Black Sheep Inn – Grievous Angel

JUL 23 Palmer Rapids Twin Music Fest with The Prescott Brown Family

SEP 4 Heirloom Cafe with Anders Drerup (Almonte)

SEP 23 NAC – 4th Stage – Grievous Angel

SEP 24 NAC – 4th Stage – Grievous Angel
- Ottawa Tonite


Prescott - "Lakeside Sessions" - 2009

The Grievous Angel Band - "Grievous Angel: The Legend of Gram Parsons" - 2010

Kelly Prescott - "I Leave You Dreaming" - 2011



As a third generation performer, from both sides of the family, Kelly has naturally inherited the roots and foundation to follow her heart into music. Being raised in an award winning studio has given Kelly the experience & confidence to pursue her own musical goals. 

In April, 2009 she and brother, Kaylen recorded their debut album under the name of “Prescott”. The c.d. has garnered great reviews as well as performances at Ottawa Bluesfest, along with shows from Vancouver to Montreal. They have had regular airplay on CBC 2 Morning with Tom Allen and Radio 2 Drive with Rich Terfry, play on Bob Harris and Karen Millers BBC 2 shows in the UK, and the U.S. syndicated radio show, “Altville".  

Along with Prescott, Kelly has also taken on the role of Emmylou Harris in Michael Bate's Grievous Angel: The Legend of Gram Parsons. Together with Anders Drerup as Gram Parsons, this critically acclaimed play has been performed in front of sold out audiences all over Ontario and Quebec including Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa's National Arts Centre, The Black Sheep Inn, Toronto's Hugh's Room along with countless others. Grievous Angel took on Northern California for a 3 week tour that also included stops in Oregon and Washington. The show finally went into the studio spring 2010 and recorded "The Legend Of Gram Parsons" a collection of 12 songs from the show. Recently, Grievous Angel was awarded the number 4 spot in the Montreal Gazette's top 5 shows of 2010 next to Paul McCartney and Allen Toussaint. 

In May 2011, Kelly and Anders joined forces as a blues duo, winning the Ottawa Blues Society Road To Memphis Competition. The duo will head South next winter to represent Ottawa at the International Blues Challenge.

        Kelly has also been a part of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Tour for four years, a 3 1/2 week tour traveling across parts of the U.S. and Canada raising money, food and awareness for North American Food Banks. At the age of 19, Kelly was awarded a Gold Record for her work on the CP Holiday Train album.

Kelly was listed as "Ones to Watch: Five Canadian musicians poised to break out in 2012" in the National Post. Her distinct smoky voice has found her on over 30 recordings including Jeremy Fishers c.d., "Blue Monday" produced by Hawksley Workman. Along with many other artists such as MonkeyJunk, Adam Puddington, Brendan Flynn, Susan Aglukark, Trevor Alguire, Dene Chief and singer Stephen Kakfwi and sang the Canadian Pacific's Olympic Spirit Train Theme song. She has toured with such acts as Colin James, Willy Porter, Sierra Noble, Ennis, Adam Puddington, Patricia Conroy & Shaun Verreault.   

Kelly released her debut solo CD entitled "I Leave You Dreaming" in January 2011. It's a collection of songs varying from blues to roots and soul to jazz. The album has been charting on Dawg FM for months, peaking at #2 on their top 20 albums.

"The Heart and soul of this record is Prescott's smoky, rich voice - an instrument in itself and a treat to hear" - David Yazbeck (Ottawa Tonite)