Kelly Ravin

Kelly Ravin

 Jericho, Vermont, USA

Songs that are well taken in any venue. Be it performing arts theater, cafe, or just another smokey bar. It's folksy, whiskey tinged singer/songwriter that you can cry your eyes out to, or put bounce in your step.


Kelly Ravin grew up in rural Brooks, Maine. At age nine his mother gave him her mother's guitar for his birthday, and since then, the music has just been a' flowin'. At age 18, Kelly needed to move to a music town, so he packed it up and moved to Burlington, Vermont. Over the course of the years, Kelly has been in numerous bands, including the nation-wide touring band "LUCY VINCENT", playing acoustic guitar and singing songs about traveling, love, and whiskey. Along with performing solo, he is now in full force with his newest trio, "The Kelly Ravin Trio". This new act features Pat Melvin on the upright bass, former "Smokin' Grass" member Adam Frehm on the dobro and Lap Steel guitar, and Kelly Ravin on acoustic guitar, banjo, and vocals.


Vietnam Love Song

Written By: Kelly Ravin

She'd been working at the dive since she was 18
Saw sitting there a man that she'd never seen
She stares right through him her head starts to dream
He said he came from Sellersville
Looking for a job to pay the bills
That dead end town, his heart it tried to kill
Like Walking through a desert, a distant mirage
white picked fence two bay garage
a house in the burbs, nice car in the yard
But reals not back too far

Before they knew it came the wedding day
They had to do it there's a baby on the way
He signs the papers and family it starts to play
He sang her that song he wrote from his heart
Honest and true how he's felt from the start
As the notes fly by a the tears fall from her eyes
And the years went on, he got fired
they piss and moan, she calls him a liar
She said "get the hell out", he said "your preaching to the choir".
The fight was starting, he needed the cash
Signed right up, said fuck the draft
He shined his shoes, they shipped him off with the blues

Forget all your pain
You'll never feel the same
Just feed the monkey on your back
He's hungry for it still
But hell never get his fill
Your bound to raising hell in Sellersville

When he got there, shots flying through the air
He takes it all in with a pale white stare
He looks at his brothers, they march on in
Well, he fit right in, liked driving them tanks
Liked shooting a.k's and doing army crank
Hasn't written or called since his second tour
One day they came in like a grizzly bear
Didn't bother him he was slouched in a chair
He was stuck in Hue and he just didn't care
He got shot, honorable discharge
He needed her then, but she left and took the car
He was Sellersville bound


He was flying to the moon, said it'd be a virtue
that going back there would have felt like torture
He crossed the town line when day turned to night
He got him a place, 10'x15'
One 60 watt bulb and a t.v. screen
He stares at the wall still sees the jungle scene
He's forgotten her face, don't know the kid's name
The god damn place erased her brain
Walked in the woods when nothing felt the same
She misses him still, ten years long
Hasn't seen him since he sang her that song
Steps on a smoke, walks back into the dive.



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